Amsterdam on a Budget

Amsterdam can be an expensive city, but with some insider knowledge you can spend a day in Amsterdam on a budget. We’ll show you some of the top things to do in Amsterdam on a budget and some things to do in Amsterdam for free.

As part of the Simyo Budget Challenge Week and “Enough Makes You Happy” (Genoeg Maakt Gelukkig) campaign, (Robbert Munsters) and I decided to challenge ourselves to spend a full / fun day in Amsterdam on a budget. For less than €20 we managed to eat lunch on a roof terrace at the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA), watch some musical performances at the Amsterdam Central Station, eat stroopwafels, catch a free boat ride over the IJ and travel by tram.

Simyo is de slimme Sim Only provider waarbij je zélf bepaalt wat genoeg is voor jou. Elke maand kun je je bundels aanpassen naar boven én naar beneden.

Simyo heeft ons gevraagd om deel te nemen aan de ‘Genoeg maakt gelukkig’ campagne.


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English Transcript:
We have been asked by if we’d make a film for their new campaign called
Enough makes you happy! That sounds fun! That is surely is! That means that we’ll be making a film about how you can have a fun day in Amsterdam on a budget. Here we go!

Enough makes you happy

Instead of an expensive taxi you can take public transport instead.

Instead of an expensive terrace with a nice view the same view but at the terrace of the Amsterdam public library.

Instead of an expensive concert at the Concertgebouw go to a concert at the Amsterdam central station.

Instead of an expensive boat cruise a free ride on one of the free ferries behind the Amsterdam central station.

Instead of an expensive syrup waffle from a tourist shop what about a delicious syrup waffle from one of the regular supermarkets.

Enough makes you happy!

Was that enough? Yes certainly
Did that make you happy? So happy.
So? Enough makes you happy!

Therefore this is what we could have spent and this is the amount with which we had enough.

Thanks Simyo for inviting us to take part in the budget challenge week.
So you see that you can determine for yourself how much is enough while still ensuring that you are happy.

Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a comment to let us know what makes you happy (said poorly in Dutch)
He therefore asked that you leave a comment below letting us know how much makes you happy.


Greta says:

I’ll admit, we went on the fancy and expensive boat ride while visiting Amsterdam, because we didn’t even know any other options! Thanks for the educational video though, I’ll make sure to watch it again when visiting this awesome city. 😉

SebRobin Deray says:

where do you sleep for cheap mate?

Henriette Bokslag says:

Again such a cool video:)!

Rachel and Nick says:

I realised English subtitles after watching the whole thing! Still loved the video ! We can’t wait to go there!

Lilian Teles says:

Hi! Could we have this video in English, please? I´d really like to have these tips, but… as a brazilian, I don´t understand dutch, unfortunately… thank you!!! 🙂

Dutchified says:

Also check out free stuff to do in Amsterdam which I did in collaboration with Wolters World:

Es' Factory says:

Hahahaha Super grappig! En leuk gemaakt! (y)

EL EM says:

Great video 😀 but far out I’m an English speaker travelling to Amsterdam soon and I struggled to decipher any sentence that was spoken in this video, hahahaha

Sub to the new channel! says:

I’ll have to remember this next time I head over to NL. I’m all about that frugal life lol says:

Wat superleuk hebben jullie invulling gegeven aan deze campagne :D. Love it! Word er helemaal blij van. Als je wilt weten wat voor mij gelukkig is … ik maakte ook een filmpje. Jaja, hoewel dat natuurlijk niet helemaal mijn ding is ;).

PlayerX says:

Are you two Dutch? Just asking because if you’re not, how did you learn Dutch and do you have suggestions for online courses or learning resources? I’m planning to move to NL in about a year. By the way, you have very entertaining, well-edited, informative videos.

Jonathan Rivas says:

Enough makes me happy 😀 Nice video guys!

Tommy Harris says:

Wish I understood what was being said.

Veronica Susalla says:

Great tips +Dutchified! 🙂

Mark Wolters says:

love your look at Ne. cracks me up

Ashley Brown says:

Great video! Thanks for the English subtitles 😉

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