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In this vlog I cover biking Amsterdam and travelling solo. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more! Where should I go next?

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Nicole Kainzer says:

What hostel did u stay at? 🙂

Andrea Másmela says:

Hi zoey! I Loved your video!!! I would like to know how many days do you recommend to stay in Amsterdam? And if you can give me the name of your hostel. Thank you so much <3

Rico says:

Thanks Zoey love amsterdam and agree best on bike

poptofu says:

Really appreciate this video. I am an outgoing introvert too and travelling solo to Amsterdam in a week. This video was so helpful! Thanks 🙂

S R says:

The best way to explore a city is by feet, not bike. 😉

AuntyM66 says:

I love Amsterdam.

Palani Yappan says:

Hi Beautiful i hope ur doing good. And I started watching ur videos one by one and it seems ur videos making r awesome. I have 2 questine for you one is how did u explore this place sololy, dont u feel lonely r bored. my second quest is how much u spend for this trip, is that money and time is really sufficient for u and I found you visited only limited places in Amsterdam.

Candle Duck says:

you and Sympathy At Slaughter kinda look the same to me 🙂

gimmesome truth says:

that food looks shite

Nina Salvati says:

omg zoey ! Amsterdam looks so pretty ! with all the channels and the bikes and the vegan café !! absolutely love it ! i totally agree with you about the fact that if you dont find someone to go to some places you love with you can go by yourself! i did it for the first time last august and cant wait to do it again this year ! i also saw your snapchat about positano ! i know you will love it! it is truly amazing! ive been multiples times cause it is not so far away from my town and i always wanna go back ! i hope you will find good weather cause now (as i think you know) it is sooo cold and also snowed in Positano!! cant wait to see the vlog ! ❤❤❤❤

Evelien Perry says:

Hey Zoey! Welcome in our country ☺️ Maastricht is also nice to visit… That’s where I am from. Xoxo

Giovanna Laryea says:

please what is the name of the hostel

VeniVidiAjax says:

Your cute smile is melting me.
Good to hear and see you’ve enjoyed beautiful A’dam!

NHEFF09 says:

people on bikes need to be careful, please research the road n path laws…tourists are a danger to them self’s on these bikes.

TheMerkat55 says:

I agree. A car is too fast and walking takes ages. So, a bike is a very good way to explore a city. Especially, because The Netherlands has such a good infra structure for bicycling.

lies101112 says:

Aah how nice! I live in the Netherlands myself, and I love seeing our capital through the eyes of other people! Love your enthousiasm! Thanks for the video. (:

digitalteacup says:

Zoey, you should take the myers-briggs personality test. There’s 13 personality types for everyone in the world. I’m an INFJ and my type is considered the “outgoing introvert” and I’m wondering if you’re the same type. It’s also the rarest type. You should check it out. It would make a fun video too 😉 Your bike tour looked amazing. <3

Shannon Parks says:

I just came across your channel and I have been loving all of your videos so far!! I feel like we have a lot in common and I will definitely be subscribing!

Lucia Sonia says:

omg you were in my countryyyy. didnt knoww

Peet says:

What if you can’t get along with yourself ?

Noreen Curran says:

Thank you for posting this! I am traveling alone to Amsterdam in about 3 weeks and this video gave me the pep talk I needed as I am a tiny but nervous. I got some flack this morning for wanting to travel alone but now I am so excited and seeing you there alone reminded me that I will be totally fine 🙂

Radhika Swamini Devi Dasi says:

Hi Zoey, you are awesome and my inspiration. Don’t even worry about what others say or feel about you. You have inspired so many of us and you will continue to do so.
I am decluttering my house section by section, minimizing and getting rid of things we don’t use and not buying more to replace those 🙂 thank you for your nice videos.


Great video x

Haley Berk says:

yay Amsterdam!!!! SO awesome it looks like you’re having such fun! I just booked my ticket to go next week!
DEFINITELY going to check out your vegan cafe find 🙂

PoisonTheOgres says:

“I wanted to buy some tulip bulbs, but I don’t know if you can ship those all the way to Canada”
The Dutch have been shipping/giving tulips to Canada for decades, to thank you guys for saving us in World War II 😉

Kristin Vergara says:

You are adorable! Loved watching this video! Thanks

reina ramos says:

can you make a video on solo travel? I don’t have people to travel with and I am kind of scare to travel by myself

Belen G says:

Love ur videos! I am Canadian(from Montreal) myself and I spent 3 years in Madrid living abroad and it was the best thing I have ever done! I also went to Portugal by myself one long weekend and it was truly amazing! I am now 34 and I will always rememeber thos days as one of the best years of my life! No regrets!

Vang Moua says:

Going by yourself made you feel so lonely but ask me to go with you so you won’t be lonely. ..

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