Solo Adventures In Amsterdam

Hey guys, I had a couple absolutely phenomenal days in Amsterdam. It was such an incredible city. I was not expecting to fall this much in love with it and I also learned the important lesson of sometimes just throwing away the game plan and taking things as they come. You never know what you might find.

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Roel Veenema says:

Koffieshops with a K are regular coffeeshops for drinking coffee. coffeeshop mostly for smoking, but they serve also drinks. But everywhere in Holland you can order coffee to drink, its they most populair drink.

Thierry company says:

nice make up)) your life is very interesting

David B says:

As far as no helmets, yes, the Dutch will assume your are, um, “special” if you wear a helmet.
In a country where nearly everyone cycles, other vehicles tend to be very careful around bikes.
That being said, I’ve done all of my cycling in small towns and the countryside with a Dutch friend.
In Amsterdam, I prefer to walk and take the excellent tram system.
On one visit, I was on a tram passing Leidseplein. A cyclist hit the curb and fell off his bike.
For a moment, everyone in this busy area simply went quiet and “froze”. When he got up, everything immediately back to normal.

Erik Henriksen says:

You stayed at Cocomama right, I also stayed there while in Amsterdam.

Kshitij Nagpal says:

Great video! I’m planning to visit Amsterdam next month, all the more excited now.

abhirup mukherjee says:

I visited Amsterdam just one & half months ago…totally fell in love with city…such beauty..such freedom

Shiva S says:

hi there, how is home and family missy

Ahmad Yasen says:

70$ a night in a hostel !!!??? thanks for the blog

David B says:

My jet lag tip… Set your watch to Amsterdam time while on the plane.
Immediately start adjusting your awake/sleep cycle to the local time upon arrival.
I never take massive naps/sleep upon arrival even though I usually enjoy a good nap at home. I hit the ground running!
P.S. As someone (male) who has visited both with others and alone, why exactly is a pretty young woman like yourself traveling alone? Just curious…

VeniVidiAjax says:

Yea we basically learn how to drive bicycles from the moment we can walk.

jacobus j says:

I live in Holland near Amsterdam. There are so much more beatifull places than Amsterdam. I can show you next time. I love your video’s!

Thetruth 123a says:

So hot.. Weather looked ok aswell 🙂

Jannah J says:

This is really great. I’ll be on my first solo trip this October and Im also thinking about Cocomama hostel. May I know what dates where you here? i’ll be in amsterdam on October 1st – 3rd and kinda confused what to pack since I am from a warm country. lol

Apocalypse Dream says:

u are so beautiful. ♥️♥️♥️

Andrea Másmela says:

Hi! I would like to know how many days do you recommend to stay in Amsterdam? Thank you <3

Bob Jackson says:

Another great video

emersonarchuleta says:

May I know what month u went to Amsterdam? Thinking of going in February or March

Ginevra Daria says:

I liked the video, I’m planning my trip to Amsterdam in these days and it makes me want to go there even more… 🙂 Can you please tell me which camera is it? It’s pretty good quality

Ian Scott says:

lovely WOMAN xx

vivaLucci says:

I had no clue about those coffee shops either haha, but I’d imagine real coffee places are called cafés? 😛

Muhammad Yasir says:

ich liebe dich. Alina ❤ bitte

Living like a Rockstar says:

Do u smoke weed?

rci30 says:

A’dam is my favorite city in Europe. I’ve been able to get out there 4 times already and Im going next week to watch the World Cup out there (and Brussels) with some of my friends I met out there. Oddly, those friends are from Brazil but live in A’dam now. Funny story. Alina, what was your favorite part of the city?

nmarti89 says:

So nice to see you enjoyed Amsterdam! You should’ve visited Rotterdam and Utrecht as well 😉 I am going to visit Kiev and Lviv soon, can I communicate with Ukrainians in English? Or will it be difficult? Cause I can’t go further than some Russian words like ‘privet kakdela horosho spasibo and spokojnoi notchi’ haha

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