Visit The Netherlands – What to Know Before You Visit The Netherlands

Heading to The Netherlands & Not Sure What to Expect? Well here we go through the top things that tourists should know when they visit The Netherlands.
1. It is The Netherlands, Not Holland. Holland is the name of two counties in The Netherlands.
2. The language of The Netherlands is Dutch, but as a tourist you really do not need to know any Dutch as the Dutch speak English extremely well throughout the country.
3. The Euro is the currency in The Netherlands and you can find ATMs all over the country. Credit cards are widely accepted as well.
4. The Netherlands is a small country with a very well developed transportation network. Therefore you can easily take trains all over the country in a fast and efficient way. Make sure you tap in and out with your tickets as you enter your platforms.
5. Biking is a very popular pastime and way to get around Dutch cities. There are a number of bike rental agencies throughout The Netherlands. Look for one near a train station and rent a bike for the day to explore, or sign up for one of the numerous bike tours around the country.
6. The Netherlands is rather safe for tourists. Do take care with pickpockets and extremely aggressive beggars in Amsterdam’s more popular areas. The bike line is for bikes only so watch out unless you want to get hit by a bike and yelled at by a local.
7. Drugs bring a lot of tourists to Amsterdam and the Dutch/German border. If you are going to The Netherlands to experiment with soft drugs make sure you go to a “Coffee House” they have menus and trained personnel that can help travelers. We do not recommend you do drugs and highly discourage travelers from doing this. However, we do know a number of tourists do go there for that. So please be safe, and speak with the coffee shop attendant about your previous experiences so they can help you.
9. The best things about the Netherlands are the quaint cities and towns like Haarlem, Leiden, Groningen, as well as the larger cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The architecture and museums throughout the country really are outstanding. And yes you will see quite a few windmills as you explore The Netherlands.
10. The food is hearty in The Netherlands, make sure you try a bitter ballen or a traditional pancake or herring from one of the stalls. The market and food halls have tons of great treats for travelers. There are numerous international restaurants all over The Netherlands as well.
11. The Netherlands is not a cheap place to visit, however the prices are on par with the US & other major European destinations. Amsterdam accomodation will be your biggest expense. Therefore you may want to stay outside of Amsterdam to have a cheaper and more Dutch experience.

Filmed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

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JGFallways16K says:

I am dutch!

Lee Graham says:

Was the hotel you stayed in the Titus hotel

Romeo Nijsse says:

This fascinates me, i have never been targeted by an (aggressive) beggar. But i am local so probably thats the reason. Also i have never ever felt unsafe in Amsterdam. Friends of mine tell me that the Amsterdam Zuid-Oost area is sketchy but that’s far away from downtown amsterdam so you can easily that area.

marijke hoogendoorn says:

Im netherlands ik ben nederlands

313 says:

Ik wil een raise krijgen in Nederland Ik ben een Irakees Is een van mijn mensen om terug te trekken uit mijn land Ik wil daar wonen Bliss help me bedankt

KajiRider1997 says:

Your *Dank u, and Dank jou* sounded like dank koe and dank cow. you just said dank cow twice to my ears xD

Tim Wilson says:

Great video, thanks. I’m off to Amsterdam next week for 6 days, my third time in two years so I guess I’ve fallen in love! I’ve only been there the week before Christmas so far, do the beggars take off somewhere else for the holidays because I never noticed them once? Heh heh. I guess they’ll be there with the warmer weather. I really love Haarlem, too, and hope the crowds at Keukenhof won’t be too bad on the Friday before they close on the 13th!

Элизабетт Stone says:

is Netherlands – country of gays and lesbians?

harm eiting says:


The Dutchlander says:

I live in the far eastern side of the country and I’ve never come across stoned people and I don’t live in a very big city.

ClouDancer99 says:

Don’t forget the staple treat in Holland: Stroopwafels!!!

Sahil gupta chemical industry says:

I want to go this place please help me

Donna Banks says:

I love your videos.

Marie Quin says:

Those beggars in Amsterdam are from east europe

Sven says:

Man you talk about the architecture and the cities. But how about the large beaches ?!

efinox says:

Rotterdam is so cool.

Kilum says:

Best period to go to the Netherlands is April 25 till May the 10th or something.

So on April 27 there is Kingsday which is a huge festival. (previously queens day)

May the 5th is liberation day. which is a nice they as well, where you have a lot of festivals in every city.

ShelLuser says:

Sorry dude, but Holland and The Netherlands are one of the same. Us Dutch usually call it Holland while Netherlands / Nederland is often used by tourists. Sure, we have two provinces called Noord Holland and Zuid Holland but that does _not_ mean that those make up Holland. Why do you think this was a thing during the soccer championships: But kudo’s on the rest, nice video!

Wim V says:

Reaks museum??? did it smell bad??

Mark Twain says:

I would rather not wake up with a bag over my head, being lead around on rope by a moslem jihadist. Who wants to put me in a cage and burn me alive.

Anthony Roberts says:

My first trip to Amsterdam was new years day 2015 and it was literally like landing on Mars. Couldn’t check in until 330pm and it was 900am so we hit the bulldog and the rest is history. We stayed at the tulip Inn… Back then it was the Hotel Terminus.

Nikki Maxwell says:

Hello my name is Nikki . I like all your video. I just keep see you n your family they’re so lovely. May I asked you I am going to Venice next month. Do you think I need to keep our passports in hotel in safe or to bring it with you . What happened if I don’t bring it with me if any case police will stop me what do I do . Please reply

Gabriel Burnt says:

Quickfire commonsense advice, nice.

Wim V says:

dank koe?? thanks cow?
U is pronounced like Ü in German, not like the oe in shoe ot the ou in you.. ü or ue in dejavue..not ou like in you..

Keyla Hernandez says:

shit im moving netherland in 2 more months

Sander Jansen says:

We Dutch are also very efficient in working, so we have a lot of spare time.

sleepycat says:

the small pancakes are called poffertjes and they’re the best thing ever

JGFallways16K says:


Osmosis says:

The best tips I can give as a dutchie, concerning number 7(drugs)
1. Don’t buy from the street, visit a coffee or smartshop.
2. Listen/read the information given and take it serious (I’ve seen stubborn badass tourists so often,.. And the consequences of it)
3. When things go bad, never be afraid to call the emergency services! They won’t arrest you even if in case of illegal hard-drugs. And our medical facilities are top notch

BLiNNeMaNS says:

about the bike lane: if there’s no spot for pedestrians, walk on the left side of the road (which usually is a bikelane) so you can see traffic approach (and step out of the way in time). This also goes for bikelane only roads as they’re usually 2 way. (we drive on the right)
and as you mentioned april/may as best time, we still get tourists fully dressed in everything orange they could find on april 30th due to travel agents not updating their brochures.. it used to be queensday on april 30th, but now that we have a king we celebrate king’s day on april 27th. (unless the 27th is on a sunday, then it’s the 26th)

yassin icewolfy says:

Jo i come from Netherlands and i live in utrecht en thats one of the safest places in Europe

Vicky Avalos says:

I think I’ve watched all your videos today! Love the way you do videos! I def gonna use this info in my coming trips! I would love to see videos of Australiaaaa!

Borko Borko says:


joehoe222 says:

Well, I’m one of many people asking to come over to our province in the line, but would you like to come over to North Brabant once? I will arrange a free sleeping place and food if you like. 🙂

Shel says:

“You’re aren’t much if you aren’t Dutch.”_my Dutch friend

A or Ta says:

Holland a.k.a. Disneyland for adults… 😀

You 2 says:

Hahaha You said ‘dank u”, and ‘Dank je’… and I literally had to listen three times before I understood what you were saying. You better speak English.

Maris says:

I love how the most dangerous things in the Netherlands are freaking STAIRS and bike lanes. WHAT WENT WRONG PEOPLE!

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