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This video shows some of the highlights of Amsterdam and its canals. See the compact city from above with the aerial drone video shots and zip through with a fun time lapse travelling around Amsterdam’s top attractions. Enjoy!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A city rich in history and culture. Visit all year round and experience each season’s unique highlights and special atmosphere.
Amsterdam will enchant you as much with its beautiful historic cityscape, as with its vibrant and laid-back atmosphere.

The city has earned its reputation as the Venice of the North due to its network of semi-circular canals spanned by hundreds of bridges. In fact it has more canals and bridges than Venice. E

njoy the fascinating museums and café culture during the day, and join the crowds in the many bars and clubs at night. You’ll always feel welcome in this multicultural capital, where anything goes.

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sevyda bilir says:

Ik wist niet dat het ZO mooi was!

GriMMjow Sama says:

Hello expedia I’m in love with this city and you did a great work here! can you tell me the name of the song please?

Vera van Schuilenburg says:

In love with the video but I do really want to know what music was used, please let me know!

Terrabis - Explore The World says:

Your great video was shared in Click to view your video ! Sign up and join Terrabis’ global videographers community! Upload your videos of great locations, everyone wants to see and get recognition!

Antonio Skit says:

Would it be possible to use your work for a music video that talks about Amsterdam “not for commercial use”? Let me know !, of course you will have your credits

Yolandi Mare says:

The music suits Amsterdam since the best eurodance and trace is from the Netherlands.

CrazyCopter says:

Superb video! Never been to Amsterdam, but this is good marketing for the city! 🙂

M Westrik says:

in één woord GEWELDIG!! gemaakt.

Johannes van Staveren says:

What a nice Video!

We’re working on a school project to make a promotional video to show people online how beautiful the Netherlands can be.

And we were wondering if it might please be possible to use some bits and pieces from your video and montage them into our video? If you are interested we can put you in the credits.

To really help us we would like to work with the video source file. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind taking the effort to use this site to send it to us? < Sends up to 20GB for free. We understand that you might be busy, so we could also download your video from Youtube. In either case we would like to receive your permissions to use your video royalty free. Cheers,

Beth J says:

Hi Expedia, I would like to appreciate the outstanding video you’ve made. I am working on a promo video and I would like to use some footage of your video, with your permission. I will make sure to give a credit. Looking forward to your response :).

MrRoltsT says:

Hi! Can i used a couple of drone clips on a video i am editing? i´ll give the credits 🙂

timosha21 says:

what is the camera that was used in this filming?

Krishna Bisht says:

beutiful city landan wow

Lizhuang Wu says:

Hi Expedia, May I have your permission to use the footage to promo Amsterdam to a group of agent. We will definitely credit the Video. Will some texts like targets for them to work hard for the trip 😉

Alvare Gomez says:

Great filming. Really like the fast paced shots.

ch-traveladdict says:

Damn! This video should have way more clicks, it’s awesome!

I was in Amsterdam too, check my video if you wanna see it 😀
And feel free to support me with subscription if you like it 🙂

filippo bonacini says:

How do you do the video at minutes 0:17????
Time leapse?

Déli Drones says:

Super strak gemaakt! die hyperlapse’s zijn echt perfect!

Debbie Wong says:

Hi Expedia SEA! May we kindly request if we could repost your video on our Facebook page? Proper credits will be given of course. Hope to hear from you! 🙂

yinneke says:

Hello Expedia SEA, I have a question regarding this video. I would like to use some of this footage from this video for a movie. Who could I contact from Expedia about this and how? Thank you in advance!

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