The BEST things to do in Amsterdam 🇳🇱🍻 handpicked by the locals. #Amsterdam #cityguide

Want to know exactly what to do and where to go in Amsterdam? Then you MUST watch this video!

Discover a different Amsterdam with #Withlocals →

Martijn Van der Sanden is on his second trip as Withlocals reporter, to discover the real Amsterdam, the one the locals love. This is the first video of this special Withlocals Series ‘Discover the real Amsterdam: do’s don’ts and local tips’.

FEATURED Silvino, Otto, Simon, Chris, Carolina, Fusina

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MUSIC Credits to Dj Quads

#1 See Amsterdam Canals without the tourists’ crowds (00:22)
#2 Amsterdam Canals next level: do a private boat trip with a local (00:52)
#3 See Amsterdam’s masterpieces: Museumplein (01:14)
#4 Feel the vibe of the Noord district: NDSM (01:47)
#5 MUST-eat: where to eat the best Dutch waffle in Amsterdam (02:23)
#6 Find out where is one of the best local markets in Amsterdam (02:48)
#7 Enjoy the park life: Vondelpark vs more local alternatives (03:16)
#8 The best Dutch cheese tastings: where to go in Amsterdam (03:54)
#9 A day out of town: explore the beautiful Haarlem (04:10)
#10 The Red Light District like a local: what to do and where to go (04:38)
BONUS TIP Get higher… On Amsterdam rooftop bars! (04:41)

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Barış E. says:

This is a pretty good video. Well planned and edited. Thank you

Maytane Winner says:

That dude almost getting run over by bikes lol

Camilla Holmberg says:

Wow great video guys! I’ve never seen a video before that made me interested in Amsterdam, but this one made me fall in love and now I can’t wait to visit! Great tips and beautifully shot 🙂

Mr Varus says:

Vondel park is also full of Dog shit…..Enjoy.

Its_Squeezy says:

If you’re a tourist and do not bicycle on the regular plz dont rent a tandem its not as easy as iT seems especially if you dont ride bikes often. IT Will only create dangerous situations

Chulo Vision says:

Great place to stay over hostelboat Christina Also with kids. Take a look at the video we made

I says:

4:48 That’s why Amsterdam isn’t what it used to be (actually all Holland). People went left instead right and now it’s ISIS favorite place.

Sica Noctum says:

Title: “The best things to do IN Amsterdam”
Number 2 on the list: “Go to another city!”

Blue Blue says:

I been in amstedam ,very crowed in square DAM ,therr one crazy man shouted alot middle road

Moonbeamjones says:

Great place Amsterdam now I want, no I need to go back

Marianne Dom says:

Good video, bedankt out Berlijn

Julian Wilkinson says:

Have you thought about touring Nice – France. It’s one of our favourite places and a very popular destination for tourists. Keep up with the good work, we loved your video on Rome and even went to a couple of places you recommended.

Justin Taylor says:

**cough cough** wow dude… I think you forgot something **cough cough**

Pipa Adam says:

What an Amazing Video of Amsterdam!! ❤❤ ❌❌❌

David Lugarov says:

Tourist tip: watch for the damn bike lanes, its so frustrating biking in amsterdam with all the careless tourists, legally a pedestrian is in trouble if something happens on the bike lane. 2. Dont rent a bike and go around biking if a. Youre not a good cyclist and b. You have no experience cycling through crowds, busy roads, and dont know the signaling used. DEFINITELY dont bike high or drunk. And if you want some good weed go to Boerjongens – they are synonymous with quality. You wont regret it. Avoid any street conversations, pretty much all thieves and scammers. Ignore the whispering drug dealers at night. Thats all i can think of rn

Phil Zero says:

Wow this is a well made video. I miss Amsterdam. Can’t wait to go back

Paul H. Kircher III says:

Don’t you already own a Bear Claw for your one true trophy or is that just because you suck.

trevor random says:

Dank ie ☺

CultEpicsvideos says:

If you want to know something about Dutch cinema, the most infamous Dutch movie made is BLUE MOVIE shot in Amsterdam is now out on Blu-ray & DVD in Dutch with English subtitles, available at

Richard Beck says:

I know you can’t cover everything, but I think the Oost got shorted in your picks. I was glad to see Ten Katemarkt make the list. It might not be the best street market in Amsterdam, but it has the best prices and some really great baked goods.

Singula says:

I will enjoy Groningen, thnx. Amsterdam is a plastic city filled with tourists and places where tourists can throw their money at. Ow, and the worst weed is to be found in A’dam. Have fun lol. K byey!!1!1

Create Channel says:

4:54 wtf are there no dutch people that know how to pour drinks?

Joseantonio lazaro baños says:

Planeo el próximo año visitar Holanda !!!

Jan Koning says:

Love Amsterdam and Dutch people ❤️

sketch3460 says:


Ferry Anolin says:

Love your video

Reformatt Show says:

Wow!! Good job guys, I love this video

Trial by voyeurism says:

When malley visited harangi dam on a cycle with his kodava girlfriend sonia, he missed divya Gagana gautama

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