Australia Travel Diary | Sydney

Had so much fun on this trip and I was super grateful to be able to be invited by United airlines and be apart of their newest nonstop route from Houston to Sydney. Houston is actually ranked #4 on my top cities from my supporters, so I definitely wanna go back and explore it! Thank you so much for your support as always.

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Angel De La Cruz says:

You go above and beyond for the quality of your videos and it truly shows. You’re so so underrated in the YouTube community! I absolutely love watching your videos and look forward to when you upload. It’s a huge stress reliever to just sit down and watch your videos after a long day knowing you put out your best content.

Andrea Bates says:

Love it!!! Australia would be a dream trip! This summer we just have Paris, Rome and Spain planned maybe Amsterdam

LuluReyes5858 says:

Love all your videos !!! ❤️

Emma Flores says:

Beautiful views of Sydney!!!! Hope both of you feel better!! :))

Jessica Padron says:

I love your travel vlogs!!

Allisondenae says:

Geez this was AMAZING!!!! You are so underrated it’s crazy!! I love your content! It’s like I’m watching a movie!!!!

Vanessa Chavez says:

The quality, the editing, the content where do I even begin??! I love love love your channel and what its become. Honestly tho, I love seeing you travel the world. It’s amazing. Gets me so hyped to live life!!

Joyce Trevino says:

You guys are seriously perfect together!

Monica Sisawang says:

You’re so underrated! I can’t wait to see you be at the top, sis!!! <3

Jessica Zavaleta says:

Planning my trip to Australia right now !! lol so excited cus I always fly with united and now a non stop to Sydney ! But anyways I absolutely LOVE your travel vlogs ! So happy to see you traveling !

Karen G says:

Great video. I like your outfits.

PureVoid says:

What’s the song at 10:48?

MakeupANNimal says:

1) I was looking at related videos and missed the first 4 seconds and was like shit shit shit I missed so much lol
2) So good to see you smiling!
3) I can picture you dropping a makeup line and the first thing you drop would be an eyelash curler for Asian/small eyes
4) I get low key mad when I get bean sprouts too. That’s one thing I don’t like to eat the most but I can take it if it’s cooked to where you can’t taste it’s fresh flavor. I got ramen to go the other day and I said no bean sprouts and they put no bamboo shoots. Like I feel personally attacked how you take out my fave and replace it with this lol I still ate it though.
5) That pitaya bowl looks so good and I’m craving something like it. I’ve been collecting things to make a nice bowl and my boyfriend is finally down so I’m going to try to use a new Ninja. Fingers crossed!
6) If you go to Houston and I have some time off I would definitely try to come through. Btw right now is Mardi Gras season in NOLA and today is the first parade day!

Marla Gritzan says:

I just love all your videos and vlogs your content is always soo beautiful. I never see edits like yours or Andys. Y’all are awesome.

Maggie Zheng says:


sasii_r says:

This video edit is amazing!!! I can tell you put so much work into it. Love you girl!

Moran Sharon Wollach says:

The Edit , the clothes , everything! hope u had fun !

turtlelashes says:

I hope you’re feeling better! It seems like you had an amazing time in australia!!! And omg the quality of the editing thoo, it’s hella bomb!! keep going, can’t wait to see what you’re gonna show us next!

Bieberjuicex says:

SYDNEY REPRESENT! glad you had a chance to come visit my home, hope you enjoyed it

Sayde Topete says:

QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY! in loveeee w everything you are poppin af & of course your work never goes unnoticed!!! Keep it uppp

Sarah Jiang says:

Hope you enjoyed your trip 😀

River Wauneka says:

Keep up the great work. This video was amazing once again. I swear everytime I finish watching your videos I always want to travel some where. Someday but until then your videos will keep me going 🙂

Jesmalaine Cabusao says:

Your videos always inspire me. Keep it up gurrrllll! <3

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