EURO TRIP VLOGS! (London and Amsterdam!)

Join Sky, BajanCanadian, Fluffy, and Ashley as they embark on a tour across europe! From London, to Amsterdam, to Munich for Oktoberfest and Barcelona for some tanning! LESS GO!

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hot date & chrisson – overcome (this time)
1uP – Thundergun
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olivia louise says:


Baskara Leutscher says:

When sky used to be good

Michel Verhage says:

You guys serious had the worst rooms in whole Amsterdam

Leah Stringer says:

It’s been so long

Yesina Platero says:

I miss when adam was funny and old-school

Izaak Cabacungan says:

the old days

iiCookiezz says:


TytoAlbaSoren says:

3 minutes into the video I’m already laughing!

The Random Coss says:


MAustin says:

6:22 Sup

chu_ck -_- says:

i wish it could be like this now

Art Powers says:


don't look at me!! says:

i can tell they got no sleep

Derpy Drawer says:

Ha now you can’t use “never have I ever been to Amsterdam”

MR JAMES21 slash says:

6:21 look at Mitch’s neck

Matthew C says:

sky loves birds

Iron-MasonSuper says:

Dude Batman is here, I love Batman

Aran legend's profile says:

Adam must really like birds

flovous says:

these are actually hillarious

YourAverageJuice says:

7:18 is where they shot the hitmans bodyguard

Alokz says:

Who is watching this in 2017?

IHaveAPetRock says:

Anyone watching in 2017?

diamond boy says:

Look that bird oh look at that fat bird-Adam saying this from the future 2018 but it the present now

Risu Nisukii says:

I remember watching this when I was like, 12 or something.
good times

Lya_is_Here :D says:

Im guy crazy so I just wanna say….


Carter Wahlquist says:

Who watchin in 2553… Halo Years

SuperStarAnne YT says:

NEVER HAVE I EVER BEEN TO AMSTERDAM!! this is where it all began

cake queen says:

Am i late

Flaming Panda says:

Oogeley boogeley

RJGAMING1010 says:

Took me awhile to notice, but this vlog came out on my birthday xD

Gerard Trash says:

And shortly after the last of these videos
I subscribed to my first youtuber, Adam

LoadingJoker342 says:

I don’t care what anyone says Jerome Adam and Mitch are the best out of everyone

LegsHD says:

2017 anyone?

Jordan Breth says:

2019…. oh um no….. I can’t…. I’m gonna cry…..

KingKaelGaming says:

Man it feels so weird watching this almost 5 years later. I miss the old simplistic days of yt like this

Ace says:

I kinda, no I defiantly wanna go on a trip with these fun guys. As long as their appropriate…

ghostie says:

I wish it were still like this

Kaleria Thurston says:

ryan looks like pats brother kinda

melody hernandez says:

Old memories I

Ender LoveBlue says:

im here watching this in 2019, having nostalgic moments :’)
#SkyArmy Never forget <3

PaperPlanet says:

anyone watching this in 2017

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