14 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Amsterdam

Known as the “Venice of the North,” join me as I show you one of my favorite cities in the world.

Featured in this video:

Known as “Venice of the North,” join me as I show you one of my favorite cities in the world.

Featured In this video:

The Pancake Bakery
The Pantry
Cafe de Klos
Little Collins


The Jordaan
De Pijp
The Red Light District (De Wallen)

Donkey Republic (bike rental)
Stromma.com (boat tour)
Rent-a-Bike (Bike Rental)

Duviel (Amsterdam’s first hip-hop bar)
Snappers (Great local bar)
Rembrandt squares (Lots of nightclubs)

Katsu Coffeeshop
Coffeeshop Yo-Yo


Zaanse Schans
Kasteel de Haar


Davidsbeenhere says:

Love the video! Great job.

Phuong P says:

you are great!

Speuler says:

The last tip was by far the best one I’ve ever heard on a travel guide to Amsterdam. Thanks for the vid.

heleen den hartogh says:

hey, absolutely loved the video. i am dutch so it is fun to see what other people want to see in our small country. i do have to say that it was a very brave thing to walk around in clogs the whole since nobody really walks in them anymore and i am glad to hear that you also went to places outside of Amsterdam since our tiny country has so much more to offer

Marjorie Rodrigues says:

I’m a local and I loved how well you’ve portrayed this city <3 Also, laughing out loud to what happened to your poor umbrellas... That's why nobody uses them here!

Vinicius Luna says:

Best guide. Thanks mate

Andrew Garner says:

How much did you spend and how long was your stay?

Ja Ko says:

Loved the concept, however I did not like how much you swore in the video.

Dria Sapundjieva says:

Eating at The Pancake Bakery right st this moment. OMG, thank you… yummm !!!

Yamin Irman says:

Cool video man !
Will defo help me planning my trip there!

Jacklyn Quin says:

Matt great video along with your sense of humor. Amsterdam is in my list now so thanks. Jackie

Babylon Gate says:

I recommend Walters world TIps
Visit The Netherlands – The Don’ts of The Netherlands

Herie Kusnanto says:

really helpful, i will go to Amsterdam next month and a bit confuse where i should stay? price under 70 USD/night. If you guys have recommendation appreciate it..and where can i rent a car to travel the palace tht you mentioned? thanks

HauteLeMode says:

This was amazing! Thank you!!!!!

Olivia Hadley says:

Fantastic video! So well filmed☺️ I’m going to Amsterdam in January, staying in NH Amsterdam Centre hotel.. do you by any chance know if it’s within reasonable distance to all the sights and recommendations you mentioned? Thanks! 🙂

RoseCreeper says:

Mathew Lillard!!!!

Ricardo Mondragon says:

You got me, great video! – Greetings from Mexico!

shobha joshi says:

very nice

Sanyu N says:

What a great video. Loved every minute (including the personality and charm of the guide) and I feel very equipped to go!

Oliver Reinoud says:

matthew perry this you

Damez Yoon says:

Awesome video thanks going in a week, if you ever in LA or Korea I will be your host.

Silencio Triggerilla says:

I’ve been there and it’s honestly one of the best places I’ve been to in my life. Couldn’t get enought of the city and the biking was so much fucking fun.
Although I wish I saw this vid earlier, would have done so much more shit

Mark-Leon Thorne says:

I went to Amsterdam last year for the first time and I am so looking forward to going back there. I wouldn’t say the Dutch are unfriendly but I certainly found them a bit reserved. I went to a little gay bar and nobody even acknowledged me. A bit clique. Amazing city though. You can never be bored in Amsterdam.

Concierge305 says:

Great break down, just came back from Amsterdam spent two days (Flew in Sunday, out Tuesday), I personally recommend renting a Bicycle and exploring the city. I used Rent A Bikey. As you mentioned Google Maps Is a great tool to navigate. My suggestions Pancake Bakery, BOOOT boat tours, Anne Frank tour (buy ticket on line and go early), Indonesian Kitchen and if you like real Soul/RnB music try Supperclub Mondays… great city truly had a blast

Darcelle Williams says:

Love this travel video it was so great. So informative I loved it

The Gaian Mind says:

Tip number 14 is by far the best advice you can give to a person travelling here for the first time, the rest are good things to keep in mind while exploring, but the very best thing you can do is just walk and get lost, you will find so much beauty and peace everywhere you go, and the city is safe enough that you can basically feel safe anywhere you choose to go

Jan says:

Another tip could be to buy a “day-pass” for 7-8 Euros enabling you to use public transport system in the city for 24 hours (unlimited rides)

Amy says:

I am from amsterdam myself, and sometimes I dont get what people see in Amsterdam and if they like it.
but I love that you are so fanscinated about the city!

Patrick Lambrecht says:

Man, I’ve seen a lot of BS-vlogs about my city, but yours is spot on. If you name Katsu the nr. 1 coffeeshop in town, you know what you are talking about 😉 And yes, De Pijp is the neighbourhood to live in. 😀

Adam Mackiewicz says:

I just got back from my 3rd visit to A’dam and I must say that this has to be my all time favorite travel guide to my favorite city.  Matt–you did an astounding job on this.  Here are some of my own favorites and tips: 1: If you don’t get your online tickets to the Anne Frank Huis lines can be tolerable after 6pm (15-20 min). 2: Use the trams!!! They will save your feet and legs (especially if you stay in an older hotel or hostel with steep dutch staircases and no elevators!  3: If you do partake in cannabis you should shop around to try different strains and don’t be intimidated if you can’t/don’t know how to roll a J as almost all coffee shops sell pre-rolled joints (with and without tobacco) or offer “rental” pipes at no charge (just a refundable deposit as long as your purchased you MJ from them).  4: It’s a relatively safe city, but be cautious around the Red Light district canal bridges where unscrupulous people will try to sell you all the illegal “hard” drugs–even if you’re open minded to them–they are most likely trying to scam or rob you.  5: When strolling around don’t forget to look UP–many of the old architecture is in the Gabled roofs of the old canal buildings.  AND LAST: FOR THE FOODIE (I’m sorry Matt, but you’re just wrong about the Pancake) THE ULTIMATE DUTCH FOOD IS THE BITTERBALLEN–A little breaded fried ball of meat-y gravy served with dijon mustard.  Pancakes are 2nd.

tuliprush says:

Excellent video!!

Nia. KF says:

Loved this vlog! So helpful

Elizabeth Undershute says:

Good Tips,… liked and subscribed as pleaded. 🙂

YourCityBike - Bike Rental Shop says:

So funny! you’re recommending Donkey bikes,  but using yourself bikes from a different bike rental in Amsterdam. I’ll not recommend to use these bike share systems because the bikes don’t have the same maintenance as the bikes in a bike shop, but make sure to check the reviews! Another think, the city council is removing donkey bikes from the city of Amsterdam, so they’re not gonna be available anymore.

pala4833 says:

None of that was the Jordaan.

TheUncleBilly says:

A nice video. Thank you. I have been to Amsterdam many times and I love it.

Joe Wonder says:

Matt, thanks for the tips! I have been looking at many videos and this one by far has been the best! I’ll be sure to follow these tips next month! You rock!

ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose says:

Haha you guys are goofballs. De Klos and Sampurna were my fave spots to eat! Great video, very helpful!

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