Travel Amsterdam: Jordaan’s Secrets

Join Sonia Gil as she explores the back streets of Jordaan, Amsterdam – arguably Europe’s coolest neighborhood! See new travel adventures w/Sonia every Thursday:

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See some great Jordaan photos!


Rita Jefferson says:

this has made my desire to move to Amsterdam permanent. thank you!!

slowmotionpicture says:

Yes! much better, Its freezing cold here now.

soniastravels says:

Thanks for your support!

ArrigAutist says:

I get the impression there is not that many pretty Dutch women..

eparadise90 says:

Come to Stockholm!!!! YOu will luv it 😉

Jan Klaassen says:

fantástico,felicidades sonia,amsterdam estará siempre en mi corazón,vivi alla un largo periodo

TheTravelCrush says:

Ohh I’m off here in a couple of days!! You make the place look so appealing- thanks again Sonia! And for being so down-to-earth and genuine! x

elielizaeli says:

That’s the kind of life I want… 😀 I love my country (Greece) but places like this just make me wanna move out right now!

Megaflubbie says:


fariborz29 says:

Your music fucking sucks. your great though.

soniastravels says:

I speak 5 languages but not all at the same level 🙂 – I have some tutorials up on another channel youtube(dot)com/fluenz– Spanish, French, Mandarin and Italian- they are short and simple- check it out :

BigFatCode says:

Ever been in germany?

lyublyuisusa says:

can’t wait to travel in the summer :))))

J Russell says:

My parents moved us there as kids. It was magical. And the people were so helpful. Even though the Dutch speak English, I’d suggest that you still learn a pleasantries in Dutch. It makes a big difference!They’ll appreciate that you have the “Right attitude.” And of course enjoy. Dankjewel Sonia!

soniastravels says:


anniegirl1216 says:

LOVEEEEE! Have you ever been to Colombia?

larsaaes says:

Love the map thing!

Avicenna Hafizh says:

can you speak indonesia?

kcrosseygaming says:

I’ve been there! Finally after watching all of your videos I’ve finally been to somewhere you have! My family actually lives there and it is a lot of fun. Just the laid back atmosphere and the love that the people have! Ahh I wish I was back there. Have you ever been to The Dam (Amsterdam Square) or Anne Frank Huis? If not they are a must see! Espcially The Dam! Amsterdam is just such a diverse place, I love it. Also, Den Haag is a very quaint town and is also where the queen lives! -Kevin

Majd Harbi says:

I think I’m traveling the world while sitting in my room watching your videos..

Mark Ryan says:

Spent three days there on a European sketch trip – great city, great people.

Glenn Forster says:

Great video, Sonia! I’m travelling to Amsterdam in April so I’ll add Jordaan tommy bucket list. Thank You, God Bless!

soniastravels says:

Glad you like it! Thanks for your feedback..

Tornair says:

I love the hair Sonia!!! I believe your videos could convince me to go anywhere. Amazing editing as usual too

maartjetravelsaround says:

Yaay! So cool you showed youre subies this beautiful neighborhood! You gotta love Amsterdam!

Vinci says:

I love those shoes.

Ina Johansson says:

Do Scandinavia 🙂

Agatha Tdea says:

amsterdam is so beautiful

Luc Hof says:

nice girl wowww great impression

mavs2147 says:

Keep up the amazing work, Sonia!

shygirlnow2011 says:

Oh, I forgot I can travel anywhere in the world and live in DC metro area, usa

Gilmar Betancourt says:

It looks like the coolest city ever!

kid_ from_nyc says:

Been there twice (2010, 2014) and I love it, I favorite area is Jordaan

nva512 says:

Hey, love your videos! can you suggest a good way to find hotels in amsterdam. our focus is on clean hotel in a safe location – maybe near vondelpark? would love to get some suggestions from you. thanks!

Your.Entertainment.Source says:

dear sonia, is there anything worth watching in amsterdam? 🙂
or do you just go there for the general atmosphere ? 🙂

eparadise90 says:

Good idea! summer IS THE best time to go, especially cause of the long days of sunlight 🙂 But there is so much you can do during that time, including boat rides through the Archipelago….beautiful, visit free open air concerts… the list is long. btw, LOVE your program, since traveling is my nr 1 favorite thing to do 🙂 Wishing you safe travels!

RedroomStudios says:

it would be hard for me to pick a specific area of Amsterdam as better than another… we stayed right near Frederiksplein and I loved it. I also loved the area around Nieuwmarkt, especially when the vendors were actually in the square… I loved it all. the great thing about Amsterdam is that there was always another surprise around each corner.

soniastravels says:

Would love to! Maybe during the summer..

Laura Turriago says:

Hi Sonia! You’ll see I’m going to Cambridge for 10 weeks and I really don’t know how much to pack !! Please help me 😀 . I’ m going there to study English, and I thought that since you were in London for the same amount of time , you might be able to help me with my huge dilemma. I would really appreciate it 🙂

soniastravels says:

It’s a beautiful country.. 🙂

Dutchified says:

You certainly capture some of the essence of Amsterdam. Nicely done. Even a s resident, the small back streets and shops are an ever changing mystery and joy of discovery.

Arnie Jacobsen says:

That brings back great memories of our visit there! Too many places to visit, and not enough time. Thanks for sharing that with us. As always, love your take on things.

Deja Voodoo says:

I’m about to start making @50 yt videos from my trips to Europe, Asia, and Central America. What movie software do you use and where do you find the music? Thanks

Nimbus 2000 says:

okay, you convinced me. i need to go to amsterdam

jwaacks says:

Plese come to Helsinki one day! Not in the winter though, but please come!

Megaflubbie says:

Its always nice to see your own contry in these vids 😀

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