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Amsterdam is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. From the beautiful neighbourhoods of Jordaan and De Pijp, to the amazing variety of delicious food here, it’s a must visit city. Join us as we look at some of the best things to do in Amsterdam.

Places in this video:

De 9 Straatjes: 0:47
Cat Museum: 01:53
The Heineken Experience: 02:06
De Pijp: 2:32
Jordaan: 3:06
Foodhallen: 3:33
Museum Quarter: 3:58
Vondelpark: 4:26
NDSM: 4:41
A’Dam Lookout: 4:59

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Hanky Spanky says:

Things to do in Amsterdam:
1. Leave

Naomi Muller says:

‘The best has to be hiring a bike and joining in with the locals’ it’s also a good way to getting hit in the face by someone who is totally done with tourists who cant ride a bike and decide the right time for trying for the first time ever is on a busy street. If you can actually ride a bike and read up on the rules then go ahead, but don’t be one of those tourists hitting everyone because they dont have a clue what they’re doing

The Squealer Dealers says:

*S M O K E U P*

hereBUTnawBUT says:

What? No shagging chicks with dicks while high on magic mushrooms? Boring.

real deal says:

Take a taxi or train to the nearest airport rat city

Chandralekha Dey says:

Leidseplein…very lively area with hip restaurants n all

Lily says:

This is literally the most basic list of things to do… it’s as if they haven’t even been. There are so many great things away from the centre and away from the other tourists.

Sjoerd Siemes says:

I live in the Netherlands and even worked in Amsterdam NDSM but i never enjoyed it like a tourist would. Maybe i should go on vacation in my own country

Frankie Kangoroo says:

Well locals ride fast when tourists are wondering around and being in the way

Emma Bronkhorst says:

Well for all the Dutch people stating to visit another city in the Netherlands: I’m also Dutch and live in Amsterdam, have lived in other cities as well, and I really enjoy just strolling around, exploring everything. It’s a reallly special city so I definetely suggest visiting it first before going to other places in the Netherlands!

newr97y57 says:

Now this making me saying hurry up to october!! looks so much fun!! can’t can’t wait.

Eren Yilmaz says:

Just dont come

psycho5553 says:

was in Amsterdam a week ago, just saying all this good food, snacks and legal weed sure made me and my friends money disappear 😀

Runway runner says:

Dont hire a bike if ur a tourist

davidecrci says:

Its every germans dream to visit amsterdam at least once in your lifetime. germans love the netherlands

Danny Westwood says:

Don’t forget to visit a Febo and a SissyBoy.

David Greetham says:

The greenhouse coffee shop great coffee and cakes !!!

Euan scotland says:

Don’t hire a bike. It’s way to dangerous. walk to a coffee shop. Get some weed. Smoke it. And wonder around the city aimlessly. Stopping at other coffee shops.

Veerle Anemone says:

Westerpark is the biggest park;)

davy wormer says:

I”’m live its

Rob Case says:

Heineken Experierience used to be free with unlimited beer at the end!

Jan Vloggaa says:

Wow! A great video. Just visited Amsterdam. 🙂

braddabear says:

Go to 420 Café. That’s all.

CS Extravaganza says:

Holland and streetfood… Whahaha … omg.

Jan Smit says:

Tourists please fuck off or you will get hurt

Prutswerk says:

Yall should go to Bartlehiem oost. Tons of things to do over there.

Kyle Akyigit says:


MizKSA says:

How close are all these places ?

megatron29 says:

Might as wel go to an Arabcity cause dutch citys are flooded with muslims. Nothing dutch anymore about Amsterdam. Might best call it Arabdam.

Imre says:

Waaait with the “travel chip card” they’re showing in this video, you can only travel with public transport in Amsterdam. Not in the rest of the Netherlands!

Svea Kronemayer says:

Going by bike as a tourist in Amsterdam is like suicide

Christine Dana says:

Haarlemmer straat and Haarlemmerplein are so cute!! My favorite street, and when you have walked all the way trough it there are plenty breakfast/lunch places!!

Anders Johansson says:

Feel like i live in the wrong town and the wrong country to be more happy after watching this…

Amsterdam 710 says:


C E W says:

Watch out for those No Go Zones!

Remke Servranckx says:


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