Riding Shotgun: Trip to Atlantic City

Riding Shotgun:
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Benhart_ says:

9:05 That one building looked invisible because of the reflection.
I just thought that was neat.

Robert C says:

Gotta check out the Borgata at least the last time I was down there (4-5 years ago) was the place to be.

Svder_man says:

Daym I love what you do man. Your family is perfect

johannes veskus says:

Keep food vloging.. If u vloggin. 😉
Greetings from Estonia*

j03bailey says:

dude make a separate (uncommon) (like every once in a while a vid comes out playlist) on hotels and getaways that’d be tight as hell. Me and my girl are always trying to get away

Beast says:

Ey daym, u got snapchat

Ben Davison says:

why am i hearing the soprano’s theme in my head

Autobahn No Limit says:

The economy in the U.S. isn’t the greatest regardless what Washington is telling us. Small business is struggling all over the nation Daym.

In regards to Trump Plaza, it’s in need of renovation? Do ya think they’re changing the bed sheets since they’re trying to save money? LOL

Thanks for the video. Shalom.

Paul Pheonix says:

Daym i hope you have more vlogs to come cant wait no mo.. Peace from your fam tj

gaou50 says:

Yo i’m digging those vlogs, keep up the good work b !

Initial Reaction says:

Glad you had fun man. You always make my day a little better

Daym Drops says:

My latest blog now that I am back in town! Hope you all enjoy the trip! If you want more, be sure to subscribe to the Madness! 😉

Kyle Hearnsberger says:

Hey, Mr. Daym. Speaking of birds – the other day, as some family and I were outside, and I watched them till dirt for a garden, I think a bird pooped on me as it flew over me, lol. It was so hard not to want to laugh my butt off.

Shredding Stuff says:

Great vlog Daym!

Peaceganjareggae says:

check out Ocean City <3

Berhanu Bossers says:

hahahha so fat

xgraffitix says:

I think the sign at 4:55 tells just how ‘nice’ Trump Plaza is. Lol. “Trump Plaz”

sarah howard says:

Would definitely like to see more vlogs

BaconandCash says:

Bro u should have a separate blog channel with you and ur wife sharing ur daily lives like all the other YouTube couples getting that gwap b! Like bfvsgf and ctfxc (before they broke up) lol

jeff cowen says:

Atlantic city is unfortunately a dump right now. I agree with the other commenter who suggested Ocean City. That’s a great beach!

Amanda Marie says:

Love it! Atlantic City Looks awesome ! Looks like a fun place to go like a mini vegas 🙂

Shane Coyle says:

This was about a month after i went. Damn! My search for daym continues…

Ranked Shooter says:

Daym like Andre the Giant compared to wifey and everybody else. You know how we big and tall boys represent!

MrMountolympus says:

The trump plaza is so ghetto! i asked for a room in the non smoking section of the hotel. Why did i smell marijuana coming through the air vents?

Doc Trower says:

This brings back a lot of childhood memories when I lived in South Jersey with my father up until 6th grade.  If you should ever visit AC again, you must check out White House Sub Shop.

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