Visit Amsterdam – Free Things to Do in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Free Things to Do in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Thinking about visiting Amsterdam and the sticker shock of hotels has put your wallet on alert? Well this video covers some of the free things you can do in Amsterdam to help your travel budget.
Thank you to Dutchified for helping us with this great list of free things to do in Amsterdam.
Filmed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

1. Wander the city and canals and take in the amazing architecture and atmosphere.
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In1998able says:

The rest of the Netherlands

Everything is overprices and overrated when you go to Amsterdam.

Coffeeshops are in every town but you pay extra in Amsterdam

Eric Burbach says:

You should visit the public library near the Central Station, the restaurant at the top has a great view over the city

Oleg Vasiliev says:

Hey, guys!

Am I understood correctly, you`re recording video just using camera, without any mics?
Heading to buy one, so if it capture sound like this, looks perfect.

Tamara P says:

When you’re in the central station, take the train to Den Bosch. We have a lot of old buildings and canals too! And lots of great restaurants. It’s not that crowded as Amsterdam.

Super Furry says:

YEEEESSSSS The ferry. ….

Ribeirasacra says:

Is he a “local”? That accent is not very Dutch English.

Ammani Arulmurugesan says:

Mark – my husband and i are gonna be there with our 10 month old baby.. is it ok to check out the red light district with her? I’m concerned if it’s appropriate and if we’ll get dirty looks! Also do tourists bring there kids there?

irfan virji says:

hahaha these guys are so funny. Thanksssss

deni sherlock says:

Please make The Don’ts of Visiting Syria…

Byron Lee says:

I don’t know if you ever been to Texas or not but it’s a place you need to see before you die. It’s one of the greatest places on this planet. Need to come see it for yourself. There’s a reason we say God blessed Texas

TimeAndChance says:

Now do the vid corollary
Visit Amsterdam — Things You have to pay for in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Wayne Samuel says:

They didn’t mention the loud alarm in the red light district that sounds like an air raid siren. One day wile in the district I heard a loud piercing noise. People started gathering and two policemen on bicycles rushed inside a building. We all waited to learn what transpired. One of the policemen said it was an excited customer who accidentally pulled the cord that sets off the alarm. For the girls’ protection they devised that scheme for their protection. So if you ever hear that it is not the Luftwaffe attacking Amsterdam. Could be a disgruntled customer attacking a working girl or maybe just another excited customer who couldn’t control his reflexes.

Richard Lund says:

Thanks for sharing the tips. I am going to Amsterdam next April.

Cor Verdoold says:

he’s not dutch..he’s i think afrikaans

Strawberryishness says:

There are also a lot of festivals that are free ^^

Dame Aluko says:

Love Amsterdam wanna live here one day

AkubraBromptonGirl says:

Thanks! The midday concert idea is GREAT as I wanted to do a day bus tour there from Germany!!

Ad Lockhorst says:

Also fun; looking at all the properties owned by members of the royal family … not exactly slumlords, but definitely huisjesmelkers. And yes that is a weird Dutch word. And oh dear yes, their rented out properties number in the three digit range so plenty to see.

oldkidsjonge says:

Most people watching this are dutch.

Pozdrowienia z podróży says:

Buy “Museum Kaart” for 59e You have FREE entry to almost all museum in NL

Frickis Orlando says:

Everyone is high on weeds there

Urahara12squad says:

Don’t go to the Jordaan market. It is all junk. And skip Madame tussauds.

qemdrive says:

Non-American Tourist: “Excuse me? Could you direct me to the Dam Square?”
American Tourist: “Which damn square?”

Sergiio Van Haren says:

Just don’t go to the west part of the city

Poppy M says:

Ah, Dam Square, the most overrated location in Amsterdam. Best place to get pickpocketed though, if that’s your thing. You don’t need a lot of money to experience Amsterdam. Just stroll, or cycle, and enjoy the city, the open air markets, the sights, etc. Have a coffee at an outdoor cafe terrace and watch Amsterdam life go by 🙂

geertjestube says:

Other roof terraces with free admission, and a great view over Amsterdam:
– Volkshotel | Canvas – in Amsterdam East, you can go there easily and fast by metro/subway
– NEMO (you can go up from outside) – close to Central Station
– Public Library – topfloor – close to Central Station
And if you’re willing/able to pay a small amount, get tickets to ‘climb’ the Wester Tower (Westertoren), closeby Anne Frank House/Museum.

Other free stuff: the public parks!
To mention two: Vondel Park (also great for people watching, it’s close to Leidseplein and Museumplein), or visit the Albert Cuypmarkt and go for a picknick at Sarphati Park.

iris013 says:

pfff dude is a Brit.. not a Dutchy. have me do this tour Walter.

Brandon says:

Free things to do, Watch people.. really girl

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