How Expensive is AMSTERDAM, Netherlands? Walking Tour, Food & More

In this video I explore Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Holland) and show how much things cost.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed using an Olympus SP-810UZ and/or a GoProHero Plus LCD.

Gabriel Morris is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990. He is author of “Following My Thumb”, a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and of several other books. Visit for lots more info about his travel writing, photography, videos, budget travel tips and much more.

Thanks a lot for watching, and safe journeys!

How Expensive is AMSTERDAM, Netherlands? Walking Tour, Food & More



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Reach Tucker says:

Wowo nice nice (y)

Bowy stötefalk says:

So sinse when are there naked painted girls in amsterdam

mravanteguarde says:

Woaah she’s really nude wth

William Robinson says:

My tips for amsterdam cheep look into the globe hostel. If this is the level of hostel your looking at. Book early you can get 12 euro a night. For hotel secret hotel on last minute (use the rating trick) . Food is simple as many people have stated the supermarket behind the gov building on dam square is cheep and for snacks there’s like these corner shop things like vending machines with hot food. Try the market for anything else:)

rsanchez7111 says:


Dellenite says:

3 eggs, hope you don’t get a heart attack

Alpha Centauri says:

travelling with a bag of salt isnt the best idea , i had purchased a bottle of salt from tokyo and i was held up at the airport …. point to self throw away the salt before going to airports

Clairee Ybanez says:

How i visit that place easily,anyone’s to help me,im from Philippines but its defficult to enter this place Netherland my dream place….

Aleyna & Tolga says:

Hey nice video! We did a amsterdam Vlog too, we would be soo happy if you could check out our videos and give us some feedback ☺️❤️

Reach Tucker says:

The vídeos are Amazing Is Nice 😀

Mr Joker says:

You are awesome

Reginaldo Moreira says:

Man Go to Ceará Brazil.

Adil Mustic says:

What are you. Poor

John Perez says:

Next time try Wok to Walk for a cheap eat, it’s amazing and delish. You chose the noodles, the protein, the veggies and the sauce. Very cool concept

JOHN JOSEPH Bush says:

The painted Polish girl looked very cute!!!!!

the joker says:

Polis kurwa suck her big paps…tht place is fuking exspensive

Fahir Shah says:

Dear weed lovers, don’t smoke too much Dutch weed, it will f””k you up totally , it is also genetically modified craps, think twice before you inhale.

arafat baunto says:

I like your style . I am planning to visit Amsterdam by tight budget too

rock rock says:

link of this hostel pls

Hans Gruber says:

Hostels…. bed bug jamboree from the world over.

mjelburt ! says:

im going everyday from haarlem to amsterdam . there are multiple trains going to amsterdam the fastest is 7 min..

0dDbalL 1138 says:

Shit, you want expensive try Disney World in Orlando Florida

Kortak says:

2 euros for a apple and a banana? you got scammed
a apple cost 0,20ct and a banana 0,25 ct

plz buy raw foods in groceries or markets.. not those tourist crap.. follow someone on a bike..they usually go to a grocery 🙂

Andrei Soare says:

Gabriel, you must to move more easy video camera when you do a film !
Did you undestand me way ?

Brian W says:

For some reason I want to listen to the radio…

Original-biggzzz Biggzzz says:

Bulldog coffee shop is the best place to get weed from they do special deals like 3GS for 25 euros

marko croata says:

XXX is very, very expensive….exsam:: 1ticket ( bus, trm city) for public transport in XXX (A-dam) cost 2,90eur, and is valid 1h30min…in neighbrd, D( Germany) this cost 1,30eur…lot of things cost a lot but is LEGAL…town live 24/7 and smile is all around

Taylan Özgür says:

you should use captions for video. thanks for video btw

Mr 5 says:

@01:21 that is one lucky pussy

Dennis Hare says:

WTF? He’s been there for ten minutes, and he hasn’t even been to a coffee shop yet?

yos says:

are you jewish gabe?????

Thomas Dambreville says:

“Whatever those guy are smoking it smells interesting” LOL

mwj5368 says:

Hi Gabriel! Wow! I was in Harlem (sp?) only minor difference in time, 1975 ha! If I remember right it was $5 a night for the hostel then! They sure have a nice new hostel and very big now! I hitched there, Munich via Heidelberg via Frankfurt via the Mein and Rhine Rivers via Rotterdam via the soul that takes to the rag-tag flow ha! I stopped on the way for Octoberfest in Heidelberg. I heard some good blues, and classical fest music, some amazing US Blues musicians. An elderly man, I think a former Nazi soldier, (I sensed) I don’t know, was in tears as he let me off and said, via the silent words of the world, it was nice to meet me. I think his scars of war were still bleeding. A lady who worked for a group home for Jewish victims of the camps happened to give me a ride, a home in the Netherlands somewhere, maybe later on my way hitching out of the country. I could see the residents sitting listlessly outside the home where then I knew I’d seen the gaping wounds of war. In Frankfurt I hitched a ride at the locks there on a small Dutch oil tanker to Rotterdam via the Rhine and Mein Rivers, a side trip to take on a load of oil. I even helped “swab the deck”, plus the main deck hand even wore Dutch wooden shoes on a daily basis ha! Maybe he was of the last, a reverberant echo in time and humility. It was funny because he had me put my arms, up to my armpits, over this long pipe. He never warned me, language barrier, he suddenly pushed and I was dangling like 25 ft above the churning Mein! I realized he was swinging me over to a platform. There was a series of pulleys and I lowered a huge pipe they hooked up for taking on oil. It took like 12 hours to fill the tank! I was bound for Harlem because at the time after waiting after a major organ concert in Munich (Munchen (sp?)) at St. Stephen’s Cathedral there I met the world renowned organist Albert de Klerk. He wasn’t arrogant at all. I asked where the best organ was in Europe. He said that was a difficult question, but noted the church of St. Bavo in Haarlem. He said if I came I could be right with him at the organ. He said that Mozart had played on the same organ! The lofty space and the soaring notes and amazing acoustics were great, and like hearing the footsteps of Mozart along the stanzas ha! I sat in the pews on the main floor and listened for a long time. When I arrived he was only, the staff told me, one day away from a major performance and was practicing. I was too nervous to meet him as I use to be quite shy, plus I didn’t want to disturb his concentration so near to his concert. I couldn’t stay long and left to find work with the merchant marines (school of hard knocks ha) in Antwerp, big dreams and turned away, then on to England (worked illegally in London ha!) all on a shoe string ha! The notes though that day, the sonics, fills one to the marrow, a megalith, a milestone that ever guides.

Baron Von Grijffenbourg says:

Amsterdam is more like a themepark than a city these days. Fun if you’re looking for whores and drugs, but if you want to see the real Netherlands go to a place like Den Haag or Utrecht. Or Groningen is nice too, but a bit farther away from Schiphol.

stone island says:

Gabriel no offence but when people go on holiday they tend to try and have a good, fun and entertaining memorable time, you seem to be rationing your whole visit like your on a budget and the only activity you done was walk. You should title this video how much euros do you need to survive in Amsterdam for a day.

Favalessa says:

Would you tell me where is the 6:57 place? Those lizards are mind-blowing! Tks


As said,google city supermarkets,much cheaper..

Public Disturbance Now says:

I don’t know. I love traveling very much and have been to many countries as well but I can’t travel on such a tight budget or almost broke having to watch out for what I eat and how much to eat !! I’d rather save up good money and then give myself a treat by affording to buy whatever I want. I think window shopping also can be quite painful when you know that you can’t afford it, right?

Ad Lockhorst says:

Your video is badly dated; public transport tickets are SO last decade. Get an OV Chipcard, use that for all public transport. Way cheaper than individual tickets, easier and quicker; swipe in, swipe out (even when switching vehicles).

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