Visit Amsterdam – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is more than The Red Light District with Ladies in the Windows, Coffeeshops that Sell Many Things Besides Coffee, like drugs, and Stairwells that may be the most dangerous parts of visiting Europe. Many Tourists are shocked to learn that Amsterdam is an amazing city to ride around on a bike or jump out of the way of one, the amount of culture and museums will make your head turn as much as the ladies in the windows.
This video covers the 10 things that shock tourists and travelers when they visit Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands.

Filmed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

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Brian Moreno says:

I’ve been there 3 times in 2 years and never had a aggressive begger.

herman greenstein says:

If you want to see Manneken Pis he’s in Brussels.

nriab23 says:

Where do you get all this money to travel??

Lotte van der Zijpp says:

Pleaaasee only rent a bike if you can actually ride it. I’ve seen (and had) sooo many accident with people who rented a bike, but actually didn’t know how to.

wandering spirit says:

Don’t walk in the bike lanes, EVER.

Silvia Summers says:

The Dutch speaking English is only a surprise to uneducated people. The Dutch are well-educated and speak English as well as other languages. We share this trait with other well-educated people in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland and most European countries.

anonymous mc says:

he Cleary frequents the red light district…..

iwan willemse says:

what is that the riks museum its called in sorta phonetic raiksmuseum or ri….naaah u dont have a pronunciation for the two letters between r and k of the RIJKSMUSEUM.

Dee Stitcher says:

I went to Ann Franks house in the early morning.. I ended up getting there an hour before it opened and there was already people in line. I stayed in the lineup but had no idea till opening time how crazy it really was. I am Canadian but so glad I went to see her house and learn more about her.

Kacper Krakowski says:

In Amsterdam

Silvia Summers says:

I’m just a minute into this video and…first it’s not the Ricks museum, it’s the rijksmuseum pronounced with a long “I” sound. And these beggars you speak of, I guess I missed them. I live here and have used Centraal Station many times and have never seen a beggar. Could you get some video. And connecting a group of drunk boys that you also have no video of with a passing ambulance is really nonsense and somehow making it an Amsterdam thing is dumb. It’s prudent to stay away from drunk Yahoo!’s anywhere. I’ll watch the rest of this just to see what other crap you come up with.

Jesus Briel says:

mark why don’t you give Liam is first bike to ride.

SNOOpi DoOPs! says:

There’s “drugs drinking and prostitutes” because those things are fun.

Kari B Gold says:

I am so grateful for your information!! We will be traveling there this Spring – thank you!!

Silvia Summers says:

Had to stop watching the video. The voice is irritating and nobody thinks our whole city is one big whorehouse. Just you. I don’t think this guy has been here very long.

koe bill says:

2:03 that’s all I needed Amsterdam! here I come bitch

Fletcher L says:

You know you smoke weed, Mark. Lol

Christopher Parisi says:

I would think the vast majority of people travelling to The Netherlands know hookers and maryjane are legal.

Jason Hamilton says:

Most things are correct but been several times now and only ever been asked for money by a beggar once and it was after he spotted us lost and gave us directions back to our hotel so in my mind he’d earned it. Also save on accomodation and camp, only 20 euro for 2 a night. camping is walking distance from central station and awsome facilities, never use hotels now.

Remsey says:


Uldis Slics says:

This is literally the least shocking video on youtube.

Kilyan Austin Wierema says:

Thanks for acknowledging that Amsterdam is more than just hookers and drugs.

Michael Legerstee says:

if you go to The Netherlands next time, search for a Van der Valk hotel.

Ichinin says:

There were an abnormal amount of museums in Amsterdam, even the beer manufacturer Heineken has it’s own museum. The town is pretty with all the canals. I agree about the bike riders. The company i was with had employees that ate lots of cold cut and simple food during lunch hour. I don’t know if that is normal, but that is what i saw.

There were loads of restaurants in the city core, way more than usual. Madam Tussauds was interesting to visit, it was closed when i was in London, so i am glad that i visited it in Amsterdam. The airport (Schiphol) is also a large shopping centre so if you want to do that before your flight you can.

Anoniempje123 says:

It is the New York of the Netherlands

Moon Shine says:

I just Luv Amsterdam, and every time I go there for( Mermaid) fishing- Because there is cute sexy prostitute in the ”Red Aquarium tank” everywhere ,

Aslaug says:

I have to say, I am Dutch and I have been to Amsterdam more times than I can count, but I’ve never had encounters with beggars.

scarredcoyote says:

I’ll add #11 “Using the bathroom in Amsterdam costs money. Sometimes as much as 1 euro.”
If you eat at a restaurant or drink at a cafe, they usually waive the fee, but be prepared, because not all do this.

Jack Tuite says:

Hahahahaha aggressive beggars :L

Robin Toonen says:

If you want to be safe from bikes do not go to Amsterdam. We say if you can cycle in Amsterdam (and the hills of the provinces Utrecht, Gelderland, Overijssel, Drente, Noord-Brabant and limburg (7 of the 12 province DO actually HAVE HILL terrains) the other parts of the netherland are no problem.

nielsdrenth1 says:

Just go home you fat american! Why are you so stupid? Stop eating or you will die because youre so fat. Just go home instead of using our health system

M Ali says:

I’m totally addicted to your videos….and the way u smile

Frances Van Siclen says:

Amsterdam is a beautiful city; too bad the Dutch are so liberal; not good !

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