Amsterdam Travel Vlog | 20 Insane Facts About Amsterdam

I will definitely be making another trip to Amsterdam in the future!
My trip was cut short so since I didn’t get to see much, here are a few fun facts about Amsterdam along with the footage from my trip!

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Locations in this video:
Bar Brä:

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Lucretia Merces says:

Canal!! 🙂

LivingMyLife says:

It was very interesting and educational travel vlog. I loved it 😀 (I changed my username and profile pic, so you might not recognize me. It is me Positivist01, just so you would know :P). I need to finally go into H&M, because there is one here in Estonia and there are a lot of cute items problably there too 😀

black girl in the rok says:

great vid! I lived there for almost a year in 2010. I miss it.

GyrlBlaque says:

The Blue and White flowered dress was nice

TheAwkwardBlackTraveler says:

Loved this video! I hope to go to Amsterdam some day soon! 🙂

shanzay sikandar says:

i went to amsterdam few days ago… seriously its the best place i have been to all special places in amsterdam …. i know alot about the city . i even drove the motorbike it was the best feeling

soursop says:

One of my favorite cities in Europe, we stayed at a cool hostel in the redlight district, i had ginger syrup pancake for the first time, traveled around using bikes, saw a cool improv show, bought this unique nike sneakers and met a variety of new people from a variety of nationalities. Charly love your vlogs, they give me the Bob Ross effect and I love it with my stressed life, please keep traveling, filming and sharing. peace and amor

Cagedbirdfree says:

I truly enjoyed this video. I am so impressed with your spirit of adventure and learning languages. Now, I will place Amsterdam on my places to visit. And, thanks for the tips on limiting carrying bags. But, I have a terrible since of direction so I would definitely need a GPS just to sight see and return to where I lodged my backpack. 🙂 Safe travels!

Sauron Lols says:

Brown Cafe is also a thing, same as cafe but you are allowed to smoke weed/hasj but can’t buy it there.

Porn = XXX

Amsterdam =

AjahKpop says:

I hope you bought that blue patterned dress, it looked so good on you!

obiadunas says:

hi Charly, I am happy I came across your channel 🙂 With my girlfriend we want to have one too and there is a lot to learn from you 🙂

As for the video – too bad you didn’t have a chance to visit Amsterdam when it is warmer 🙂 This would be another great experience, like a different city! 🙂

mad dusa says:

that was some good footage. enjoyed it! very curious to see where you’ll be heading in the u.s… got some guesses based on airline hubs, but… only time will tell. good luck.

Mario Sosa says:

i love Maoz! The veggie falaffle is so bomb!

Steve McKinnie says:

went to Amsterdam on my lunch break, cool

Dionna says:

You and your dimples are adorable!

Edwin Hernandez says:

Love Maoz!

Jess on a Quest says:

I’m happy I came across your channel! I do similar vlogs as well. Love supporting my fellow travel vloggers!

TruthSerum101 says:

Cool music – including the Four Tops at the restaurant.

Francis Imanuel says:

So cool !!! I am from Amsterdam, but live in Korea town in London. Totally miss my city, love your channel.

vinny142 says:

True: 20.000.000 tourists visit Amsterdam each year. I live in Amsterdam. I know. I wish all 20Mln of them would just stay away. Why? Because Amsterdam only has about 800.000 people living there. in the centre of Amsterdam the tourists outnumber the residents 5:1, which is why the shops in the centre of amsterdam have all their signs and labels in English. Many shops have hired English-speaking personel because it’s better for dealing with tourists. Well, I say shops, we have about 150 souvenirs shops fake cheese-shops (strictly to fool the tourists, the dutch don’t buy cheese there), ice-cream shops, “phone” shops, all within one kilometer of central-station. If you happen to live there and need regular groceries, tough, you’ll have to travel further because of all the tourists.

And then there’s the restaurants with English speaking pushers trying to lure people inside. Coffeeshops that stink of weed, bars with endless groups of brits, drunk off their tits because they are used to drinking pint-size glasses of low-alcohol beer, and we drink small glasses of high-alcohol beer. They puke, they piss, they shout…

If you want to do the locals a favour then don’t come to Amsterdam. At least not to the centre!

Tik-Tok says:

I love the music in the background of this video. It complements the video well.

S Buffington says:

I love you fanny pack….where did you get it??

Jasmin L. says:

So close to me!! I hope you guys would visit Belgium~

njeridiva says:

Awww did yal break up?

demonpakleni 666 says:

one of best videos i ve seen about anything.and belive me im day n night watching videos.

Heather F says:

I was in Amsterdam in 2012..loved it. I was inspired to buy a bike when I returned to the US. 🙂 I only wish my streets were more bike friendly so I could ride everywhere. I also visited Brussels and Paris on that trip. Thanks for sharing.

FitnessType says:

Glad you liked it Charly. Let me know when you return to my home country 😉

Allard Freichmann says:

If one want’s to learn a foreign language “Learn short sentences”. Most likely to learn are sentences, to use daly. Ordering food and drinks for instance. Write them down take them with you. And learn them if there are moments to spare. Put the notes in a place where you can find them back easily. Don’t throw the notes away use them to rehearsal.

Dennis Sánchez says:

Charly te extrañamos! saludos desde Panamá 🙂

julio60x says:

Great editing!

Evan and Rachel says:

Yaaay new vlog! How long will you be in the US?? Can’t wait to see where you go. <3

kingstonology says:

This was cool Char

Chimyo Atkinson says:

I haven’t been able to find the video with the fanny pack. Which one?

unique_ME says:

I am a homebody CHarly and watching your travel videos make me feel like i’ve lived a little.

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