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In this vlog I cover the little break I took from YouTube and my journey from Copenhagen to Amsterdam. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for a fun Travel Diary video of Amsterdam!

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Agate Auzāne says:

The square where you were walking during the second minute of your video is the place where me and hundreds of other Copenhageners met the New Year 🙂

Kia Lindroos says:

Oh noo. It must have been so freaky to be logged out of YT..glad to hear everything turned out well 😉 Nice to have you back too 😉

Ashley Timmermeyer says:

I Always wonder what exactly are Hostiles?

Kayla Renee says:

Loved the vlog Zoey! ❤❤❤ Have fun in Amsterdam!

Hawra Saeed says:

Great vlog Zo ! Have fun, love you<3!

Haley Berk says:

I’m thinking of amsterdam really really soon but I’m afraid of the cold!!!!! How is it?!

Amy Mail says:

Library bar is great near Copenhagen central station! Very cozy. But closed Sundays.

patkapapatka says:

Great vlog! I hope you had/have an amazing time there 😀

Jada Jones says:

I’m in love with travel diaries I wanna travel rn ❤️

Elizabeth T says:

Yay you’re back! Can you do a video on travel tips like how to check your luggage at the airport and more about hostels? Thanks!

Mackenzie Fly says:

Oh my goodness I was SO excited for this!!! 😀 What a great vlog Zo!! I can’t wait to see more of your adventures in Amsterdam!!! And more of ecomama hahaha I miss it there! Such good vibes <3 Love you to Sadge and back!! So proud of your solo travels girl!! xoxo

Epic2019Shift says:

Excellent travel diary. Denmark looks amazing. That’s one place I’d like to visit, possibly during the summer though 🙂 Thanks for sharing your travel adventures.

Nina Salvati says:

Zoeyyy ! ❤ even if you didnt show a lot about Copenhagen i loved the places what you showed and that remember me when i went there ! i hope one day i will go back ! now im about the watch the Amsterdam vlog ! ❤❤

Fatima Noor says:

I always wanted to tell you that you reminded me a lot of my BFF, Anne-Sofie, from Denmark. I am glad you had a digital detox and hope you enjoyed DK! xx

Luv2luvlifestyle says:

Congratulations on your subscriber count! I really enjoyed Amsterdam when I visited. Great video.

Cat Agnstoft says:

I miss Copenhagen, I haven’t been there in a while. I should really go again soon. I am going to Amsterdam in April and I am so excited! 😀

Irving Sánchez says:

I wanna marry you

Divine Grace Rafanan says:

Hi Zo,
Please explain more about leaving your check in luggage at the airport and how hostel living works. Is it scary to sleep with strangers in the same room?

Jessica Marsh says:

Enjoy your trip, the views already are so beautiful. My dream is to someday visit Amsterdam. ♡♡♡♡

André Domanski says:

Rich Zoey

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