16 Affordable Place To Travel If You Are Broke

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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pierre-marcel alexandre says:

Why traveling if you are broke?

Anton's Class says:

Good video. But the narrator slaughtered several of the location names…. lol

big meech says:

I live in New Zealand … auckland is our most expensive city to stay…

Everettel says:

If your broke I think the cost of flights to Asia and Europe will be difficult.

saranya selvaraj says:

Oh flight charges are too high for me

Darian Martin says:

Beautiful countries

Spy Ware says:

“South Korea?” Are you fu@#$n kidding?!!!

John C. says:

South korea is definitely not cheap. Food in Seoul for example is more expensive than NYC


By definition if you are Broke you cannot afford to travel anywhere. Click bait alert!

M Abdelati says:

This a hole had South Korea !!!! One of the most expensive places in all Asia !!! he had Bali !!! he even mentioned hotels for $10 .. not even for a SHARED BED ( not just bathroom) !!! What a big liar… i have been to ALL those destinations .. and its pronounced Medayien .. the double LL are a Y in Spanish .. he can’t even say the names right !!

Paul Grady says:

Ha, whhaaat?! Auckland number 1?!?! Suprised it even made this list. No way, i wonder have u ever actually travelled b4? I lived all over Asia and Middle East for many many years, I’m from Auckland NZ, back here now.. Food is way way over priced compared to anywhere else and it’s generally of a so so unauthentic quality, general utility costs and provider services including the relevant customer service is absolute shit and a total rip off. The reality is, there ain’t shit to do here with no $$$. Except go to a beach or climb a hill or something. You can walk up and down the cities main street for free, watch people with money do stuff, that’d be fun, lol. Then u can take a free poo on some poor locals property.

Hailey P. says:

I live in Arizona. Literally nothing here. It was 80 on Christmas Eve in 2017. There’s cacti, snakes, and dirt.

the passt of the Dinos age 1-1000 says:

Medalin. Lol.

Magda says:

I’m from Lisbon. If you’re “broke” or low on cash and still want to have a small vacation abroad for celebrations/holidays etc, Crete is not that dirt cheap! And neither are most tourist-y cities in Spain.

Robert Vowler says:

I’d never thought of visiting Cambodia. It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

julie giles says:

Cuba as a us citizen isn’t cheap.

BabyPhat Phat says:

Bangkok is a bit expensive now due to swarming of tourists, thus Philippines is still cheaper compare to Thailand.

julieartemova says:

I hate this video! how the heck do you get to this “cheep” places. the plane tickets from US are up to $3000. Most affordable my ass…

tre g says:

Flights are so expensive from America to Thailand.

Katie Kat says:

New Zealand?? Are you kidding? And Auckland of all places? No it’s not cheap, not at all. I’ve been to New Zealand (especially Auckland) twice and I’m going again in a couple years. And trust me when I say that it ain’t cheap.

Anna D says:

You are talking about affordable travel and when you mention Crete, Greece, you are showing us only photos of Santorini! Really? You’re advertising Crete so you should be showing us Crete! I lived there 8 years after college and I traveled there as a child every summer. Yes, it’s very affordable and the largest Greek Island around! Thank you.

Jess Licuanan says:

I think better to visit Asia like Philippines or Thailand the price are inexpensive and very cheap and the beaches are world class amazing..

Sharon Wallace says:

I’m broker than a joke.

the x assasinn says:

iraq is nice place to visit its very cheap lol.

Kevin Oloane says:

I have $0.50

Colbyyy says:

i have air pods

Cheryl Juliette says:

#1 Stay hime if you are broke.

Rentins NS says:

Serbia – beautiful nature and food, Montenegro – Mountains and Sea, Croatia – Adriatic sea – crystal clear water: https://rentins.rs/en

Edward Jones says:

Auckland cheap!? You obviously have no clue! Turned the video off as soon as I saw Auckland at number 1.
One of Aucklands biggest challenges when attracting tourist is the fact that its expensive to visit

Jefferson DoGood says:

I’m pretty sure that the first photo of South Korea was North Korea.

Henrik Andersen says:

So wrong video
Mostly all countries named in this video is alot more expensive than he talking about
I have been in all the countries and only Bulgaria is cheap
OK I never been in North Korea

Sharmila Devi says:

fuck no #1 is totally fucking wrong

jackson jack says:

If I’m broke how can I travel???

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