What NOT To Do in Amsterdam’s Red Light District | Travel Guides | How 2 Travelers

Want to check out Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District? Don’t do these things…

– Amsterdam
– Netherlands
– Red Light District
– Weed
– Coffee Shops
– Magic Mushrooms
– Smart Shops

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What NOT To Do in Amsterdam’s Red Light District | Travel Guides | How 2 Travelers

How 2 Travelers


Laclinic Montreux says:

You very wek. This is the most stupid video.

David Tillwach says:

when she old she going too look nasty as fuck

RoEnsch says:

Well, this ofcourse, is pure shit. Some over-enthousiastic bimbo who is proud on herself walking in the red light district. Next time ask a handsome guide like me and we both ll experience Amsterdam on a more deeper level…

Fitness and entertainment says:

Last year, I see amtesdrem, it’s very beautiful

HotrodADV71 says:

God, she’s hot as hell

Jonny H says:


Gold Wolf says:

What a stupid video… you got to jump into one of those red windows and shake it, then I’d like the video.

-070- says:

1 question are you even dutch ?
1 vraag ben je wel nederlands ?

Thomas M says:

How much do u charge per day?

mike chow says:

Its a shithole.

Jonathan Manuel says:

Don’t ever do that again

PyromediaOFFICIAL says:

Dutch isn’t hard to learn lol, it was easier than Spanish for me

Jonathan Manuel says:

Don’t ever do that again

RuSomeKindaIdiot says:

Just another Eurotrash Shithole. Move along, nothing to see here.

Ru22eLL says:

Dutch is not a hard language to learn if you are an English or German speaker.

Ddstairclimber says:

Is this the girl that was disappointed when nobody grab her boobs or ass in the Tokyo train? Maybe she could get a part-time job at the red light district

Gabriel Traveler says:

Man, the comments under this video are a disgrace. Sorry about that Andrea. I thought you packed a lot of useful info into 3 minutes. Never mind the petty haters hiding behind their computer screens.

arnie shanks says:

Show us ur cunt !!

Patrick Wentzell says:

Come on everything is legal in Amsterdam far as I know you can buy and sell drugs it more free then Boston.

Thor96 says:

Showing only your face.
I didn’t learn anything.
Bad video.

Kyler Rogers says:

The main idea of the Red Light District is sex. I am a virgin and have zero chance at hooking up with a girl here in America. However, I have noticed a lot of children within the country. This means that boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, and husbands have been mating in America. What the Hell?!?!? Other people get to have fun within the SAME COUNTRY that I am in? But I get nothing over here? Screw this, the best solution I came up with is to get a job, money, and some flight tickets. I am so unlucky that I have to flee the country just to get laid. This is how bad my luck is and I am still a 21 year old virgin.

Amsterdam may have just opened a new door that I have never been through if I ever visit the country. I believe the Red Light District are for people that are lonely and not good at talking to women. I am shy and not good at talking to women. This district is just the type of help I want.

Ron Glass says:

this broad is way to damn happy

mnmlCy says:

What an idiot

Allen says:


oscar olivares says:

why got beaten ?

Box Nbox says:

Umm very nice very nice! How much?

KhmerD0g says:

she is so fine….
she is definitely a good timer

Ryosuke19 says:

The blue light thing is NOT true, both female and transgender sex workers can use blue lights or red lights. You cannot identify a transgender sexworker due to a blue light in their window, and you cannot identify her as a born female because of a red light.

Antonio Silveira says:

Fuck was that ???

Backyardmech1 says:

Negotiate price first, be polite like it was a REAL date, and wear a jimmy hat. Get your nut, pay, leave.

Ra says:

What an annoying cunt

Lawrence Patrick says:

Well, it’s pretty obnoxious when you keep recording when a simple picture is not allowed. Imagine if the tables are turned and you are the local population.

wjatube says:

Annoying video. Worries more about her selfie then actual content.

Victor Briones says:

I want go to the smartshop

ProjectFlashlight612 says:

While in the Red Light District, it’s considered ungracious to stand under a canal bridge and scream the titles of every film Christopher Lee was in in chronological order

Dovenpeis says:

Are there many Non-Whites in Amsterdam? Is Amsterdam segregated so you can easily avoid them if you want to?

Fungi Broter says:

i feel so bad for all the hate

PerniciousWolf ASMR says:

You are fit as fuck

jose rednes says:

great video good continue..

charles hetrick says:

Glad you have the inclination to, I guess, help others by providing what information you have but if your intent is to truly inform you might look to a professional such as Rick Steves as an example of how to provide truly useful travel information.

Cemo Scaletta says:

Wtf.. We don’t care about you we want too see the City dislike lol..

Chubby Chubs says:

What a crap video

Rocco Gant says:

she could make good money as a working girl there….

Amsterdam 87 says:

Just cuz few people looked at you drunk doesn’t mean Everyone is after you.

Unklwigz says:

How is this a tour of the red light district when you don’t even go in?

Filmy World says:

Hello from india

Zalden N says:

I want to sex u, can I ?

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