10 best places to see in Amsterdam – A city’s travel guide


Vidtur’s travel guide for tourists arriving to Amsterdam – What to see and where to go to, how to explore the Red Light district and enjoy one (or more) of the many coffeeshops in the city.
Planning a family vacation ?
Learn about fun activities for kids, including Amsterdam’s best museums and – of course – do not forget to join a boat cruise.
This video presents some of the top things to visit in Amsterdam: Anne Frank House, Van Gogh museum, Nemo Science Center, Begijnhof, Heineken Experience, The Red Light district, Dam Square and more.


Micky K says:

What about vondel park?

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

Enjoyed this video and the editing is awesome.

Ms Kimlo says:

I have never been. I want to go now. 🙂

Cinnamon .Blog says:

I love this city! went there twice this year

Jellevip says:

Why there’s only things to do in the city centre, thats not the most fun part, go to the suburbs thats way more fun( go to the good places)

MsAndersun says:

Like your channel! Check out mine and let me know what you think!

David B says:

Since this video was made, there is no longer any danger of tourists being banned from the coffeeshops.

Jerry Vdm says:

the what

zuma15 says:

Anna Frank? Come on.

RobertsDigital LAX says:

where can i get the best street food?

William Green-Heyes says:

Wandering in to the Begijnhof high af is surreal

littlemissmello says:

+Jancen depends on which tour you get

Livius Livis says:

Drugs and prostitutes… period! The rest of the country is full of cold people and plain lands.

AlexJamesGTV says:

cafe Luxembourg is definitely worth a check out especially on a rainy day. Their tomato soup is unmatched as well as there hot chocolate

Galaxy S3 says:

the most boring city.Nothing to do,exept smoking weed.Dont spend money on prostitutes,better fuck your girlfriends and wifes,for free.Keukenhoff is quite good.

林明鋒 says:

10最好的地方看到阿姆斯特丹 – 一個城市的旅遊指南
看到什麼和去哪裡,如何發掘紅燈區,享受在城市的眾多咖啡店之一(或更多) – Vidtur遊客抵達阿姆斯特丹旅遊指南。
了解有趣的活動為孩子們,包括阿姆斯特丹最好的博物館和 – 當然 – 別忘了參加遊船。

Haider Ali says:

Wie anders hier woont in amsterdam ?


Please tell me what to do there im going on June!!

RobertsDigital LAX says:

can you watch a movie at the eye?

Marianne Lottes says:

you can see all those everywhere else . i want more orininality when i travel .

roger 0000 says:

iev bern for 35 years still love it

Frida Merks says:

Het is een hele prachtige stad Amsterdam, ik heb een rond vaart gemaakt in 1950 met mijn Boy vriend ,voor hij naar de het Lleger ging.

Kris Justin says:

Yes – definitely visit Amsterdam! The city itself is like a work of art or a big amusement park. It is expensive and crowded in some places though, but that’s what happens in very popular places like this. Whether alone or in a group, you can feel comfortable and welcome here. I found people here mostly friendly and they don’t mind speaking English. It’s definitely a European highlight!

Together around the world says:

I can not ti visit it next month 🙂

Richard Buxton says:

It’s Van Goff not Van Go

Holidays Tour and Travel says:

wow great video….thanks 4 upload.

Just me says:

People, don’t fall for this bullshit…Amsterdam is definitely not that special as most people say it is. In the summer the city is overcrowded and it sewers always stink at hot weather. the streets are dirty because everyone throws their garbage on the streets. The town is full of junkies and pickpockets. You will be dissapointed when you go there.

Life'sLikeThat says:

We were there for 24 hours. The city is so beautiful 🙂

king Janjua says:

its nothing special in amsterdam apart from their brothels. i ve been there and was totally disappointed.

Morgan Brandy says:

2 things are missing here: The hidden gem Florescent Art Museum, where entry is just $5, but worth at least  $20! Your photos will be magnificent!!
And the Amsterdam Public Library is pretty incredible I think. Especially if you just wanna chill and listen to some music (3rd fl??) on a rainy day.

pszichtotomia tereza miklos cannabis77122. says:

Erthetetlen hogy kepesek emberek beszukult aggyal marihuana nelkul elni ?! En 23 evig eltem ugy miota transzszencialis vegyuleteket hasznalok maskent ertek mindent ertem latom a manipulat embertomegeket kik kabultan Elik Eeletuk mondhatni beprogramozva minden fele hatasnak reklam manipulacioknak stb kiteve magukat.. Nem veletlen a tiltas az ertelmesebb szamara hogy “megnyilnak a szemek ” Alan watt emberi psziche manipulalasa julius andan vilag a szinfalak mogott goondolatvilaga is azt bizonyitja hogy a nem modosultakkal komoly problema van .

joel hartlen says:

anna frank??? disrespectful but good video other then that

mattmacd2009 says:

Make sure you visit ‘feels good’.

Ive been coming to Amsterdam for over 20 years & that is still my ‘regular’ haunt.

Besides that, Amsterdam is the only major city where its safe to walk around at night.

One word of caution, check both ways before your cross the roads.

Bikes-scooters-cars & trams.

Trust me you need a smoke after all that.

Those old enough to remember a game called ‘frogger’, here’s your chance to play for real!!!

Amsterdam, weirdly enough, is the most relaxing city in the world.

doskido says:

He mentions that the Dutch are reconsidering laws and that tourists may no longer be allowed in the coffee shops. Is he for real or just making that up? It seems foolish that they’d do that because I’m sure at leat 25% of their income from tourism is due to the people that come to get high. . .

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