Amsterdam 2015 trip 420 GoPro

Our trip to Amsterdam.
Shot by a GoPro+3 Black Edition

Movie editing – Adam Mierov

I do not own any of the songs in the video.

Songs in video by :
Lost Frequencies – Are You With Me
Galantis – Runaway
Skrillex and Diplo – “Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber
Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ)
Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth
שלמה ארצי-זה מה שנשאר


White Black n'Red says:

i see this video so much time becouse next mount i will go at Amsterdam 🙂

Властный Хозяин says:

дабл лайк

bigearedmouse17 says:


אלעד סרור says:

דרך מי סגרתם את הדירה?

Rayan Daas says:

fumer une clope a amsterdam c insultant

ARNO meesters says:

happy to see that u guys had a good time in the netherlands, u guys looked so chill, some how, i like vlogs of stoners in the netherlands more then normal vlogs of people in amsterdam, but it has someting to do with that im a stoner too lol, have a nice day and come back again

Dor Lind says:

0:30 כבר מהדף חשדתי שאתם משלנו

That's enough out of you! says:

2:07 the guy in the blue pants has a nice vagina.

Bug Ayalon says:


jenia duda says:

אחלה סרטון יבחורים

Utt Ash Mori says:

nice vid man. enjoyed it. thumbs up!

areenvmusic says:

Cool vid guys!

George says:

Nice! Check out my trip GoPro video please

Adam Mierov says:

Be sure to check out my new video to my second trip to Amsterdam 🙂

lior marcus says:

מי אלה האנשים המגניבים שישבו לידכם באברקסס מופיעים בדקה 9 של הסרטון ?

ReadyGoPro says:

Nice video!! Amsterdam is beautiful
Check out my GoPro’s adventures in my channel.. Thank you!!

Frederick William says:

It is a sad reflection of society that Amsterdam, once the capital of the greatest economic empire in the world and a center of commerce, intellectualism, and refinement is now known for nothing more than a safe space for druggies to get a legal high.

Jovica Marjanovic says:

Whats the name of hostel or hotel? Nice video btw! 😀

Short Grey says:

Amsterdam is really a beautiful city, beautiful, each time I went I loved it

TheHadar99 says:

יא מלך

lehnrik says:

A song about Mexico? That’s PoMo!

Andy Bishop says:

where did you go to on the train please

dgyta says:

Hello , can i ask how you can get the copyrights for the songs in your video ?

I upload a video with a song and it got copyright strikes 🙁 please help

Erick Fraire says:

Did he just take a bong hit from straight tobacco?? Fucking nasty nasty ass

plxrelogme plxreloghim says:

אוהדים משוגעים xD

MrSam2a says:

What’s the name of the club at 8:50 ? That’s really cool an Ice club !! I’m going to go to Amsterdam and i really wan’t to go at this club

san desh says:

bro which software you use to edit the video? and what settings?

Eliav abecasis says:

יש לי מה לעשות שם אם אני בן 18 ?

Benny Sorino says:

Do you have the link of the apartament on airbnb?

Benny Sorino says:

Do you have the link of the apartament on airbnb?

Vivian Guerrero says:

where did you guys stay at? I’m planning my next trip so it will hep a lot.

MrLightning59 says:

Says a lot ’bout Amsterdam, that the best thing to film is yourself!

Edrisi Aussenac says:

Very cool video

ויקטוריה בגרי says:

תגידו איך עישנתם בפומבי סיגריות באמסטרדם,אסור לעשן בחוץ וברוב המקומות טבק.

Lancashire Activists says:

Proper nice footage look’s like you had a top time.. Wish I knew some more like minded peep’s like you Guy’s do… Peace and here PPP have a hit… It’s a Blueberry Blunt stuffed with critical something or other…

Taariq Martin says:

Klas video bruuu!!

tobby mezza says:

Great TRIP!!

Coco Ceellä says:

you ate fries in macdonalds in city that makes the best FRIES IN THE FUCKING WORLD.

noD1va says:

How is the security chech at the border patrol leaving the Netherlands. Im planning a trip to Netherlands and I was wondering how strict it is driving out of the country with some weed/cake with me

BRUH ams says:

What the man do at 3:00 with the cigarette ?

leggsization says:

where did you find a place that allows smoking?! or was it your buddy’s place?

Hygge says:

I don’t get why people will use tobacco in bongs and stuff…It’s so unhealthy

MyFootYourFace says:

You guys are hard to look at

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