Amsterdam with Marzia / Travel Diary

Back in May I went on a quick trip to Amsterdam with m’lady Marzia. Here’s what we got up to. ♡

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– Better Days
– The Process



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Compassion is the Fashion says:

i really love how you edited this video! you’re so stunning too- cheekbone goals xxx

sophiew7410 says:

I want a friendship like you and marzias! <3

Samantha Stancu says:

Love you guys!

theoldphone says:

Girl…google how to use the Nespresso, you missed out. It’s so simple.

saidamanda says:

I love you & Marzia’s friendship. It’s so genuine and nice and I hope it lasts forever. <3

mercurialfeminist says:


Orima 93 says:

Uhhh I love your shirt on your second day *.* may I ask where you got it? <3

Nadia Barsis says:

They are so cute!!! Lol ❤️

CaffeineGalore says:

Your eye makeup is on point. Damn. <3

Callie Herring says:

Oh wow you really can see the difference in your face, that caught me off guard. So scary to be that sick and not know it. 🙁 Amsterdam looks like it was beautiful, at least!

Ashlyn Cremeans says:

Oh my gosh, it’s crazy to see you so thin, Emma! I’m so glad you had fun, but I’m also glad you are healthy 🙂

Ana Fox says:

Such a cute, relaxing vlog. And R rated in some bits haha. And you guys are so gorgeous and cute: brotp feelings! I’m so glad you enjoyed vlogging your trip, and that maybe there will be more in the future. I really loved the style of this one <3

yeonseu says:

omg what happened to emma? she got alot thinner, i could see the difference in her cheekbones. haven’t visited her channel in an awfully long time :((

julia iero says:

Is it just me or is Marzia best friends with, like, everyone? Hahah I love it

T-Mc-27 says:

Have you watched any good on Netflix lately??

GallifrAngel says:

I have such bad travel anxiety, but I also want to be able to travel. Any tips for people who want to explore the world but are terrified of doing it??

kylie4ever says:

Your outfits were on point! Can you maybe list where all the pieces are from? 😀

Sara Anne says:

Aww man it’s a lovely vlog but so scary because you were in critical condition and didn’t know ._.

SandraOlufsen says:

Really enjoyed this one! Hope you are doing better xx

Valhalla says:

Your guys voices are so cute <3

Ya Fookin’ Losah says:

Damn it, I’m still disappointed that I don’t live in Amsterdam, I live in The Netherlands but like another province. I recognise every place they went to! Amsterdam is to busy to LIVE for me

Weyoume says:

We can call some aliens and ask them if they have some all in all medicine, which helps to get rid of any illness someone has!

uhnet posts says:

I got triggered when she played Yugyeom song I died omg I’m screaming

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