ATLANTIC CITY BEACH AND BOARDWALK SCENE – NJ New Jersey Shore Ocean View Travel Tour Guide



Atlantic City in summer 2014, with stationary views and walking views of the beach and boardwalk along with a driving tour down Pacific Ave at night. Thanks for watching.

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antares4s says:

I prefer the old Atlantic City before 1972, with its classic skyline and famous old hotels, The Hadden Hall, Chalfonte, Traymore, Brighton, Claridge, Marlborough-Blenheim, Dennis, Shelburn. The era of the 1950s and 60s when Atlantic City was a family resort with not a casino insight. Those are the memories I want to keep.

타이러 BTS ARMy says:

I go here on breaks

alexalex13131 says:

The AC Boardwalk in the summer is the best multi-casino destination on the East Coast by far. But in the winter months, better to hang around the ones in the marina.

Sea Hawks says:

Guy in a Marshawn Lynch Seahawks Jersey and hat @ 16:05 lol, just thought I’d point that out. The 12s are everywhere. LET’S GO!!

vincent alvino says:

I love the Atlantic city beach and boardwalk, You can find more information about Atlantic city here;

Marco Gomez says:

I loved AC so fucking much. Something about it just makes me feel like I am really home in this world. After college, I will live there.

GT Tree Trunkz says:

When I was 13 this crack head came up to me and grabbed my shirt cause he wanted to read it my dad knocked him on his arse, another time I was 17 and looked 10 as I am now 30 and look 16 anyway I was playing the slots a d won 800 dollars my mom had to cash it in for me. I have no idea how I didn’t get the boot zero fucks given by them.

James Faust Jr says:

amazing footage 🙂 thanks for the video. I don’t drive so I don’t get to go to ac like I did when I was younger. this brings back so many good memories.

jelly jamms says:

crazy mouse is scary

Psytrance Love says:

thnks for awesome vid going 5th time jan 3.4.5. @ ballys. :]

Tony Buccino says:

you did a excellent job on filming the whole boardwalk etc. i,truly love this video!!!!!!!! i,used to go to Atlantic City over 12 times a year!!!!! but,after i got my breathing disease. i,haven’t gone since 2008. i,miss the way it looked when i first started going to A.C. way back in 1987!!!!!! i,miss the ocean one mall,the warner bros. store etc. may,i asked what kind of video recorder did you use to tape this amazing video? am,going to Atlantic City next month and i can’t wait and i would love to make a video like your’s if i could. i,hope one day we meet and go to A.C. together. take-care!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony Buccino

castortroykrb says:

I Love AC. ….. During 2007-2010 I went 2 weeks a Month on Comps after winning 35K at the Craps table …. Me and my Then GF toured and Ate at every single place in AC. ….. I will never forget 1 nite we found a whole Pizza someone left and at 4am in the Morning we fed the Seagulls and walked the whole Beach ….. I started going in 1985 when the boarded up houses were still across the street from the Hotels ….. I went back last year after the Hotels closed and it’s CREEPY now. …. Even the people in the gaming areas are not to be trusted. ….. I don’t see AC making a comeback because Maryland (the DMV) will have the New MGM Grand opening on our waterfront and it we will become the New ATLANTIC CITY getting all the southerners from the south stopping in PG county …… But I’ll always treasure my Memories of ATLANTIC CITY ! ….. nice Post !

Kayla Ann says:

grew up in Atlantic city!

S E Bayless says:

Atlantic City, NEWJERSEY which about the size of PANANMA

PM William says:

I missed this beautiful area as I used to drive here every weekend during summe time for food and enjoy Cigar…

Cassie Dierolf says:

Im goilg to nj for vacation tmr im staying at a hotel

newt0830 says:

hey where’s Enoch Thompson??

Vadim Podcosov says:

Nice video… great memories as I was back in 2007 🙂
Damn, nothing has been changed for 10 years. Borgata hotel as far as I remember was one of fresh ones built in AC. Btw, that’s not full boardwalk video just a 2/3 of it, isn’t it ? I guess it’s ending/starting long way after HILTON hotel. Cheers

Dj -ASM127 says:

i was like “wheres the steel pier ?” then i realized it was behind him. i dont why i love watching these vids because i live in atlantic city so i could go there any time

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tonebeatz24 says:

Look how AC is dying so sad. This place is not the same AC it once was before 15-20 yrs ago. Thanks to our crook politicians for bankrupting the city. Looks like the state is gonna have to take it since it’s falling apart. AC back in the 80’s and 90’s use to be so packed. AC was once the Las Vegas of the east coast. Now it has gone down to shit. I use to luv this place and now it has turned into a shithole. Makes me wanna cry.

kageokami99 says:

No joke, this vid made me tear up a bit. I used to come here so often as a kid that it was almost like a 2nd home to me. My family and I knew so many people who worked in the hotels. We were actually friends with the people who played Caesar and Cleopatra at Caesars a long time ago. I haven’t been here in almost 10 years.

MakeitRain Swag says:

Looks Wonderful!

DJ Trish says:

another great video!

jelly jamms says:

I’m right there right now but not in this video ,this was probably like a month ago or something

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