going to amsterdam with my boyfriends

amsterDAYM i spent too much money this trip

twas wild was fun n fresh, so nice to get away with the boyfs tehe! comment down below if you want more travelling vlogs xx love u

I use a canon g7x and edit on final cut pro

love y’all

if you’ve read this far comment ‘amsterDAYM’

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caitlinnvd says:

Hi, im from the Netherlands, hope you had fun xx

Britt Klooster says:

Go to gall&gall

Lola Jolie says:

Happy to see you guys had a great time here!! Love my hometown hehe

Olympia O'Shea says:

kate being in love with her tiny hands for 8:06 mins straight x hahah imma send u some to replace the lost ones lol

eliza jasmin says:

longer vids plz

thiccvic says:

someone link me where you get the small hands from,, specifically the ones u put on ur finger

Revathy VK says:

Kate’s vids acc get better and better I love it

Daisy Anne says:

iced mochas are superior

Laura 123 says:


Chloe Cuesta says:

kate ur so pretty wth

oh boy says:

kate elisabeth & her boyfriends > team 10

Frankie Finch says:

still don’t know what your intro says, love it though ahhh xoxo sis

imnotaimee says:

gotta keep them sugar daddies in check ladies

Millie Pitman Smith says:

wok to walk is bae can we just say

Charlee Murdoch says:

Can I be the daughter ?

Ellie Somers says:

omfg you went to the supermarket I always go to! IM MAD!!!!!

sweet heart says:

kate didn’t choose the sesh life

the sesh life chose her

Chloe Cuesta says:

my queen

lollie l says:


M G says:

Felix was the best part

L C says:

No one:


lexi barnett says:

where is your jacket from xxx

Chicken Shit says:

Tripped out abit when she touched him w her normal hand. Was abit too used to thag small one tf

J 1 says:

Ok I need those hands where do I get them?

Marina J says:

You drinking the orange juice made me cringe so hard for some reason

Jess Walker says:

New rapper in the scene tho: lil hands

Lucy Conway says:

This brought back memories from when I went to Amsterdam lol

M G says:

I like for the KARMIE vlogs

Chloe Cuesta says:

petition for kate and lucy to reunite

lucy wright says:

iya huns

Jada B says:


Lucy Hesford says:


it’s ya girl says:

we love a thumbnail change

Carl wheezer says:

We all know the real reason she wnet Amsterdam was to smoke weed all day

Elmo Films says:


1007yes says:

You went to Amsterdam and didn’t go to ONE club?

Esta Maccready says:


Ella Samuel says:


Maisie Joy says:


Kristen Waterton says:

You crazy Brit kids …..

Leah Higgz says:

Why do you always say iya huns in that accent. Why

Chiara - says:

I live there hoooooeeee 🙂

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