My 6.15 2013 Atlantic City, NJ Jimmy Buffet concert on the beach experience.

This was a fun concert on the beach. Jimmy Buffet at his best.
Opening the new Margaritaville Bar in Atlantic City, New Jersey
There were a lot of people at this concert.

When I shot this video the place was half full.
It was twice as packed in one hour.
There were people everywhere.
Jimmy Buffet packs them in.
This was my first time seeing Mr. Buffet.
Almost like Grateful Deadheads.
There are parrotheads at the Buffet concerts.
Go figure. Pretty cool.

The view of the buildings are amazing.
I did not even set foot in any of the casinos.
I did not have the urge.
not my thing.
Cause I know if I go in, I will come out broke.
Not a good feeling.

Enjoy this video.
A fun time seeing Jimmy Buffet on the beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey on



nathanisnathanwoop says:

LOL u walk around with a parrot filming girls

1004w12 says:

You are the man. Teach me to be like you. Wait! I already am.

Arthur Ponzarelli says:

If you’re gonna be a creeper, at least do it right and get a camera with zoom.

Michel Folco says:

Bet you had material to stroke your little ding dong for weeks after this video

Shawn Patrick says:

Bro you on a preteen hunt lmao

RandomVideoCircus says:

Atlantic City: Where Sin, IS IN!!!!!

JahFoolie says:

Seriously, is this legal? I’m pretty sure you could get fucked for this in the UK especially in this age of women crying rape. What the fuck was this dude thinking putting this on YoiTube?!?

Eros Hermes says:

Just approach her and introduce yourself next time. They love to get attention and talk about themselves.

leasa k says:

Pretty sure it’s really creepy that you keep video taping that girl in the bikini without her ever knowing. Gross.

andrea brown says:

What’s with the chick in the pink bikini putting herself on display? Wtf.

NoFreeAdvice says:

Keep Up the Good Work.. 😉

Richard Kennady says:

Geeez, what total palm jerker…..if you need to get your rocks off fly to Rio De Janeiro, leave us American uglies alone…we are just having fun.

keith g says:

public beach dopes

Celia says:

they were good times holiday from portland hot summer x)

Jorge Hidalgo says:

Thats what i call HQ VIDEO.LOL

Joe Powell says:

this is the creepiest video i have ever watched

jimepage says:

Your really taking this to the point of creepy pervert. Its one thing to film a girl but to do it for extended periods of time!

Ct SeaRay says:

Nice Job man

vanna says:

It helped me to make a decision!!

WonderDrugEchinacea says:

On one hand, it is creepy as hell to do this and even creepier that he thought it was a good idea to show the world how much of a creep he is on youtube.

On the other hand, it’s hard to have sympathy for the women considering they are walking around in what is essentially a bra and panties in public and a male’s biology makes it hard to not stare especially if its a young male which this place is full of. Soo, it’s whatever. Don’t walk around in your underwear in public if you don’t want to be oogled like this. If you’re going to show it for all to see, don’t get offended when people notice.

It’s ok to look, but when you start following them around with a camera, that’s crossing the creepy line.

RandomVideoCircus says:

The opening scene was great!!!

kdegru1 says:

I am impressed with the quality of your HD recordings.  The handheld photography certainly has it’s limitations but the capability for great video is apparent.  Regarding girls and being a creep I personally feel it would be more creepy, assuming you are a man, if you would not have paused on certain subjects (females) that by the grace of God came into your purview.  In my opinion you have chosen wisely and stopped where I would have if I were not so shy.  Regarding the HD cam could you tell me what equipment you were using as I want to get one of similar capability. 

Help the Cause says:

choppertj1 says:

The creepy n gross parts r all the 60yr ol ladies w/bikinis!!!

Ziggy Flux says:

freaking weirdo…..

FN-1701AgentGodzillaRangerPrime says:

Such butthurt in the comments

GAWD forbid you film a beach

thatsamazing says:

I live there

Martin Giroux says:

Creepy but still gets 110 000 views XD

09victoryrc says:

Subscribed !

Always Morphing says:

Op is probably a professional pedophile by now, lol.

gayle2020 says:

I have never seen a beach so crowded!!! I think I have changed my mind in going for a visit

Frank D says:

Some eye candy but not much

nihilisticpunk24 says:

What a terrible “beach”. I know the ocean extents all the way on both sides of the country, but something about beaches in the north just sucks. Looks so gloomy, even during summer. No palms trees because the climate is generally cold with the exception of summer and not one surf themed/beach shop in sight. Just a bunch of casinos and shit.

jeffs1000 says:

don’t see the appeal of this….too many people, too much chlamydia.   I’ll take a deserted florida beach on the gulf coast any day.

blarfarginblah says:

the title of this should be “no i’m not looking at her ass, yes I am, no I’m not” lol

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