48 Hours in Melbourne

Thumbs up for more 48 hour city videos!!

A huuuuge thanks to Last Minute.com.au (http://bit.ly/1Uf1MYu) for such a fun weekend in Melbourne, Australia.

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This video was sponsored by Last Minute .com.au.

Big love and thanks a million for following my travels! xo


Prince Mahmud says:

This city is beautiful, but not as beautiful as you (Brooke Saward)

Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP says:

I am from Toronto which is a sister city to Melbourne

Tony Jackson says:

Very nice video .

John Mccabe says:

What is it like in the tent please let me known

Luke Field says:

This felt unrealistic. There was clearly an unlimited budget for some of the activities & for her second hotel, and booking an impromptu hot air balloon ride would be highly unlikely given the weather conditions need to be bang on (it took me a year of consistently booking weekends before the weather was just right). And a picnic in the park with friends? How many times have we tried that with friends all having plans already in place or dropping out at the last minute? Nice attempt to show the city off but unrealistic in reality.

faboulous creativity says:

love love love this video its so amazing

Radix says:

What is the background music?

A guy who liked The german Empire says:

Feel proud to live in Melbourne

natalia iragorri says:

you should come to Colombia 🙂

Carlos Nação Nesta says:



Snehal Wagh says:

Whoa.. Amazing journey.. Love it.. ^_^


Melbourne <3

Se Devoile says:

Wow used to live in Melbourne. That tent hotel. Never heard of. Really awesome video. I’m from Sydney if you wanna catch up one day 😉

Filip Stoimenov says:

i can give you a push ;P

CinnamonBun says:

I live in Melbourne I love Melbourne


Nice Video!!

D G says:

melbourne has a sf sort of feel

Jacobbowersbone says:


Block hax says:

money to blow?

balak sooly says:

Would u please come to Wollongong

OTPHxerx OTPHxerx says:

i grew up in melb and there are alot of things i really dont like about it. Its kind of like a really violent, masculine, stinky man, trying to be nice and trendy.

Marj Castro says:

Please, come to the Philippines! Specially in Cebu! I’ll gladly tour 🙂

michelle robin says:

The lane way that his paintings my dad started it!

Geoff Brown says:

plug plug plug

Ashleigh Van Midden says:

This is where I live, I was in Europe while you were here though!

Chris the Freelancer says:

Cool video! Who’s your camera man? haha

Khoder Hassan says:

You should of went on the eureka tower

Jake says:

so contrived.

Alpha and Omega says:

The guy at exactly 1:15 on the right side of the screen in the brown leather jacket, is he a white or black man?

Amy Ghioni says:

Oh that picnic was beautiful 🙂

Throttle rc4 says:

Where’s crown metropole

TK Mr. says:

Coool 🙂

vishal mor says:

like u dear friend

Graphic Designer says:

You lucky daughter of a gun lol

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