10 Surprising Reasons to VISIT AMSTERDAM | Budget Travel Guide

Wondering what to do in Amsterdam on a budget? The Vagabrothers share 10 surprising reasons to visit Amsterdam, one of the coolest cities in Europe.

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Amber Woodlove says:

I study in Amsterdam and one of the most intimidating places to visit would be the Anne Frank museum. It hits you when you walk through that house. It’s really incredible!

Beauty&Cook says:

I was there 3 weeks ago beautiful but tooooo much people smoking in the streets and parks

Suba Subashine says:

how much it cost for this trips?

João Tiago Homem says:

Your videos are awesome with a lot of great tips! This one touches my heart because I lived 1 year in the Netherlands (Eindhoven) and I absolutely loved it! But I gotta tell you… I am a Portuguese guy from Lisbon and I recognize the photo at 4:09… that is the TimeOut Market (Mercado da Ribeira) in Lisbon, so you should leave a note in the video :D. This mistake already made me laugh ;D. Continue the great work guys and I leave a great thumbs up!!

beachman831 says:

Amsterdam is my favorite city! So much to offer, so beautiful, quaint, very friendly people, GREAT shops and museums. Been there 3 times in one year! BTW…you guys are very sexy! 🙂

Sharon Sedgwick-Wilcock says:

Thanks for the tips… headed there in just 4 weeks!

maria blesilda batol says:

Love the tips! Maybe include DeHaar castle?! 🙂

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

Cafés like De Beiaard and In de Wildeman are worth a visit.

The first also serves food and beers from brewery ‘T Ij, the latter has an ever changing list of special beers on tap, Anthony Bourdain has been there!

robin bowles says:

Vincent van Go!!!

FoodforThought says:

If you want a touch of class and sophistication, head over to the Bull Dog

StudioDuRhone says:

Nice video

MartinK2011 says:

Why not Haarlem??

it will be a funny day says:

You must see the “Historisch museum” of Amsterdam ! Very comprehensive and really interesting !

Math Guy says:

Thank you.

Carl&WilliamFontDesVideos says:

Best thing to do in Amsterdam: cheese shops. If you’re a bit hungry in the afternoon, it is the best place to go. You can try a bunch of cheese for free!!!

Meike Verbeek says:

go to zandvoort or bloemendaal for the beach! dutch summers aren’t that hot however going to the beach is still very nice!

André Gregório says:

At 4:08 its not Amsterdam Food Hallen its Lisbon TimeOut Market… The rest of the video is quite cool 🙂

Khayrulla Mamatkulov says:

nice video thanks guys!

Lincoln Riddle says:

I will be in Amsterdam next month. What is the most can’t miss thing to see?

Debbie Wouters says:

1: PLEASE DO NOT BIKE, we know how to bike, tourist do not now how to, or do not know the rules, they are a danger on the road.
2: go to sloterplas, also a I amsterdam sign but in a different way
3: go to westerpark

The rest of the video was fun, as I am born and raised in Amsterdam

Sosa Shah says:

Like Surinamese food? Come and visit Suriname in South America

Mike Hawkins says:

So glad you’ve expanded your coverage of Amsterdam beyond the food and weed videos. I was there two weeks ago and loved just wandering around. While I loves me an excellent restaurant (Restaurant Daalder in the Jordaan) or a good coffeeshop the best part of my stay was wandering around and just talking to people. Oh.. and the NDSM Werf because I love street art.

I only spent 4 nights there. I need to get back for an entire week.

Also, rent a bike

Catia Geirinhas says:

4.09… that image is on my country… Portugal but ok Ahah

Nick Kuiper says:

You can put “Ruigoord” on the list. It is a artistic cultural village in the wester harbor district. Search the internet for more info. Greetings

Alvi cat channel says:

Oh… and the Albert Cuypmarket of course.

olivilove says:

Go to the Pancake Bakery!!

Albi Hoti says:

You must see the “Historisch Museum” ! Very comprehensive and really interesting !

Imtiaz Farooq says:

I recommend using the map and walking everywhere. I stayed in the Jewish quarter so was 30-45 mins walk from most of the main sights. Walking will allow you to explore the city and you’ll be surprised at the stunning architecture you’ll see that isn’t in a travel guide.

Nine Streets is a place I’d recommend, it’s not far from the foodhallen and each canal street is more beautiful the the one before it.

You can’t go wrong in Amsterdam. Such a beautiful city that you’ll have a great time no matter what.

Suze Cato says:

I live in Amsterdam and when you said “rent a bike” I immediately cringed, haha.Glad you added the warning there, we can get very grumpy when tourists do not know how to bike! Also a tip: IJ-hallen is an amazing flee market worth visiting in Noord!

Teona Karchava says:

Love your videos, always watch before I head somewhere 🙂

Gabriele Bertarelli says:

I’ve been in Amsterdam when I was 8 years old then in 2014 and 2015. I used to smoke in the streets and nobody ever told me nothing, no tickets. I mean, even in front of the cops, and they didn’t tell me nothing. Are you sure that is not permit to smoke weed in the streets?

TheUncleBilly says:

Never forget the Anne Frank House at Prinsengracht 263-267, 1016 GV Amsterdam.    I always visit it when I am in Amsterdam. It is an extremely important celebration of a brave young jewish girl who with family and friends, hid from the Nazi regime and was eventually found and sent to her death in a concentration camp. Good people killed by evil Nazis. But the house is stunning to see and walk around!        In the summer it is always busy, so ring them from your Hotel and book in advance.

Dutchified says:

Great video guys. Small correction, your photo at 4:09 looks like the food hall in Lisbon, it’s not the Amsterdam Food Hallen. Very similar though. Next time you are in town let me know. I can show you some of the hidden spots where locals go.

FoodforThought says:

The guy in the black shirt seems like an absolute cunt

Por Onde Anda Fabi says:

They DO sell coffe on the coffe shops 😉

Arthur Rosene says:


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