Funny Man Bert Kreischer Does Amsterdam: Episode 4

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Bert Kreischer and his escort, Anna, explore the vice that Amsterdam has to offer and wrap up there time with a visit to a smoke shop, which makes for a very interesting trip.

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Jason Bobb says:


Joshua Potter says:

Hottie can roll a joint!

Humphrey Smiggens says:

stoners can be so fucking boring

Sam Cornford says:

Pulls out pounds to pay in euros…

Dan says:

i have 15 euro’s
Folds up 15 pounds.

Trevor Masinelli says:

Not that there’s anything wrong with someone being a sex worker, but for the people ragging on “Anna”? Her name is actually Dorien Rose Duinker — she’s a Dutch actress, writer, director, and fashion model, who has also appeared in/on the cover of Playboy. So… yeah.

matt foley666 says:

not funny either

Taylor Downs says:

The way she rolled that joint with her chin/lip was pretty fucking rad. Lol

Luke Free fall says:

what the fuck sharing a joint with a hooker:P

Lucas Cruz says:

Bert isn’t funny!

Jamezee Gingrich says:

I want her #

Flesh Gordon says:

15 British pounds hahaha

Abram Porras says:

I don’t smoke weed what would they do if I went over there and just zoned out and started drooling or something

SfB says:

so high it turned him into Pinocchio!

Clayton Reardon says:

Bert I love you but this makes Amsterdam look so lame.

Privileged White Male says:

The big head bert looks like Adam Sandler

Marc Neese says:

I love bert, but this has got to be some of the lamest shit I’ve ever seen on YouTube. ever. first time I’ve ever seen Bert acting like a rude asshole, which is unusual. and terrible. the word cringe comes to mind, but I don’t use that word so I’m not going to.

matt foley666 says:

Angelina Jolie’s eurotrash sister

Don Bodacious says:

oh man….. mid life crisis much?

James Slone says:

Funny man, this dude sucks.

Rasta Monk says:

I ate a space cake and almost died, shut the fuck up

Richard Denson says:

HAHAHA funny man! But she looks like a B movie version of Angelina Jolie

Connor Vaughn says:

I feel like I could get STD’s by just looking at that skank….. I would NOT share a joint with that bitch.

Travis E says:

If he really wanted to tie it all together, he should have said “I don’t cheat on my wife!” at the end.

dutch ant guy says:

This is exactly why i love being a dutch guy who doesn’t really do alot of drugs, i like fucking with high people

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