Rainbow Six – Pro League Finals – Live from Atlantic City


mike becker says:

6:46:00 Round one of grand final start 1st map

First Name Last Name says:

Where is sha77e

Diggy Dumbo says:

Nesk, the best player in the world!
Deal with it

Bollibompa says:

*LIQUID WON THE FINAL* Shame on you for reading comments *LIQUID WON THE FINAL*

Callan Wood says:

grand final 6:45:00

Mehlül TV says:

When you realize that s3xycake is not woo man

Shields Gaming says:


성이름 says:


Frank Lopez says:

Why is the audio out of sync

Adam Leonard says:

Can everyone here send their love to my new youtube channel. Im gonna be uploading mainly Siege vids, Be apart of the crew and help me be better 🙂

Gurveer Singh says:

Audio is delayed

Junb Linh says:

What happened to Sha77e?

Jerkkoo. says:

NESK is actually just so much better then anyone on PENTA..
PENTA never had a chance against Liquid
Maybe if the META wasn’t complete aids PENTA would’ve had a chance.

ViRuZ _ says:

Sô mais os gringo falando q o sexy eh mulher kkkkkk

lIIlASTROlIIl says:

Penta loses to ence so they take sha77e then he can’t play so they have to take another great player like kanto. They deserve this big L

Tim Ewert says:

Why does pengu always wear his own Hoodies at LANs

Javid Jakeer says:

Jeez, nes has a really big forehead

dhruv pathak says:

Liquid sucks though

brandon Morales says:

Congrats liquid as a true penta fan congrats gg

Theo Hunt says:

I am a Penta fan but Liquid played fantastically and deserved the win

Emmet222 Or 0168 says:


Elliot Green says:

Undeserved IMO but GG Liquid. Congratulations! Hope to see you continuing such skill

Rodrigo Foggiato says:

OOOOH BOY!!!! I could not be happier to be Brazilian at this moment. Go team LIQUID!!!

That cool guy Gaming and more says:


kuroshi Gaming says:


Oooof Ooof says:

Lol “operation health” multiple headshots that should have happened for both teams, please fix your awful hit reg lul

gilet102 says:

Wait s3xycake a guy?

tomtaymccoll says:

are the matches going to be uploaded seperatley?

Ya Boy says:

PENTA how can you lose against team liquid smh….
They win against really good teams and they lose against team liquid….

poorna akalanka says:

Audio is late

TheLawEnforcerHD says:

Can new players still join? Not competitively just as a casual gamer or is the skill gap too big? I’ve seen rumours of another 6-7 years with upto 100 operators?
Cuz i’ve played the free weekend and was very good! Am I too late to the party? Also, I’m on PS4…

Berreuh_ R6 says:

wonder if sha77e would’v made a difference for penta strat-wise even tho kanto deffinetly played his ass off for penta in these finals ” GG’s to BOTH teams however that’s for sure

Joseph Elkassis says:

Seems that there are more PENTA haters than Team LIQUID haters

Jordis Bell says:

congratulations liquid the complete underdogs going into the final

Memeframe says:

I don’t understand the fanboys. I’m just a simple humble PENTA fan. If we lose, we lost. I’m not gonna fucking rage on comments and begin shootouts

Luis Felipe Rojas Samalvides says:

Sexycake is a female?

Marc-antoine L'Heureux says:

I guess this trophy is better than that diamond charm…

Noah Caravel says:

Is it only me or the sounds/voice is 2 sec delay ?
So they try to upload an 8 hours vid . I totally agree this way but some problems are here.

Growing Bud says:

Playing rainbow on pc is so easy try dominating on ps4 or Xbox these guys are trash

OliMarJ- says:

Rip Goga

Cheecho says:

‘Tactical Pause’ you mean a timeout

Saucy_Dragon says:

WP liquid. But beware, PENTA WILL RETURN!!!!

weslley ferreira says:


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