Australia Travel Diary! | Meg Showell

Hi guys!
I had so much fun in Australia and I’m so excited to show you this Australia travel diary! This may be the longest vlog I have ever posted… so cheers! Also- Stay tuned for the Australia video! If you’d like to see some of my photos from it check out my instagram @megshowell . Also make sure to give this video a thumbs up! Much love,

Thank you Topdeck for this trip!

The trip we went on:

People in this video:
Emily – em.peachy
Robbie – robbiemorg
Saunders – saunderscb
Tess – studdedhippie
Special thanks to Ellenor: @filmenor for some of the shots in this video!




SNAPCHAT- megshowell




Andrea Ryan says:

Jet lag literally is the worst! Is it still sandboarding if it doesn’t have straps like a snowboard? That looks like sand sledding. I’m confused. The only sandboarding i’ve ever seen has straps and you stand.

Nadine Negrete says:

can u do a video about top deck I’m so interested!!

Leslie Andrade says:

Great vlog! You just keep getting better and better

Conor & Nicole says:

Yes. glad you loved Australia. it really is the best country in the world 😉

Sofia Salazar says:

Song at 1:17??? Please

ITouchTheSky says:

Nice video. Australia is a beautiful country. Thanks for the information.

rose says:

first! Snapchat sent me!

Olivia Wake says:

Is your suitcase a douchebag?

Laura Krause says:

Australia looks beautiful! Great vlog 🙂

BrieAnn Edwards says:

That hotel reminded me so much of the game ‘clue’ haha

STELLA says:

Watching this video makes me want to visit Australia! I love it! ❤

Abby Reed says:

Great video! Can you link all of the clothes in this video? Everything you wore was so cute!!

Tiffany M says:

Have you talked to aspyn lately?

Rg Lora says:

here from snapchat! i loved this video, makes me miss summer and traveling 🙂

Jessica_Elise says:

I love that the song in the beginning was about Paris when you were in Australia haha cute vlog! And loved all your outfits, very pretty! 🙂


The editing on this video was amazing! Loved the song starting out as well. It is my dream to go to Australia!!!! One day I will make my way over there! Love you<3

hj vlogs says:

what song is playing in the beginning??

Kimbherlyn J says:

This was so much fun and entertaining to watch. You make me want to travel and get out of bed! You are awesome

TheRenEdit says:

Woo I live in Australia!

Nicole Thomas says:

Meg you look so happy!! You go girl!

Naomi Eskola says:

told my cousin abt your channel today and she subscribed!!

Annalise Lewis says:

Come to New Zealand next!!

Lizziee Humphreyy says:

Please do this every time you go on a trip.

Savanna Jaffe says:

the “shots” scene had me dying! so funny

Hannah D says:

your outfits are to die for! I’ve always loved your style.

Jasmine Eileen says:

Can never get enough of your videos! ❤️

Joy Coulter says:

I love the length of this video Meg!!

Maddie B says:

My sister is in Australia right now, she’s there for a year! I love your filming style and music choices 🙂 hope you had an amazing time!

Danielle Long says:

i swear you deserve so many more subscribers you are the cutest

Jessica Hedgecoth says:

Such a cute video! How is the recovery from surgery?

Amy Holm says:

I love topdeck!

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