Fun in Atlantic City!!

Took a trip a few weeks ago with my awesome friend Miles to Atlantic City. That city is weird… it’s like Vegas, but kinda boring! Am I wrong??
You can also see Miles in a lot of my Mediocre Films. One of my favorites is EARTHQUAKE! Check it out!

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David Höing says:

DONT SNAP OR CLAP ON COUNTS 1 AND 3 !!!!!!!! goddamn

SktrJksn says:

who really cares if it’s 1 and 3 or 2 and 4?
It’s not like the worlds gonna end. Unless you clap on 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. Then your just Chad Vader.

KingHeathen says:

Dale Chihuly (artist that made the glass sculpture) is awesome. I’ve gotten to meet him and watch him work in person. I like his piece at the Bellagio better, though.

monkeys350 says:

if you mean on the elevator, they were snapping on 2 and 4. Actually they were snapping on 2 and 4 in the beginning too.

Torbax says:


hockeyftw11211 says:

your 2$ delux hugs prank is featured on google today

BringPopcorn says:

What ever happened to Payman Benz? Did he die?

Alvaro Garcia says:

dude wat was the point of this vid…..

royfudgloy says:

seriously, fuck you GREG, you fucking dork faggot

Erik Back says:


akasaart says:

i can’t really compare
i haven’t been to Atlantic City since I was about 12
and i haven’t been to Las Vegas since I was 15

The Reason Why Guy says:

rent a penis?

Miranda K says:

chihuly is an awesome artist 2:44

h0w13r says:

lol stoners

Tristan Wetter says:

This reminds me of that song “Detachable Penis”

Jason Hill says:

Does that elevator say “good luck” on it? if so, i’d get the hell out of there haha

Kyle Brown says:

at the begging i thought he was gonna start singing west side stories

Bryan says:

Good Luck? What’s that supposed to mean. Good luck if this elevator fails and you die?!

BubbaBlue79 says:

Hey!!! that Garage looks familiar!! hmm i thought it was alittle more blurry tho….

AwolGurl says:

Atlantic City is horrible + boring. If you are going to go to NJ, go to Wildwood. 😀

ohshitmanda says:

renting a penis?

Nephilith says:

I expected something with dolphins and seals etc, lol

Dylan Welch says:

hey isn’t that the guy from the kiddnapping on mediocer films 1

Jeremy T says:

Sculpture looks like Uma Thurman’s bush…

DK says:

atlantic city is NOTHING like the rest of nj

KiheiLawyer says:

that is almost the same glass art that it is at the casino at the Atlantis in the Bahamas

tjv323 says:

rooms to rent 50 cent

Patrick Nelson says:

Having lived in the Philly area, I know that it’s generally much busier during the weekends and especially the summer. They probably hit it at an off time. And the glass sculpture – it’s Dale Chihuly work. There’s one JUST like this that spans several stories in a museum in Old City (old part of downtown Philly). It’s very cool.

bfgivmfith says:

Severed? Who said anything about severed? Chiillaxxx Man! For sale or rent, keep it cool dude!

onjoFilms says:

I thought I recognized that guy.

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