Opie & Anthony: Atlantic City Stories (01/19/10)

Tales of Ant’s angry gambling at the Borgata are told, Sam talks about his unplanned trip up to bring Opie his forgotten luggage and Jimmy lists the gifts his parents gave him.

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Monscent says:

God this clip started so good with Ants stories, then it’s just Opie droning on forever about luggage. How is that an “AC story”? gtfo…

Brian Davis says:

how long was he gonna ponder about possible items his girl could have forgotten. For fucks sake.

jason cullity says:

I would LOVE to play Black Jack with Chip without anyone knowing his character. Holy shit that would be hilarious

LIl Pontoon says:

Funny to hear now that Danny is in and out of rehab for opiates. Lowlife.

Frank White says:

Asian women dealers are bad luck in casinos.

lyon adamy says:


Joe C says:

Wow Opie is a fucking cunt. Dey shouldna gave that dumbass money



Turbo Gav says:

opies chick sounds dumb as shit

Mark Vickroy says:

Dopie’s OCD a Howie “ripoff”?

puterossputeross Bowelly says:

The eternal mangina Opie just ruins everything.

Dan Quality says:

photos in the clip are perfect. ant’s having fun. jim’s having fun. sam and his girl are having fun. but opester is, as usual, pissy as fuck.

mosipd says:

Amy Schumer attractive or cutesy? What fucking planet is Jimmy living on.

Frank White says:

Jimmy impersonating ant is golden

David Holden says:

That is such great justice that Sam is in Opies position now and now Opie has no show.

Lou Garu says:

The best part about this video is that Sam has Opie’s job now

psfanboy79 says:

Millionaire crying bout 2k for clothes, meanwhile doesnt look at the real problem that his wife is an idiot.

Danny P says:

I hate Opie with everything in me

walker paulson says:

gawd if Anthony is not half “diddin du nuffin” then Obama is a cracka

Thomas Kirkpatrick says:

Good for E Rock. I would have told Opie to go fuck himself.

ACS Shap says:

Ant and Jimmy really were scared of Gregshells. How the fuck didn’t they tear him up about the Luggage? That would be an hour bit. What a fucking waste. It had to be Gregshells girl whining about it and Gregshells not having the balls to blow her up on air.

Myles Hamann says:

opie always pretending to be small time, never realizing no one even cares.

tha mountainman says:


Scott Legg says:

hair products 42:08

chrismasterith says:

sam is the ugliest person I’ve ever seen

Alex Adame says:

HOLD ON HOLD ON….. shut up stupid

dante040 says:

god opie is a cunt “get my shit i wanna take a nap”

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