101 Facts About Australia

Here are some facts for ya about down under – and no, I don’t mean my trousers, I mean down under in AUSTRALIA you silly geese! Discover dangerous wildlife, lots of alcohols and tales of an exciting past. Groovy.

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I Luv KEW2 says:

Fuckin hell you see these cunts complaining about like 20 degrees celcius like mutha fuka Christmas is a good 45-50 degrees on average

Mr. Dingo says:

Hello from NSW

Ricky McGuigan says:

your “mispronunciation” was really pissing me off.

Teblaze says:

I get 1 mbs

Caleb Thomas says:

it was a drop bear for 76

I Luv KEW2 says:

God I’m cringing

Xavier Mcloughlin says:

What about QANTAS our national airline and what it stands for

Kiran Games says:


iSsA kEnDaLl says:

Sounds like you’re disrespecting our (Australia’s) Native custodians of this land hmm? Aka the aboriginies

Dave Dickson says:

Dinky di? pronounced dinky die. Fantales is pronounced fantails. See the rest of the mountain of comments for the other stuff ups. Fact checking is a thing.

ASN Inner says:

You say it Mount koz I os co

Max Barrand says:

You got all of this info from Wikipedia

101Facts says:

Wait… Did I mispronounce something?

Finn Matthews says:

So racist

Talha. says:


T star TV says:

What’s shrimp

I Luv KEW2 says:

We learned about what to do against a snake before we learned how to multiply

Ella Rooney says:

it is south Australia not southeren Australia

I Luv KEW2 says:

Kangaroos are pogchamp, they taste like marinated steak but better

Peter Bliss says:

2:54 That is a picture of Perth, and not Melbourne!

Gryzzi says:

And Melbourne. *shows picture of perth*


Talha. says:

He mispronounce so many things

Clawbert :3 says:

2:25 shout out to all the people in Townsville

I Luv KEW2 says:

It actually isn’t that bad

Satinder Singh says:

Dude I live Australia and have red backs in my backyard

iSsA kEnDaLl says:

Its also pronounced Mount koh-zee-oss-co

Maddison Holden says:

*Sings* I come from the Land Down Under

I Luv KEW2 says:

Ula roo, that’s how you pronounce it

Cool Hills says:

I’m Canadian. I have no clue why I’m watching this. XD

TheEnderGamer_99 says:

0:19 XD yep Vegemite can kill ya

The_Lime_Jam says:

I almost had a seizure when you managed to mispronounce Ayers Rock and Uluru

Teblaze says:

You pronounce Uluru like oolaroo
And ANZAC=Australian New Zealand army corps

James Robertson says:

You were talking about Australian rugby league and you show a photo of Brian Habana, a South African Rugby Union player…..

SamYT1300 says:

XD 2:58 He showed Perth when he said melbourne

Amy Jefferis says:

You would not be able to joke about spiders and snakes if you lived here. They do show up occasionally. In your pool. In your yard. When you are camping. Everywhere else. But just use common sense.

Stay ToasTi says:

Australia is the only country in the world were you can refer to your best mate as a cunt – Guy with a sick beard

aiden currie says:

But at least we(Australian’s) don’t have AR 15’S. Yeah Auzzie

I Luv KEW2 says:

Nonninononooooooooooooooooooooo not shrimps please no they’re flipping prawns cunt they’re fuckin prawns, just fucking hell omg orjekjsjs

I Luv KEW2 says:

No darwin or something

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