6 Delicious Destinations In Amsterdam

Eat your way through Amsterdam with these 6 delicious destinations!

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/62563

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Vicente Nevarez says:

They took our jobs!!!

TheDutchWay 0695 says:


Summer Liang says:

I feel like the producer of the video had a one day visit to Amsterdam and only manage to visit three places? Albert cuyp, bulls&dogs and avocado show. Honestly all the stuff they mentioned is so overrated. You can get frites around every corner, you don’t have to wait at that one per se.

Romeo Dwidjono says:

You definetely shouldn’t forget trying weed while you’re here! Amsterdam is known for its weed for a reason. Also, there is a place called Pesca which serves amazing dishes, all with fish! Try a Bagels&Beans as well, they serve great coffee and original bagels! Have fun!

Keimora Grau says:

Is Amsterdam in America?

Julia vO says:

Please stay away all! Too many tourists!

Demi Raijer says:

They seriously missed out by not adding Vegan Junk Food Bar! They serve amaaaaazing vegan burgers and fries and they even sell vegan sashimi now!

anamoon976 says:

Wish this video was out when I went there 🙁

Kyla - Chan says:

Would take me like 30 min to get to Amsterdam tbh XD I have tried stroopwafels a lot of times tho already and yes it’s delicious!

Also poffertjes too :’3 but those are rlly easy to make by urself XD

hillhead11 says:

If you’re not Dutch, then you’re not much!!

Ashley Studios says:

AHH finally u notice my kind <33333

Cassie Cho says:

I’m traveling in Amsterdam and this is a good information!

Jochem P says:

Waar is mijne kibbeling godverdomme!!

Antonio J says:

Stroopwafels solve everything

Secret Zexyula Teloiv says:

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Jari Henke says:

Makes me proud to be Dutch!

Snoetje says:

Nu heb ik honger

ThatsHot B says:

Mmmm I’d go the fries

Wies IJland says:

The netherlands is not only amsterdam and ik haat de Nederlandse autocorrect

Niels Bikkel says:

Zijn hier kaasmennen aanwezig

_ CroatianEagle _ says:

Now make florence

That Ass says:

I’m gonna go there next summer ( when i turn 18) with m’y 2 best friends and i can’t wait

PandaPup FAN says:

The avocados, the stroopwafel, and the shakes look SOooOOOO *_GOOD!!_*
I wish I lived close! Or, at least I wish there’s a shop that sells the same food with the exact same recipe!

Eva Sky says:

Just for your information (if anyone is interested) poffertjes and stroopwafels are things you can get at any market in the Netherlands, and they all taste the same. The thing about the fries us true tho

Jan Koper says:

You forgot the mac donalds….

mt nguyen says:

As a amsterdam resident.. there are better places

Ba Gawk says:

I thought this was Buzzfeed not Insider

MinchSko says:

and i love how they say you need to try fries wich is a belgian speciality XD … and are way better in Belgium …. i love when americans mess up everything … like french fries hahahaha the french dont even came close by iventing them XD

be bo says:

I had Indonesian food in Kantjil and it was really good

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