Atlantic City Trip – 1/2 No Limit ⎮ Poker Vlog 11

For this 11th Vlog me and my buddy Doug head up to Atlantic City for a few nights. I play 4 poker sessions at 3 different casinos. It was a lot of fun.


Glazed420 says:

I didn’t see you tip in these.

Mike Ross says:

Where do you live that it takes you 5 hrs to get to AC ? How did your buddy do at the table games ? Will you go back to AC again ? Where is your next trip to ? Thanks in advance ! Like the vlog too .

Yijun Lin says:

Mind to share what website you went to book hotel rooms and how much it costed? Planning to visit AC soon and play some sessions also. Thanks

TheNewAgePeople says:

You should really be check raising that A6h hand on the flop, you’re super heavy on draws and it can be very profitable to be folding out better Ax hands than yours.

cardead316 says:

Love your poker vlog in Atlantic City ! Keep em coming. Love playing at Tropicana, Borgata and Ballys myself. I have yet to go to Ocean but after watching your vlog, I want to check it out too.

Steve Main says:

Great video man.. love watching these!!

LO8Grinder Poker says:

still won bro so still a good trip, but no Taj? Is it still around? that was the first place I went to on my first AC visit ( ’cause of… u know… rounders lol )

BigDaddy Scoops says:

Hate those slippery ass Borgata chips. Worst casino chips out there.

Raising The Nuts says:

Cool to see you at the Trop, that was my home casino when I first started playing poker forever ago. I liked the way you played all of the hands, don’t think there were any mistakes in the ones you showed, nice vlog as always!

Kenny Lopez says:

Seems to me you play a lot of short sessions? 2 3 hrs the most what’s the reasoning for that?

BingoTime123 says:

Again another fine Vlog Mr Coe…I truly look forward to your next one…I hope theirs a day when you go up in stakes you definitely have the skills and knowledge.Best Of Luck

Jeff G. says:

lose the min, win the max

Rick Stone says:

The Trop sucks and Steve Callender is a dick.Why would you subject yourself to the worst casino with the worst poker room? Are you really that low to play at Trop? Sad

Tom Price says:

Great content Mr. Coe.  Congrats on the A/C trip.

mike long says:

Jesus that a6 hand and the jacks you took em to value town lol

Don Draper's Greatest Memes says:

.:Casinos & Gamblers Info:. Plus* .:Blogs & Vlogs:.

HVAC1994 says:

Great vlog — Time to head down to MGM and make vlog #12

Chris Jackson says:

Cowboy fan cool !!!! GO COWBOYS

iluvsinging2 says:

btw, 620 here

The Real Joey Bag Of Donuts says:

Snaps it off with ace ten off lol

Luis Manzo says:

Learn how to tip the dealers. Not once did I see any motion to tip the dealers.

iluvsinging2 says:

great video! nice win!

Griff Joyce says:

Love the table footage this video…also love your foxbody, i have a 92 lx hatch supercharged

MTG Mitch says:

does hard rock have poker? thats another new casino right?

Michael Brenneman says:

be carefule about filming at the casino.. i have a buddy who was doing the same kind of thing and got barred from the casinos he plays at for it

hellerrocks says:

Why shove with JJ? It’s a good hand but only real hand calling you is probably better or a coin flip, ie AK or AQ. Good result but why not just call raise and re-evaluate on flop. Entertaining vlog though.

B S says:

Bunch of high rollers here

Steve Main says:

Do you have any bankroll? If so what is it and do you have limits for each game like 200BB and you’re done?

C Sap12 says:

Do they let you film hands at Trop or you hide it? I am going there in January.

Jason Haas says:

New subscriber. Love the content bro! I’m a 1/3 semi regular from the buffalo area. Just wanted to give you some props and say GL at the tables

brendon kennedy says:

Wow . A 7 hour trip to play 1 2 at the Tropicana in Atlantic city. Sounds like the world’s shittiest vacation

Edward Odian says:

Before I finish the video I just want to say if you’re going to come in with a 6-7 suited on the button and no one’s entered the pot you got a raise with it most of the time if the blinds call your hands disguised and you have position so by limping then they’re going to both limp okay now you don’t have the initiative that’s another Factor so anyway I’m sure you win the pot LOL but think about being more aggressive especially in late position even against one limp or if you have a decent hand you should raise if you’re going to come into the pot

Azary Tamarov says:

What’s ur pick cowboys vs saints

The Pennsylvania Poker Playing Prepper says:

Solid session and Vlog. Good enough to warrant a sub! Looking forward to your next.

Dot Com says:

You ever had your savings on the table

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