WEED & MUNCHIES IN AMSTERDAM 😎 ☁️ #EuroweekDAY2 Travel Vlog – more Buds, more Coffee, more Food :)

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AMSTERDAM DAY 1 👉 https://youtu.be/wDG9Br19Apg

DAY 2 of our #Euroweek2016 is here. [April 17, 2016] Sit back and enjoy your travel guide to Amsterdam city, Netherlands. Coffeeshops aka weed shops, munchies style food porn heaven, and even a Kygo concert.

Day 3 👉 https://youtu.be/RaXEhYfT3Yo

Buds, grubs, buds, grubs. That pretty much sums up our trip to Amsterdam lol. Food in Amsterdam is amazing. And you’re always geeked so everything is twice as good:)😎

Restaurant: De Roode Leeuw!

Stay tuned for one more day in Amsterdam, then off to Paris!:)

Hotels in Amsterdam: we stayed at the Swissotel at Dam Square, the central area of Amsterdam tourist town.

My Kygo Concert video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61JQsxsRQfw


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Simon Johnson says:

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Shuttle Force TV says:

next time when u do a review like this than contact me and we can fo a xoffeship tour and we can make a crossover event. check my vids at http://www.youtube.com/shuttleforcetv

fl366 says:

Great, great!

thunderdome0318 says:

I love Netherlands can smoke weed every day

Diego García says:

One of the best Amsterdam trip videos I’ve seen so far, I must say. I gotta ask, what did you use to record this?


restaurant ?

Bekah Balfoort says:

Hell yes to the Joakim Karud soundtrack

Ilken Baki says:

At 1:00 at the back, the guy with the brown jacket, i thought Steve Jobs for a moment and maybe alive?

Ryder1289 says:

Finally. An Amsterdam travel video from a fellow smoker. Got tired of all these other channels acting like they above smoking. Keep it real brother! Thanks for the video. Do you have a blog that lists all the spots that you n your crew went to?

Yahya Ej says:

Dope dope made me wanna visit Amsterdam more and more

Hurensohnologe0711 says:

1:12 Bayern München pays him that lousy??


Hey, extrem geiles Video! Wir sind wahre Fans von deinen Videos, und haben bis jetzt keins verpasst! vor allem gefällt uns deine Kreativität! Mach weiter so. Es würde uns freuen wenn du dir unseren Kanal anschaust und ein Feedback über unser ersten VLog da lassen würdest.


Amsterdam is great, everyone should have one look and experience. Especially as they have everything to comfort … 🙂 find my video on Amstru.


ted mrazz says:

oh man this city is so cool

Reality Truth says:

Vanilla ice tho.

Kees Kaas says:

Nice Movie guys !
Grzz From holland Amsterdam
en een fijne avond alemaal!:P

Jessikah C says:

I seriously plan to retire here one day

Hayo Smit says:

I live about 20 mins away from Amsterdam. its lit

Jay23 says:

How do I listen that instrumental that shit slap. Nice video too Bruh. Stay lit yeee.

Mal Moran says:

Amsterdams my second home , it’s a 1 hour cheap flight away . Your videos remind me of when I’d stop there with my homies when interailing back in 2000 and 2001. Live for the day , peace ✌️Mal

Wax TV says:

good vlog bro!

Victor Gans says:

great video guys. .wishing i was hanging out with you. ..!!

Oggy Oggy AKA British Mapping says:

casey rip off

artur GRIGORYAN says:

hello im fr armenia organise tour here now it armenia very popular old place castle extrem natur atraction turuism many peaople come if u interesthing written mi

Ferron Wijnen says:

i am Dutch

cute girl says:

Great vids

Ab Dam says:

People look at me weird when I do this in coffee shops here in the UK …hmmm.

pars bisht says:

How much bucks you spend in weed

Sir Smokes says:

Cheers! Feature Stonie Vids. My Bro! search: BeastBeauty20K

Tom Roebers says:

The Hague weed is far better than the shit in Amsterdam. Go to Dizzy Duck for Hash and Fly II for weed in The Hague, much better than the stuff in Dam.

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