New Jersey atlantic city wildwood cape may drone

Memorial day weekend fun in new jersey with bae


Huntbob 123 says:

I go there all the time damn daniel

Michael Ismael says:


Victoria Starchak says:

Love this !! What hotel did you stay at ? I loved the hammocks

Herb Kreutz says:

Nice video! Born & raised in Jersey but haven’t been there in about 20 years. Nice trip down memory lane.

Clifford Bodine says:

What a terrific video! I’m from Wildwood (Class of 79) and I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a video as sensational as that. You captured it to the point of actually making me feel the warm breezes of summer – and it’s mid-November right now!

Stephanie R says:

Wildwoods??? lol, I have never heard anyone call it Wildwoods. The s fuck up the whole pronunciation. Anyway, I currently live in Ocean City. But it’s January so… Nice video.

gacp722 says:


Freddy Heckman says:

What did you use to record this.. Camera quality is great!

Joshua Bashore says:

Are you allowed to fly on the beaches

PJG Drones says:

Very cool video. Middle section using Coldplay “paradise” was awesome. Love that tune. You just gained a new sub.


nice editing.

Fendi 7 says:

Is this the Santa Monica, CA in the East coast..

Patricia Garces says:

What bridge is that? Tks!

Mathieu Latulippe says:

Awesome Video dude!

Cas Dirico says:

the best part of the video was at 11:25

Brinah says:

great video!

Stephanie R says:

Sorry quick question, have you ever gotten in trouble flying the drone over places like the water park, & things like that while it was open?

EZ Tutorials says:

Brings me back to summer

William VanDerVeen says:

Yeah really nice footage! Cape May is my favorite place on Earth. The footage is beautiful, and the young lady is quite lovely as well.

Mario Justiniano says:

Nice views

Harry James says:

awesome views great work

Simply Shay says:

Song ??

MindTheGap says:

I lived in Wildwood for one summer,it is very nice and quiet place,except the ocean

Altenholz says:

Nice views no question- thanks!

Ruth Pullis says:

live there all summer growing up kid how i miss it . want to go back. miss everything.

Eva Cedeno says:

Muí lindo esto me encanto

Keith says:

Best part of the video 11:26. I wish I could read what she has tattooed all over her bod. Something by Shakespeare?

CAR AUTO DVR DUMB Drivers says:

Awesome Video,Editing, Love the Wildwoods and thanks for including the great Eye Candy – keep up the great work –

Tony Jimenez says:


Gustavo Assunção says:


iTimPeou2000 says:

Nice Video

wogfun says:

looks like a great weekend!

Lynn Stash says:

love it…..

Martin Kelly says:

Love this video bro.

Picaloni Fishing says:

That’s probably 1 mile away from where my family rents a apartment during vacation the outdoor mall is write across the street in this picture and one of the back roads from that out door mall leads write to the apartment write over hotdog tommys

Jeffrey Huddle says:

Great video, what hand held are you using, I am assuming your using a DJI phantom 3/4 for areal shots. Thanks.

guyfisher81 says:

Feels like I’m inside the drone

Glenn Forrester says:

Great video of Wildwood, good editing skills. Best one I’ve seen. Fun to watch. You got skillz boy….

Michael Staltare says:

It’s been a while since I’ve been to wildwood forgot how big and how much there is to do there and it’s nice there thanks for bringing back memories. Ps. The wooden roller coaster Great white I think it’s called is a great ride.

The Creator says:

what is the name of the first song?

veronica diaz says:

I love your video.

TheRedStang227 says:

Great video!

Ed C says:

Nice job Mike!

judge Dredd 650 says:

This is now my favourite video from Wildwood. Thanx!

Tim Hoover says:

Last time I was at Wildwood, NJ was 20 yrs ago… it sure has changed. Watching this video brought back so many memories of going there with family since the mid 70’s. Thanks for the virtual trip 🙂

Xpoza says:

Go to snow whites next time you’re there it’s right before the 2nd pier, they have the best roast beef sandwiches

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