Amsterdam Travel Guide

Our Amsterdam Travel Guide! Back to the old format for this one, by popular demand, giving you everything you need for your Amsterdam adventures.

Your reasons for coming to Amsterdam are your own but no matter what pleasures you seek, you’ll find them in Amsterdam. We enjoyed our time here, despite angering the gods!

We stayed at the Hotel Golden Tulip –

How we film our travel guides –


predjee says:

Fuck the tourists in Amsterdam. Time to step up and start punching and hitting these people raping our city!

Myron Martin says:

Can you do TelAviv please?

Simonas Dailidė says:

I wish about this…

Gideon John says:

Great video mate!

Natalia Nedelko says:

THANK YOU for not joking about coffeeshops and not pointing to the red lights district. What you showed actually look like real Amsterdam! One tip: go to Westerpark, sit on some terrace (Westergasterrace is my favourite), try to spot a bunny in a grass, walk around to the north – there’s a lovely district and unusual shopping street named Haarlemmerdijk

M Ali says:

Hi, thank you for all the info. Im struggling to find a decent comfortable hotel with good location for around 100 euros. Its my 1st time. Any suggestions?

Matthew Day says:

Very poor. You talk about trains money, trams and miss the best food, architecture and the beer culture.

Wessel Westdorp says:

the second they showed the stroopwafel being split in half and the syrup drooping out best believe my mouth became niagara falls,

X Oregon DUCK says:

This is an excellent per Amsterdam video! Thank you!

Pinkbubblegum Pop says:

ממש כמו שזה נראה רק לא מראים לך את כל המוסלמים הקיצוניים כאן. הכל נחמד בווידאו עד שאתה מגיע ורואה בעצמך.

Kees Manuel says:

Great video! Amsterdam is amazing. See what the locals do in the Summer:

Robert Lambregts says:

ok 2 things. kalfskroket: kalf = veal. And Stroopwafel: oo = oa like in boat, so Stroopwafel

Leonardo Parra says:

How do you spell that barber shop dish in Dutch ?

Saki Solis says:

really enjoyed this video guide. very informative and so funny! thank you for sharing!

wamby bamby says:

Fantastic Video, You Should See My Videos On AMSTERDAM

Spicyhotchili says:

Yea I was planning on learning the Dutch language to leave off to Amsterdam

BlackMassala says:

Superb guide. Off there next week and I’m going to be livid if my train isn’t a Double Decker one. Where did you get the Kapsalon kebab thing from please?

Tom Johnson says:

This nigga look like Gordon Ramsey

Surfer 1973 says:

Visiting Amsterdam? here’s a tip for you: Amsterdam 24/7 saved our trip! An app with info and links for different emergency situations (We needed a doctor to come to our hotel…)

mo786 says:

Just got back from Amsterdam and i loved it what a great city! the three day pass was a life saver thanks for the tip Alex and camera guy!

Know Very Little says:

Beware: at Schiphol of unregistered taxi drivers who will charge you far above the going rate, there have been cases of tourists being charged €700 – €800 to go to Amsterdam.

Jayden Hughes says:

Go to Rotterdam

Gimli Dwavenking says:

nice video

StartPlayFinish says:

When it comes to tipping im usually very simplistic. Just round it off to the next full number. If something costs 17,45 then i leave a 20 and be on my way. if its 18,65 i leave that same 20. if its 21,20 ill drop 25 and call it even. Sometimes they get a bit more, sometimes a bit less. No need to get your calculators out and stores love round numbers because they are always short for the coins.

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