A Trip to Australia!

Ellen played a game with several of her audience members, and the prize was a trip to Australia! See who won, and then enter to win your own trip to Australia here!


superbabyrockstar98 says:

i would rather fly to america to see ellen.

MsJennyAlina says:

Wrong way around hahaha

houchi69 says:

That Colton boy is HOT! lol
sorry, the comment for that video was disabled 😛

HereForTheMusic1000 says:

Wow that girl cheated. The pieces weren’t properly together, and the top left corner was the wrong way around..

Martin Chin says:

lol chill out guys, don’t make this good thing for that lady a bad thing

whatever. says:

what the hell, she didnt even finish it, thats not fair.

whatever. says:

actually depends on where you live.

MsJennyAlina says:

Nope… You must be trying to be funny…

Lexi Larson says:

Ya I agree with u

Instakilla says:

Xbox beats any trip

xzamin says:

Somebody never played Skyrim b4

dbsklover4eva says:

i cant comment on those other videos, so im gonna say it here. I get why the comments are disabled coz people can be really rude, but what about approving comments?, it allows comments and it also makes sure theres no rudeness

Tadashi Stark says:

I don’t know man I felt like she cheated because the woman on the far right had it neat and stuff. I couldn’t even tell who it was for a second from the winner’s puzzle.

Valeria Castro Brissolese says:

my dreams: meet ellen, become an actress and the actual possible one is….. TO GO TO AUSTRALIA ….. 😀

augustrunsred says:

Everyone values things differently, it’s not all about the dollar amount. There’s also the option that certain people may not WANT to go to Australia. It’s a 15 hour plane ride one-way, not to mention you have to pay for your own expenses there. I’d be happy with an Xbox. It’s more-so a convenience factor rather than which one costs more.

anonymouse1243 says:

they lost

Daniel Pegler says:

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Atag says:

I was secretly wishing the one doing Portia’s puzzle won but she’s too bad at it. LOL

lovemoviesful2 says:

Of what? Going to Australia? LOL not one bit. I have family over there and I can do a visit anytime I want, except I can’t now because of work.

KSMaxiefan01 says:

That girl on the end should have gotten something more since hers was actually nice and neat

Izzati Zulkifli says:

been to both sydney and melbourne, i must say xbox is a better prize lololol sydney n melbourne are boring places to visit 😛

shea styles says:


razmataz13drums says:

well an xbox was second prize. they didnt win hence they got the xbox. xbox is better than nothing right. but yeah if it were a choice my god completely agree with you!!

Sam Guilfoyle says:

It is unreal how de generous she is ….. Hehe see what I did

SummerDew says:

i would pick Australia or any other countries anytime over xbox. u needa see the world more!

MsJennyAlina says:

Because there’s TONS of comments, you can’t expect them to read all of them and click approve or disapprove..

jnbg61584 says:

He was born in new Zealand, moved to Australia and became a citizen in 2006, pipe down. And no one said how together the puzzle had to be. As far as the Xbox vs Australia debate, who cares, what someone would rather have is no ones business but theirs

issa says:

1:31 did she say chris colfer ??

Nienke Rood says:

Ellen has to count everyting she has gaven away in all the 10 seasons

Maddi Studer says:

Hey guys, help ellen see my video! it’s pretty funny:) click on my channel and go to my wisdom teeth video. Thanks for the help!

MsJennyAlina says:

They didn’t choose to NOT go to Australia, they were just happy they go an Xbox… They’re not stupid, I’m pretty sure if you won a free xbox you would be happy to.

hrjfkdso says:


dibbyBOOM says:


MoogieOh says:

$1000 each? That’s all you think it would cost? It’s more like $2000+ for air fair then probably another $1000 for accommodation

马嘉玲 says:

What a cheater she didnt even fit them all in!

Robert jeong says:

isn’t russel crowe from new zealand wellington?

James says:

Hey friend, stop spamming, why don’t you think more creative way of advertising.

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