The unofficial guide to AMSTERDAM

I was invited to speak at an event thing in Amsterdam. So I filmed this unofficial guide thing too. Enjoy.

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I’m a Dad from New Zealand who makes videos about Dad stuff and stuff about New Zealand. Funny videos – well that’s the plan anyway.

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{Made in New Zealand}


Robin Pilkvist says:

cartoonish centre

Jamaica Jade Lucas says:

That ’24’ time marker at 0:38!

Lisa Kokx says:

What a lovely guide

SmokaziLLa says:

Cruising down the Amsterdam with dat flip flops was some hardcore gangster shit Imao

Shuffle Them Truffles Babey says:

Jandles? Flip flops

GrizzlyMayer says:

What do you use to film if you don’t mind me askin?

Manaaa Oeee says:

Fun fact! In the Rijksmuseum in the Rijkshal, you’ve obviously got Rembrandts Nighwatch- someone once actually _had_ a bad day and stabbed the painting, and there was also this guy who poured acid all over it.

Ginevra Daria says:

2:55 and 6:51
I think it’s the funniest vlog I’ve ever seen, it’s genuine all the video

Phaedra De Smedt says:

I love the stroopwafel guy. XD

Mark Kerley says:

Going back in October for the second time this year!

Steven Cassidy says:

Why are you wearing jandals in Europe?

Doug BM says:

Brilliant ending. Otherwise ok.

Anna V. D says:

Amsterdam ✖️✖️✖️

quikie1984 says:

Great watch and top sense of humour. Yeah more please.

gewoon sanne says:


Maxim Zubkis says:

You are so fucking funny lol

Salim Cln says:

Does he look like kit harrington ?

Radi Levchev says:

what a fucking retard

Maaike88888888 says:

My YouTube app sometimes crashes because my phone is old.
I was watching this video and you said “the red light district” and then my screen went completely black and my YouTube app crashed. XD My phone couldn’t handle it and didn’t want me to see it. XD

Konstadinos Lua-Lua says:

4:40 where is this place ?

Brandon Burnett says:

I did everything you did here about 2 months ago. The swing and the all you can drink boat tour might have been the best part.

Manuel Tromp says:

2:13 that statue is like the holocaust monument so yeah


on ur own ?

HasACTnz1998 says:

I wonder if we need a video about the Difference between New Zealand and The Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland).

Marcel says:

Yeahhh that “I amsterdam” will be taken away soon because left-winged parties think it’s “too individualistic”.

And it’s Van Gogh, and not Van Golf or Goff as I hear foreigners often pronounce it. 🙂
Art sometimes does get damaged or destroyed by people who hate it. Google for “Who’s afraid of red yellow and blue” for intance. They did areally nice job restoring one of them with acrylic paint and a roller.

Alec Dalziell says:

buy some mushrooms my dude

DataStorm says:

lol, the crocodile bird…. it forages from the bottom

Amber Z says:

Probably my favorite video of yours so far… Still laughing out loud

Caspar Designs says:

FYI, the big piece, “De nachtwacht” did indeed get vandalised by someone with a knife in the Rijksmuseum atleast once, maybe twice. The painting was restored after the attack

SpofSweg says:

Subscribed for quality content. Can confirm this is accurate af as a Dutchie myself. STROOPWAFEL

GRaToMiC says:

simply awesome

Rifqi says:

Van golf XD

Alicia Hellyer says:

Funniest vid iv ever watched, hilarious! Doing NZ proud mad love ❤️

jimi barker says:

Mate a spliff will always trump beer

Nautilus says:

2:49 eww a negro

D. D. says:

you are crazy man

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