The ultimate Amsterdam travel guide for 2017

The best travel guide on Amsterdam on youtube!

Filmed, edited and produced by biskeybee for Original crunch productions

Presented by Marley Jaye

A travel guide to Amsterdam for 2015,2016, Red light, night life,shopping,Weed, Hash


Almighty Loaf says:

Tulips for that special someone back home? Dude I’m going there because I have no one special back at home. I need to pay for sex

19boulder11 says:

Going to Amsterdam this weekend!!!

Azamat E says:

underrated channel.

VeniVidiAjax says:

Visit the adam tower/toren…

tastedlikechicken says:

nice done man! its a quite good overview of interesting locations even its not close to be everything you could visit

enve71 says:

good review, im looking at flights now to goto amsterdam just to shake up my boring life at the moment. Would like to know if there is an hip-hop night life in Amsterdam

alpha EU says:

“no thanks i dont smoke”…. bruh

Peet says:

I’ll show you everything Amsterdam has to offer, he said.

Dude, you didn’t even scratched the surface yet.
And it’s not the biggest city in the Netherlands, only in number of citizens, Rotterdam is much larger, a 100 square kilometers to be exact.

Sam says:

shame he doesn’t say most of the place names right

Ryan Cummins says:

Just made a vlog/edit of my recent trip to Amsterdam, ‘3 days in Amsterdam in 3 minutes’, you can check it out on my channel 🙂

Jenny Foran says:

Very informative and enjoyable to watch! Just shared it in a Dam group on fb.

Marmitaa says:

This nigga is a negro.

tange2000 says:

i thought tourists are not allowed smoke in amsterdam any more


nice vedio about amsterdam
cheap flights to amsterdam

Tomasz Modecki says:

What an empty program about Amsterdam.Boring with man drinking.Go to Russia.They will show you Moscow.

Honey Mk_1 says:

wow Amazing….thanks for the video really helpful.

Damian Anslik says:

Can’t wait to go to Amsterdam next month 😀

fabio amarante says:


“…no tks i don’t smoke”

hauahauahaua 😀

Valentijn Vos says:

I’m a local in Amsterdam. I have never heard of anyone getting a fine for smoking a joint out in public / on the street.

Mel Corleone's says:

I went to Amsterdam 4 years ago and many people was smoking weed on the streets. Is it now illegal?

matthew helm says:

First coffeshop,shown at around the 3 :10 min mark is Voyagers,

RT038 says:

awesome mate well done love the video its helped me go to new places while im here atm

Andrew Verbeek says:

What do you recommend outside of Amsterdam? I’m coming over for a couple weeks in the summer and am still looking for things to do. I’l be staying in Arcen, which is roughly 2 hours away from Amsterdam.

David B says:

Odd that you pronounced Rijksmuseum correctly (kudos) but stumbled on Bijenkorf.
(Which, BTW, means “beehive” in Dutch.)
“Ij” in Dutch is pronounced like “aye” or “eye”.

funnygamer16 says:

I’m going in April !!!!

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