Travel Amsterdam: Free Things In The Capital Of Fun

Sonia Gil gives you 5 free things to do in Amsterdam. The Netherlands’ capital city is not just one big red light district. Explore, hear great music, check out amazing artwork, and ride a ferry for free!


cutiegurljeni says:

UGH! I wished this video was out before I left for Amsterdam! OH well, I guess that means I have to go back and check out these places, right? LOL

soniastravels says:

You must 😉

Collins Crapo says:

I have considered visiting Amsterdam someday, as it’s the birthplace of actress Famke Janssen. Well, actually it’s a town south of there named Amstelveen, but the big city is where the tourism is. The thought of being surrounded by tulips & windmills also intrigues me. The Rembrandt museum & such may be a li’l pricey, but a huge public library? Wow (too bad I don’t know much Dutch)!

soniastravels says:

Would love to know how it goes..

Latina Jay says:

how much do you tip in Amsterdam coffee shops

Drone06 says:

Its my birthday, will you come to the library with me and watch a movie maybe get something to eat at the cafe too?

soniastravels says:

Would love to visit Norway! Maybe on our next trip to Europe. Thanks for your support!

WarryWally Ferdinandus says:

Hi Sonia,
Probably next time, you’ll have to visit MAASTRICHT, the capital city of Holland’s southern province LIMBURG. People here are very friendly and exuberant. Regards.

kat30591 says:

hi sonia! loved this video! i’m flying to Amsterdam next month, do you think you could do a shopping guide for best shopping areas in amsterdam, markets, thrift shops, vintage clothing and the good old h&m(= thanks! love your channel! just discovered it!

flutisticwonder says:

I actually tried to jump through my screen at the library bit. Ariuwfweflwvddiuqgk,jgjjldigj I want to go so bad

gtmoney007 says:

What type of outfit is she wearing?

Milagros Simarro says:

Captaste a la perfección lo perfecta que es mi ciudad! Gracias!

Janneke Wagner says:

What you were saying about the library is so true! And guess where I am indeed spending almost every sunday.. 🙂
Love your videos, Sonia!

GoodEyesight3000 says:

im sorry you seem a nice girl. but this video is ludicrous. The opening music, what was that? You look more like a police officer in demeanour than a ‘fun’ person and ok you have a nice butt but you seriously overdid walks in front of the camera. And standing in front of the portraits killed it for me.

Rajith Atapattu says:

wtf, she is crazy… In Amsterdam everyone goes to be naughty, talking about pictures, museums, damn crazy.. No body goes for just to see museums, there are other places if you want to be in a Library.. crazy tbh

Fireside Flannel says:

Visitin Bruges and Amsterdam in a week and a half from Canada, and by far the place that I am most excited to visit is Eye Film Institute.

Richard Longmore says:

Great video I go to amsterdam every year and love the vibe there

TheWeddingDoctor says:

Great tips, and delivered by a GORGEOUS host…it’s like flying first class for travel tips!
Awesome! (Great production value as well. Love to find out about what you’re doing for in studio production; lighting, camera, editing system)
You rock!

Stain0 says:

So funny to see all those dutch words (my native language, as a belgian) I love Amsterdam… but you did visit the Anne Frank Huis did you?

RedroomStudios says:

this video brought a smile to my face! you did a good job of selecting places that not many would visit on their own outside of the MuseumPlein… my favourite thing to do is sit outside at one of the open air cafes, enjoy a light meal and a beer while watching the world go by. no place is quite as entertaining and interactive as the streets of Amsterdam! longing to go back… and never return!

soniastravels says:

You must! 🙂 Thanks for your support-

Osnat bu ב says:


Jonathan Adler says:

so cool

christopher says:

Who goes to a library on vacation? Yeah you can hang out where the museums are all located and watch the hordes go into them but it’s boring as hell. Spend the money and go inside.

soniastravels says:

Thanks for the feedback!

soniastravels says:

Thanks for the kind words!

Anzhelika Chumak says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Silverskye91 says:

Wow! I love this video! I definitely want to visit Amsterdam now, and see that amazing-looking library!

simpledishes says:

Wow, that is the most amazing library I’ve ever seen. Total book nerd right here. Now I want to go to Amsterdam just for that library.

Ina Johansson says:

Visit Norway!

Robbie Backpacking says:

Great video, thanks!

99MARMARA says:

I also if i live there, come every sunday to read .

soniastravels says:

Thanks for watching!

_susalka says:

I screamed when I saw the van gogh sign in the background!!!

BeyondtheStars08 says:

Could you please do one for Belgium?

Jaggybabs says:

great video, Cant wait to go back in two weeks, its crazy there but still peaceful and you can enjoy the city without fear.

soniastravels says:

We loved your city!! Thanks for watching..

Danny Draait says:

I live in Amsterdam and think it’s great that you show the not so obvious things to do.

EasyTouristServices says:

And this were only 5 things 🙂

Our city also has:

-the street markets (especially Albert Cuyp in Pijp district)
-Begijnhof & Spui Square (close to the Amsterdam Museum, no. 3)
-the Windmill & the brewery! (forget Heiniken 🙂 & Dappermarkt
– the Diamond factories
-Arcam, the Centre for Architecture
-the Cat boat!
-the City Archives
-etc, etc…

Please feel FREE to visit!

Buffsak says:

Luuv it! definitely I’ll visit those places in June and I will show you some pics :D, thanks Sonia!

Tartlette says:

As a good devotee of Sonias Travels, I’ve been Amsterdam since Sunday. After going to the Concerttgebouw tomorrow, 1-5 DONE!

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