LEGAL FUN IN AMSTERDAM // Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cheese tasting, wooden clog making, a bike ride and a Heineken brewery tour!

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Canon 70D Body
Tokina 11-16mm
Go Pro Hero 3
Rode VideoMic Pro
Edited: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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David Jefferson says:

Duude… Nadine you are the best. I told a girl at work that she looked like you eh. Well.. She kinda did. And then giggled… Haha I studied bioethics, mental health, and drug policy while studying abroad there.. You would have been an awesome chick to run into. You seem like a girl that I could actually stand to be around/travel with. Do you snore?

MissDoke says:

I’m Dutch and the cheesegirl is obviously not Dutch :P.  I hope you went to other places besides Amsterdam in the Netherlands? It’s always sad to hear that someone had ‘seen the Netherlands’, while all they have seen is the very touristic Amsterdam. Some people think all dutch people are cheese eating, beer drinking weed smokers. Oh and nobody actually wears the wooden shoes anymore, accept for maybe some farmers and the wooden clogs salesman. 

Ddstairclimber says:

why no pot shops or red light district?

Oliver Ng says:

Her shoes are so cute. Is she wearing it for the tourists? Or is it a normal for local people?

k jay says:

tourists , bleh!!!

Just Me says:

Let me guess, legal fun in Amsterdam would be like smoking pot till you fall nose flat on the ground or taking magic mushrooms and jumping into the river naked. Legal fun in Amsterdam would be like sticking a candle up your ass in a gay bar.. Amsterdam!

CBA WWW says:

amsterdam has been commercialized bleurgh

VeniVidiAjax says:

That girl who made xheese isnt even dutch

Nibor says:

LOL such awful cyclists

jake osborne says:

ok uncle ben thx for enlighten us lool

Jerry Vdm says:

2:50 Here’s the traditional horrible accent of a typical Dutchman who thinks he can speak English…. Including all the unfounded self-confidence. It is a kind of blindness, actually. 5:11 ….. and another one …..this time combined with Heineken, the traditional overrated, overpriced horse piss …

TWK says:

Search “bmx bike” or “mountain bike”, that’s a pretty good representation of North American bicycles.

Peasman says:

haha that cheese girl sounds like she is from Poland or something. Nice video btw!

Morris Falker says:

Nice video! But wherever you go in the Netherlands, don’t go to Rotterdam or Groningen. It’s nice though but the people are aweful.

joel oliver says:

crisis kinders :S

olamotor says:

1:25 lol Svetlana as the Dutch girl with the wooden shoes.

Frikadellie Mad says:

I am proud to be a Dutchman (ʃƪ’⌣’)

RonPaulTheGreatestPresidentTheUSNeverHad says:

btw, Heineken is absolute shit. It seems people overseas like Heineken more then we here.

Eleonore Bon says:

Where in Amsterdam was that bike ride?! I live in Amsterdam btw.

Grant Smith says:

Went to the Heineken Experience last year and it thought it was fantastic. It’s also really great for someone in a wheelchair! They give you a laminated guide which takes you all the way round, unless you have a terrible sense of direction! 😀

Victoria Ruiz Lopez says:

you werent biking through amsterdam you know that right? 

Caroline Kreeft says:

It’s so fun to see how foreign people enjoy riding a bike this much. I try to avoid taking my bike as much as possible because i have to ride it to school everyday which gets kinda boring.

Mike houten says:

funny, the girl whos explaining how she makes cheese isnt dutch ;p

Hillsdale says:

how much fucking pot did you smoke

Redmer Van Der Kooi says:

My home is in Amsterdam

Warsito Hartanto says:

i like this.

Tram Tran says:

Awesome city!! If anyone’s coming here to study, I suggest using to find a room, it’s a great housing platform 🙂

Rogier is hier says:

the lady at 1:40 she doesnt got a dutch accent when speaking english

Maaike Kaynta says:

Stupid tourists..

MusicMaster X says:

That girl is not dutch and amsterdam is not the best city in the netherlands i hope you went to ather places to

Memeguppy says:

0:46 my dad lived there XD thats wierd coincidense

k jay says:

the milk maid was spanish and of course the americans were eating cheese to get fat, like many of there were.

Alberto De Vries Parrilla says:

wy you went to the cheese, there is so much more to do in AMSTERDAM!

Willeke Stuijt says:

You did the bike ride in Edam!!

Isabel Kleijberg says:

Oh my goooood i can’t stand dutch accents

Joseph Stalin says:

Heineken… Tbh I think it’s the worst beer of the Netherlands. Next time come to the east or south of the Netherlands, it’s so much more beautiful than Amsterdam

RonPaulTheGreatestPresidentTheUSNeverHad says:

I fucking hate yanks. Please stay away in Trump land

prankster1590 says:

The dutch cheese girl sounds and looks spanish. Lol.

Thijs Spijkers says:

That woman at the milk factory definetely wasnt dutch… I would know and she did not sound dutch at all.

Gabriella Nerina says:

My motherlandddddd! 😀

Fietspomp says:

i feel sorry for the poor bike that has to carry the fat girl all day.

Bénine L. Buijze says:

The place you went to bike, make cheese and clogs, that is not Amsterdam. It’s probably Zaandam..

PuroYO says:

You didn’t do the most fun legal thing in Amsterdam.:P

BeautyXxStar says:

This video got me so excited to visit Amsterdam but now I’m really upset because someone told me that it’s not a nice place for girls/women to visit because you get comments, inappropriate people coming up to you etc. Is this true?

Harvey Dent says:

Nadine your hot, sweet, and a lot of fun.

clamjuice says:

bitch is obnoxious

Richard says:


k jay says:

why do the ugly americans tour the world so LOUDDDDDD and RUDE???

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