Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong,
Under the shade of a Coolibah tree,
And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boil,
You’ll come a Waltzing Matilda with me.

Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda,
You’ll come a Waltzing Matilda with me,
And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boil
You’ll come a Waltzing Matilda with me.

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harley says:

fuck you james sincerely perth

Some Icelandic Dude says:

Yeah fuck aussies

Nathan Rockwood says:

Does anyone know what the video clip from 1:52 is from? I find it to be one of the funniest bits in this video and it bothers me that I don’t know what it’s from.

indeed says:

well this video was reported (not a joke)

Danninja11 says:

Oh yeah, fun fact, our eagle is way more fucking op than yours. Search it up.

Patric says:


Tica says:

1:11 … oh.

TheSonicNiGHT says:


starwarseac says:

This one is my favourite so far

Danninja11 says:

Yeah like America’s any better, when you colonised you were like “oh yeah let’s endanger every fucking native animal here” and while we’re at it, how bout we have slaves that are worth 3 fifths of a person. Not to mention, but Australia seems to be a lot less fatter than America, oh and America degrades animals until they’re less than dirt when farming them. One more fact, how many recent shootings have happened in Australia involving several schoolchildren, oh what’s that, none. America also has a solution to school shootings MORE GUNS yeah, real smart. I know Obama is trying his best, but Donald trump as a WINNING presidential candidate, America your country’s fucked, and Australia is one of the options for accomodation.

Rodney Hockey says:

What? Why? What did i just watch?

Terence Pace says:

what’s wrong with Perth?

Arcadius 256 says:

Well…he ain’t wrong.

Buchanan Games says:

The next one could easily be done about England or the UK, and if done accurately .. Will be 100x more brutal..

Buchanan Games says:

YouTube crashed in the middle of James saying, “seriously, i don’t think you fucki-”
Perfect !

toshiboiable says:

that harold holt pool fact is real
I had my school swimming events at that place
it’s kind of fucked up
it’s super fucked up

bryce mcewen says:

Hey hate to tell you this Americans but booming onion isn’t a Australian thing

Aiden Maher says:

Straya CUNT!!

Alex says:

Great video. I want to go on a holiday to Australia now, and I fucking live here!
On a serious note though, I vote that every Australian packs their bags and moves to New Zealand. A government enforced mass migration. That way all the people trying to come here on floating doors can make a life here, while we can all go live in Middle Earth with fucking excellent internet! Also, it would piss the kiwis off sooo much. Can you imagine all us cunts showing up at once? They’d be mad as a… Thing. Mad as a really mad thing.

Robert Johnson says:

the best thing to come out of Australia is Ozzy Man.

chucky jr says:


Danninja11 says:

21 seconds in and I find this racist and offending

Mizu Sky says:

“guys remember steve irwin” oh shiet son, you touched a nerve right there. too soon.

Crooty says:

I’m pretty sure Western Australia is just a myth

Martin Huang says:

I’m 100% accurate and this is Australian.

Lliam Davis says:

Australia isn’t actually as bad as you think (except of the GOD DAMN WEATHER)

regardless, i enjoy these teasing Australia jokes, they’re pretty funny.

Nathan Rockwood says:

The grinning Bigfoot, ape thing. That’s what I’m referring to.

Ben Lash says:

I like more than half of your videos half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of your videos half as well as they deserve.

New Pants says:

What did I just watch???BAUSTON!!!! 1:28 Knowledge for the day ……xD

Hans Yolo says:

New Zealand is awesome, Australia not so much. And yes, I’ve been to both.
But the funniest thing is, in New Zealand, the scariest thing in the bush (the woods to us) is possums. They have no natural predators, and yet *everything* in Australia wants to/ can kill you, even the dirt. But swimming over the Great Barrier Reef was really cool.

Danninja11 says:

Oh yeah btw, the prisoners were just an excuse to actually populate Australia, not many other people wanted to come because of the chance that the natives were cannibals, which they were not.

Ellie Williams says:

fun Australian fact a while back a bunch of us got a petition going to try and get the Australian dollar officially changed to dollaridoos
it didn’t go through but I’m keeping the dream alive and there’s nothing you peasants can do about it

another fun Australian fact our country is literally run by an AU Donald Trump who was born in Australia instead of America.


i can confirm everyone in Australia is a criminal, we’ve all stolen at least 1 packet of chips from the local iga

Timothy Gale says:

Wow i live in Aussie and this my friends is pure gold mate PURE GOLD!!!!!

TierOneProductions says:


Greg Brandstatter says:

What narcotics are required to be consumed before you edit these videos? xD

jessemg95 says:

These tourist videos make no f*ckin sense

Scotty Varley says:

This is pretty funny!

spyjosh says:

I used to do swimming lessons at Harold Holt

MishMan says:

I better leave this comment before i have to go back to my cell. we only get to use the internet an hour a day, whenever it is working that is

Sexual Fucktard of Google+ Offensive Names Galore BITCH! GIBE DE PUSI B0SS. FEED MY CHILDREN! says:

Australia is home to two great Youtubers:
-Filthy Frank

SambabaL says:

As a former “tourist” to this unruly continent i can verify these facts. C u nxt Tue! (Y)

Mercy Milks says:


TheDeviantPro says:

I’m Australian and I can confirm that Australia is basically a prison.

Shane Le Plastrier says:

Thankyou for reminding us Aussies things we cringe at; Paul Hogan, Mel Gibson(he’s American by the way, you can have him now, just like Rupert fucking Murdoch).

DyllanRW says:


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