Amsterdam Dutch Countryside Bike Tour!

See Amsterdam’s Dutch Countryside and Windmills with the Sandemans Amsterdam Countryside bike tour:

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Maaike R says:

From a dutch perspective that cycle tour is a great way to sample dutch culture. That relaxed feeling of freedom on your bike is basically dutch life in a nutshell.

Bert Sw says:

Any european sim card works across Europe.
For the same price in every country in the EU.

TeeHTravel says:

Next time we are there we plan on doing a country tour. The city bike tour was amazing we did last time

Susan Welter says:

Ace is a cutie! Woof!!

Robert Craane says:

i saw and felt the love… thank u

alteredillusions100 says:

I love Pancakes Amsterdam. I go there every time I visit . Also the burger bar.

Ali Azary says:

BTW you guys are awesome. thanks for the vlogs.

Vural Davutluoglu says:

it seems that the conversation with a woman fellow been well for Ash… but thanks god as men we dont need such things like that :))) like a famous one says in my country; men are only a open/close button but girls are electronics they are complex :))

Ali Azary says:

man the Netherlands is soooooo beautiful.

João Paulo Arthur says:

Wow! What a nice way to visit Amsterdam!

Steef_the_Peef says:

Hi guys, nice video. I enjoyed watching it. But please, please do not get a guide again that’s clearly not Dutch. She told complete bs. Last big flood in 93. Wind mails parked in a x shape, can be in use. Complete bs. Etc etc. and some more bs. Keep it up!

J.A.H. van de Laak says:

Nice tour

Marta Repečkienė says:

Heyyy, guys! You’re sooooo inspiring!
I have a question – when are your birthdays?
Good luck! <3

Joshua Sweetvale says:

“God made the world, but the Dutch made the Netherlands

Desmond Foo says:

Good video.
I know i am 2 months late..
I like this countryside bike tour too.
I bet you 3 had a good workout haha..

Tiger's Eye says:

I couldn’t find the info on that SIM card. Please keep us posted on that.

Karen Raynor says:

No matter what the day brings, you guys are like a breath of fresh air.

Pranav Srivastava says:

Awesome is their any month when it doesnt rain in netherland?? Bythway congrats Guyz on 50k subs ^_^

fun vídeos says:

Travel and share

ken mcdonald says:

The town I am in has a real working windmill from the Netherlands and it grinds grains oddly also the name of this town in the states is Holland Mi. founded by the Dutch.

geo dezix says:

Your friend Laura has such a pretty smile!

72Fahrenheit says:

Is it just me or does she sounded like Jessie from toy story

mithaweed says:

Amsterdillydudes! That’s the official term, right??? Looked fun on the bikes, and that silly doggie is darling! His Mom and Dad are away, so make sure you give extra kisses and cuddles! xo

Roosje Keizer says:

OMG Why don’t they first show tourists how to adjust the saddle height? Or better do it for them. This looks so uncomfortable and bad for the knees too.

tom se says:

You should visit my hometown! Its called Zutphen . Its a really cute and small town about 1-2 hours Away from Amsterdam ! Deventer is really cool too!

Federica Di Nardo says:

I’ve been in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago… such a lovely city, I totally fell in love!

Martijn Rodenburg says:

I love that you guys did this bike tour! Riding a bike in that kind of weather in the countryside is THE most Dutch thing there is and only very little tourists get to experience that. Really appreciate you guys for picking all the not so touristy stuff and by that showing the people on your chanel the real and not very well known side of the Netherlands!

Natte Haas says:

Loved the vlog but just to be clear; there’s no such a thing as a display-windmill. All windmills were actually in use and are still in use but maybe for a different purpose then grinding wheat or pumping water. I’ts not part of a ‘display-for-tourists’ type of thing:). Just wanted to straighten that out for y’all.

Dennis V5 says:

Amsterdammers. 😉

D Walker says:

Just amazing relaxing peaceful wonderful I’ll have a slice of that please laugh out loud

Crafty Marmara says:

I get cold just by waching the video

vievavoom says:

I’m not sure why, but Ashely gives me serious Sabrina the Teenage Witch vibes. It’s probably her positive upbeat attitude and she kinda look like her too 🙂

Sander Jansen says:

We dutch never eat pancakes for breakfast. More like dinner food.

Patrick Lambrecht says:

Mokummers is the term for Amsterdamians 🙂

Jamie Banks says:

I’ve taken Sandman’s New Europe tours before! They are fun ! The Dutch countryside looks gorgeous…. hope to go someday!

Christopher Baldwin says:

We had that same guide when we were in Amsterdam! She was fantastic!

Semih Saraç says:

Nice video again :]

Ellie McCabe says:

I love you guys and your vlogs – you are always so positive and upbeat.

Gayle Arnold says:

I want to do that cycling tour.

scott a says:

I think the last time I hopped on a bike, I must’ve been around 10! But I’d be more than willing to get back on for such a tour. I probably haven’t forgotten how to pedal. lol
Interesting fact about windmills!
One thing I’m “Holland” just another name for the Netherlands? Or is it like a state/province within the country?

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