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Clothes we wore •

ME DAY 1 •
Black Volcano tshirt http://bit.ly/2r7FZtT *
Black Cheap monday jeans http://bit.ly/2sr7dzl *
Ray-ban club master sun glasses http://bit.ly/2sqXJo1 *

DAY 2 • tbc
DAY 3 • tbc

White Top (similar) http://bit.ly/2r7XWZ3 *
Gucci belt http://bit.ly/2r83jrk *
Whistles bag (similar) http://bit.ly/2sqFJdg *
Denim jacket http://bit.ly/2sqYkFW *
White converse http://bit.ly/2r82sqB *

DAY 2 • tbc
DAY 3 • tbc

Travel tips //

Where we stayed • https://thehoxton.com/holland/amsterdam/hotels?gclid=CjwKEAjw1PPJBRDq9dGHivbXmhcSJAATZd_BlBulDxwxa4MPHBRp9hTRO-bBULjOQ2JwdIvhGvWZuRoCXLfw_wcB

Where we ate •

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Music used in video by:

Jeff Kaale // Road trip & adventure time & pizza

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Hanna Möhrke says:

I don´t think I´ve ever seen any boyfriend being so lovingly and nice to his girlfriend like Sean is to poppy

Eleanora Lee says:

Hey guys, what is the easiest way to get to the city centre from Amsterdam airport? Would it be the train? If so, what station do I get off? Xx

Loriani93 says:

45 for a throw??? For me those 19eu are already expensive hahahah I feel like that is some sort of fancy shop and im dutch

Bente Bosman says:

I live in the Netherlands and i actually got ideas from this vlog so thanks! 🙂

Yasmin O'Farrell says:


Ellie Pilling says:

I went to Amsterdam literally a few days before you and we also went to pesca!!!!

Hrududu says:

lol it’s like Ben Brown chopped off a limb and a whole other person grew out of it.

Zahra El-Mahdi says:

“The vibe that people look after themselves”


Smoke. Weed. Every. Day.

Mandy Besselink says:

Which home store did you go to, I work in Amsterdam would love to go there.

Korin Hockman says:

cant ride a bike so guess this isnt the country for me

Lottie LouiseC says:

we went amsterdam at the same time!!

Julia Lee says:


Jack Close says:

Great vlog mate! That room was mental, living the high life. Amsterdam is great, loved it when I went with my girlfriend. Hope to make my vlogs as easy to watch as yours

Roy says:

No Sean the Netherlands isn’t cheap, the UK is just extremely expensive ;p

H. G. says:

What kind of camera and lens does Poppy use/usually use? 🙂 thanks!

Stevies GlareStare says:

are poppy and sean dating

chlo100996 says:

I need Poppy’s day 3 outfit links so badly!!!

Alexis Klaebe says:

Damn it Sean, now I want to go to Amsterdam!

Team Schroeder says:

I don’t like horses myself. Because I saw one bite a little girl when I was a little girl and pick her up by her belly skin. And the bite was so so bad

Alannah Watts says:

Awww. Poppy walking holding hands with her mum xx

Cara mc g says:

I’m going to Amsterdam on holidays too!!!

Kyrie Breuer says:

Amsterdam is my absolute favourite place to visit!
You are so lucky to be so close – I’m from Australia and it takes us 16+ hours to get there!

The Little girl from Wales says:

I’m going back to Amsterdam in 2 weeks and this vlog has made me so excited!!

Gabriella says:

so worth the long edit, this vlog was really great, sean!!

salomé Bitoun says:

Amsterdam is clearly the BEST place to be !

Korin Hockman says:

whoa didnt even know I had you on YouTube and there was a video so hi!

Rūta Malūkaitė says:

Missed Sneakerness?

Ubeltomagree Thomson says:

why tf didnt u smoke ganja?

andthenifellinlove says:

Next time you visit Amsterdam, you must eat at the Meatless District. Poppy would love it!

Laura Third says:

is poppy a vegetarian? I’m not some crazy vegan trying to convert her or anything just curious?

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