COFFEESHOPS IN AMSTERDAM… VLOG!! 🌲💨🇳🇱 #EuroweekDAY1 | Weed, Munchies & Holy Fuck Thats Delicious

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DAY 3 too:

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We decided to take a spontaneous trip from Vietnam to Amsterdam while Lux was visiting so… My first trip to Europe! We visit a couple Amsterdam coffeeshops, roll some buds, and proceed to feel like we are on an episode of Munchies or Fuck thats Delicious. [Day 1 – April 16, 2016]

Coffeeshop #1: Green Place – one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Enjoy, comment your favorite parts and share if your friends might enjoy too:)

#cheeseNfries 😄

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Astral Traveler says:

6:08 lol

123 456 says:

Here again lol

Colm m says:

Sat in that table at 10.25, got so stoned I couldn’t move

Alex Mitupov says:

we were for Xmas in Amsterdam and that was so exactly cold – like on this video
though, watching this video cuz this great music $)))

Veronica Pegues says:

Holy shit I need to push Amsterdam up on my travel bucket list for real!!

Samantha Khan says:

kant wait to go amsterdam been 15 years

Poker Bluffer says:

I’m pretty sure this is like the 15th time I’m watching the Amsterdam trip series 😀 definetly one of the best trips on this channel

Samantha Chloe says:

This video has me so hyped for my trip to Amsterdam, great video!

Niall Mcgregor says:

bunch of usa DICKS

A1sausie says:


Barry Lynch says:

i hate cunts that roll with headphones and still interact with others.

Grim214 says:

im waiting for cali to wake the fuck up and get this shit going. were legal now but we need some starbucks where we can get good coffee and rip a bong on a monday morning

Samantha Khan says:

Pakistan hash brilliant

M Masseh S says:

What is the cofee shop at 11:11??

Maria says:

Great Video…good times! SC:#blasian_haute

Jarno hightown IsHaram says:

For everyone thats saying, there’s only weed with 12% thc,Get your facts straight, 21% or higher thats what we smoke here

Adam Carroll says:

Fuckin shit

Manish Niraula says:

5:02 Nepal <3

Niall Mcgregor says:

Don’t like your jive.

ric car says:

5.50 what’s the name of the song?

Iain Withey says:

that guy is to annoying

Fabian Amis says:

I went to Amsterdam last week!! I have 3 videos about my holiday in Amsterdam if anyone wants to check them out 🙂

Raye Dutrieux says:

nice vlog

Loccx 420 says:

Ik zeg je eerlijk dat Boerenjongens en 1e Hulp de beste shops in Amsterdam zijn…

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