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All filmed on a Sony A7S ii, A7Rii & Sony rx100iv , and a go pro hero session


Sami Holzman says:

very cool video louis, makes me miss my trip to amsterdam! love this style of filming

Lucy Miller says:

Hi Louis, recommend any places to go in Amsterdam? I make travelling vlogs too!

Duwa Sayama says:

the drug city

Daizum says:

This reminds me of a sims advert

Crayon Bleach says:

thmbs up for korea

Lovebird and Wildflower says:

The cinematography in this one was amazing! I hope my channel can have this quality of content one day, I’ll just have to keep working at it!

Axel Paff says:

Nice video

Ashley McDermottroe says:

this is incredible!!! want so much more of this content!!!

Abaid Rehman says:

Nice Music i like video Love from pakistan

Zin Linn Htike says:

อยากมีโอกาส ได้ไปเยือนสักครั้ง ในชีวิต

Miyashita says:

I live in Amsterdam but even for me you make me want to enjoy my city more!! Haha thank youuuuu:)

Rachel Epps says:

Great editing!

Crayon Bleach says:

go to korea

telsah1 says:


Joe Marshall says:

Good parody. This is why the rest of the country hates it’s capital in just over 3 and a half minutes.

Nicole Yacoubian says:

Thinking of studying there. Any tips?

Lorena says:

LIES hahahah lol was amsterdam maar zo, maar alas je wordt constant bijna aangereden en 9/10 keer stort het

trueblue says:

My wife would no way cycle behind me like that. Get on your own bike and be yourself!

Noos Channel says:

You’re amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maxi says:


Please tell me how you did the color grading

AzzleGames says:

This was beautiful 😀

Ieva Karl says:

It’s the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen ❤

Jack Close says:

Absolutely loved the video mate! As an aspiring filmmaker you provide me with a lot of ideas and inspiration.

Lou McC says:

What a beautifully filmed video. I would love to see more videos like this! Amazing!

Surya Prawira says:

Nice…☺☺ #from Hindia-Belanda

IamKaspian says:

Peaceful vibes her bro!

Aline Moore says:

Do more of this kind of video showing a city! That would be awesome! Love you soooo much

Maud Engelman says:

Please stay away tourists. This is not what it looks like.

Balancelle says:

Love this quality! <3

FunForLouis says:

Guys please show me if you enjoy this kind of content by giving it a thumbs up 🙂

mikeypes says:

spoiler alert. everyone is high in this video

alteredillusions100 says:

OMG I love this video

SIG442 says:

Welcome to my country, hope you will visit also other locations within the nation. And not just those on the tourist maps :p

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