Amsterdam fun: you must do this. Amsterdam is a fun city in the Netherlands. When visiting Amsterdam there are so many fun activities you can do. I’ll make a separate Amsterdam city guide but in this vlog my dad and me try some alternative Amsterdam fun. Turns out I have to say if you’re visiting Amsterdam you must do this!
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Food I ate in this video:
– stir fried veggies and tofu at Wok 2 Walk

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When I’m not traveling you can hang out with me in my home town Amsterdam. So if you always wanted to travel in Amsterdam this is the place to be to get an insight in the local life without actually having to travel. Enjoy!


Q Where are you from?
A I am born in former Yugoslavia. Mom is Serbian, Dad is Bosnian. During the ’90’s war we came to the Netherlands and I got Dutch nationality. Have been living in Amsterdam for over 5 years.

Q How can you afford to travel so much?
A I saved for 3 years while working full time and now travel vlogging is my job. I work together with tourism agencies but also do some freelance work on the side. You can watch this video: and this one: to learn more about my story.

Q What camera do you film with and what editing software do you use?
A Canon G7X Mark II and Final Cut Pro X

Q (Why) Are you vegetarian?
A I’m vegetarian but not strict. I don’t eat any meat, fish, cooked/boiled or fried eggs. I gradually became a vegetarian over the course of 15 years because I disliked the taste of meat more and more. After doing a yoga teacher training in 2015 I also quit fish and the eggs. No matter my food preferences I have no issues with other people not being vegetarian. I don’t judge others and kind of expect the same favor from others concerning my own food preferences. It makes for a more friendly world 🙂

Q Why do you usually travel alone?
A Because my friends have jobs with limited holidays, kids and partners. Also I really like exploring on my own.

Q Why do you love India so much?
A Watch this video: and this one:


Akshar Choudhary says:

Ivana please watch fashion staring priyanka chopra and kangana ranaut in 1 film. Now that is winning in life.

Johanne Friis-Jacobsen says:

Great video✨

Vikaas K Sharma says:

Wow Amsterdam Centraal

Curious Explorer says:

Nice video

Max Masti says:

thank god u added it again :p

cassie pitchford says:

Ivana, please tell us the adresse of that 4d movie place 🙂 i wanna go there maybe next weekend

Raksha Mishra says:

I was never this early..! Hello frm India!

Ramesh Rao says:

India missing you Ivana !

Bhasha Mewar says:

Your dad is a sweetheart, makes me miss mine 🙂

leeba shibu says:

I have been following ur channel and hv been watchg ur vlogs since a long time..have seen ur road trip wit dad..but never commented..ur dad is supercute n im missing my dad after wtchg dad stays in mumbai n i m in dubai..

Ramesh Rao says:

Great !

Kukil Das says:

Dadddy is soo cute and innocent. Be proud and always make him proud, Ivana!!

sangam grg says:


Arpit B says:

Oh freak, I use to think Vivek was Nistha’s fiancee.

Suchit More says:

Waaaaat ? Nishtha is married ??? And that too to a guy who lives in none other than Netherlands ! ??? But how come you never mentioned abt it before. Like , your own roommate’s husband lives in your own home country , like how ? kaise mera dost ! ?


Lots of love <3

MijnBreinTV says:

Aaah your dad is so cute! 😀

allis well says:

Architecture is great

Jitendra Sharma says:

Colour suit on your lips

PB1 PB says:

may be you should invite your parents to visit india someday!

ankit diwan says:

you uploaded again..

bharath m kulkarni says:

u always say that u will link some stuff down below. but u never do so. why?

pranav kumar says:

Nice video Ivana

Parimal , says:

Why does your video start & end with food !
Btw, no matter where you go in the world, you are bound to find an Indian even if it’s a volcano 😛

Surbhi Agrawal says:

Hey ivana, I follow most of your vlogs in Bangalore and they are quite exciting to watch them as I also have similar experiences… I am surprised to see veggies options in NL.i am soon gonna travel to Utrecht from Bangalore and pure vegetarian so I was worried for food..will I get veg food there…?

walterlv01 says:

Beautiful clear blue sky in Amsterdam and everyone wearing short sleeves – that’s something that you don’t always associate with this city in April.

Roos de Graaff says:

Wat een lieve pa heb je Ivana!

Pritam Banerjee says:

What happened with the music last time? Did you forget to add them?!

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