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Thanks for watching the this Video!! Please share this with friends and tell them to SUBSCRIBE if you can to make the channel GROW! 😀 it means everything to me! Thank you very much!!! 😀

– Jon Venus

The Quest For Fitness


Pop Culture Vegan says:

Cannabis is one of the cornerstones of my vegan fitness gains.

Aidan Morgan says:

Ahaha love it

Raymond Leal jr. says:

u guys were high lol I’m high

Lionel Payette says:

Hey were you guys stoned at the end of the video?

Akiko Yume says:

You gotta go to Berlin, its like the City of Vegans in Germany :3

Yesenia - VeganMadeYeezy says:

hahaha the ending was perfect

Alv Romell says:

Haha did you get some inspiration for the intro from Jon Olsson? 😀

Alistair Pace says:

did you guys end up trying any of the cannabis chocolate or products?

Shannon Baker says:

Katherine’s too cute lol

Carsten Altena says:

Damn, I was in that same vegan place you were yesterday.

Ben Yoga says:

definitely stoned at the end in the park

matsanity says:

Sooo high at the end! 😀

sdvf says:

Love the vids and no hate but catherine always seems very shy in the videos lol

S O N J A says:

good times, good times…

Leo Venus says:

another awesome video, keep it up bro!

Andrée Kyllerström says:

u guys look like a total stoner couple having munchies at the end hahahhs

Fabien Chane-Kam says:

Can i get the name of the song pleeeease ??? So awesome !

Conley Chitwood says:

marijuana gains

Ella says:

Aw I just missed you guys! I was going to Amsterdam too (I live in the south of the Netherlands). Maybe I’ll get to met you when I’m in Barcelona in 1,5 weeks!

Adrian Garcia says:

The cinematography was great! And I love these beats in your vids.

Neo says:

haha i went to that Jamaican vegan place last month when i was in Amsterdam. Awesome guys, i’m new to this channel, i’ve been watching all your videos for the last 30days.Turns out to be my favourite channel now

Stefan says:

You guys are too cute, seriously…

Cindy Ruiter says:

Aaaah I only just found out that you were in Amsterdam!! Just got back from holiday and totally missed it! Hope you had a great time and if you come back again I’d love to share some local tips !

Brian Turner says:

hahahaha no I just gotta visit with you too and grab some cannachocolate XD

Sammy Shepherd says:

I wonder what people thought of you bringing a camera into that museum

Krystian Karman says:

You should’ve got high lol, how could you go to amsterdam and not even smoke haha ;). Weed is vegan 😀

Steve Perry says:

SMOKE 1!!!

Yul Bahbo says:

Weather Gods? I knew you guys were viking pagans!

Argonaut says:

Vegan marijuana hell yeah Jon

Mark Kennedy says:

“It was a lot of fun and… it was fun… and there was a lot of it” lol

lighthouseprov says:

Funny to see you guys in the red light district. Did Katherine manage to catch em all? 😛

TheKristinaH says:

Seems like you had a lovely trip. Nice video.

Garneau Fitness says:

What is your stance on smoking weed? Just wondering. Good video btw 🙂

kevin313001 says:

Bummed that you stayed so short in the Netherlands Jon! But Amsterdam is an awesome city to spend some time with your girlfriend, it was nice seeing some footage of your trip. Hopefully you’ll visit again soon, preferably along with Sergi, so you can do a fan meet up!

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